Numerology Readings – Your Birthdate Part 1

Numerology Readings

The day of the month on which the you were born – regardless of which month or year it is – is a key numerological indicator, providing an excellent “thumbnail sketch” of standout traits. It strongly influences your Life Path and is helpful in choosing your vocation, since it carries its greatest influence between approximately your 28th and 56th birthdays. This is one of the four most important numbers in a chart, the others being the Soul Urge, Expression and the Life Path. You may find that you vibrate to one or more of these numbers, i.e., feel a particular draw to them without consciously knowing why.

1st Day of the Month
A birthday on the first day of the month means that you have a strong will, are self-reliant and independent. People may say you “think too much,” because you like to plan but not to actually build. Similarly, you’re better at diagnosing what’s wrong than prescribing a remedy. You have a good mind and like to reason things out. Practical and idealistic at the same time, you refer most things to your head rather than to your heart. As a result, although you are capable of great affection,you are not usually demonstrative of it. In spite of all your independence you are very sensitive and need positive feedback and encouragement. You possess a great deal of unexpressed power.

2nd Day of the Month
A birthday on the second day of the month indicates that you are highly emotional and very sensitive to your environment. Somewhat nervous and forgetful, you make friends easily and they have great fondness for you. You’re warm hearted and need demonstrated affection, so you like people to make a fuss over you. It’s important that you avoid mood swings and anything that depresses you. While you like material comfort, you aren’t always willing to make the effort to get it. Your talent for rhythm can be expressed in writing poetry or music.

3rd Day of the Month
A birthday on the third day of the month indicates that you have great vitality and can quickly recover from illness. Your vivid imagination enables you to make a good story out of the smallest event.You have innate critical and literary abilities, and need a variety of interests to keep you busy. Intense and extreme in your affections, you have great emotional crises from which you recover quickly. You’re a social animal, expressive in public and at your top form in front of an audience. Although you are restless, you are also easily satisfied and able to make the best of conditions.

4th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fourth day of the month indicates a four-square individual, a lover of nature, home, family and country. You are most likely to be successful in manufacturing, building, utilities, textiles – any occupation connected with the products of the earth. Music,painting or sculpting offer relaxing sidelines, although you could commercialize any of these as well. You’re rather set in your ideas and tend to impose them on others, seeing yourself as the final arbiter of good manners and correct ethics. Your belief in discipline makes it hard for you to express your feelings, and as a result you suffer a great deal emotionally. When it comes to work, you drive yourself tirelessly — and, unfortunately,everyone else, too. You have a decided tendency to overwork and if need be should schedule time for recreation.

5th Day of the Month
A birthday on the fifth day of the month indicates that you are adaptable, enthusiastic and somewhat boastful. You have a fine mind and active imagination, and love to serve up your stories with all the trimmings. A lover of life, hale fellow well met, you’re excellent company and keep things moving rapidly. Yours is a life filled with all sorts of new experiences and constant change. Although you are the type who refuses to be tied down by anything, you are the “marrying kind.” You have a good singing and speaking voice.

6th Day of the Month
A birthday on the sixth day of the month indicates a love nature. You bloom with praise and appreciation, but wilt in the face of criticism. When involved in a relationship you lavish your affection on your beloved – at least for as long as the relationship lasts. The 6 seeks perfection and seldom finds it, so it looks elsewhere. Following such a course will earn you a reputation for being untrustworthy. You love children but don’t have to have your own to be happy. Even though you are well protected, you worry constantly about not having enough money. Mental rather than intellectual, you have natural acting abilities that can help you succeed on the stage or in business. You have literary and artistic tendencies,and can attract the money or backing you need. The one area in which you are not talented is mechanics. Having people around you in a harmonious atmosphere is essential to your well being.

7th Day of the Month
A birthday on the seventh day of the month indicates a specialist, one with a keen mind capable of deep mental analysis. You shouldn’t gamble or speculate; on the contrary, you must closely examine every detail of any enterprise before becoming involved in it. Strongly intuitive if not psychic, you should never take advice that goes against your “gutfeelings.” You must WAIT for what you want rather than aggressively seek it, for what you long for comes to you only if it is not actively sought. You have talent for stringed instruments (including the piano) and the organ, as well as excellent judgment in money matters. Your opinions are firm and you don’t like to change them; moreover, physical adjustments are not easy for you and you tend to be a loner, all of which makes marriage difficult. Spend a portion of each day alone to relax and meditate.

8th Day of the Month
A birthday on the eighth day of the month indicates a creative, productive individual with natural business acumen. Progressive and expansive, you deal well in matters of general or public interests,but should avoid equal partnerships because you need to be in a position to make the final decisions. Large businesses, corporations or governmentare your bailiwick, in any of which you must express honesty and integrity in order to be permanently successful. More fond of books than you are of reading, you’re inclined toward large gestures; if you have it, you give great sums of money to institutions or charities. You are somewhat ostentatious and want your family to be a credit to you.

9th Day of the Month
A birthday on the ninth day of the month indicates publicity, distribution, art, broadmindedness and philanthropy (defined in The Wizard of Oz as “good deed doing”). You’re interested in metaphysics and relate them to what’s going on in the world. Literary, artistic and strong willed, you’re a natural ruler who can succeed in almost anything artistic, as well as writing, teaching, law, publishing or the ministry. You need a broad education so that you can better choose your profession. You belong both in and to the world, making it difficult for you to lead a purely personal life successfully. Marriage during the middle portion of your life is likely to end, through death, divorce or some other separation, though the love may remain intact. Yours is a life filled with long journeys and many changes.

10th Day of the Month
A birthday on the tenth day of the month indicates a person with many interests, capable of doing several things at the same time. Many others depend on you but few offer help, so you may feel rather isolated and alone. You have a good mind and strong will, and are an adept promoter of things you believe in. When it comes to friends and possessions (which you may regard in the same light) you are quite jealous and exclusive -you do not share either. Your creative talent is best expressed in the business world, but art, particularly music or painting, is a fulfilling sideline. Hospitable but not domestic, you don’t like to be burdened with the details of maintaining a home. Your vitality enables you to quickly recover from physical and emotional ills.
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