New Forms of Freedom and Personal Expression

We would wish to encourage you to be open allowing yourself new forms of freedom. New forms of personal expression. It is important to realize that many of the energies that have been brought through to the planet in the beginning of this year are creating changes in your energy patterns. They are creating changes in your body, in the way your body functions. In the way that your body utilizes energy, the way that you think, in the way feel, in the way that you experience love, in the way that you experience life.

Know that the energies that are coming to the planet now, are creating what you might think of as an upgrade or advancement in your body’s ability to experience light energy, growth and spiritual awareness. This change in the physical form is necessary. This change in this new life experience is necessary as well . These changes that are coming forth are bringing many, many new experiences. Know that these changes are coming for all. The new energies that are coming in will be accelerating the physical, mental and emotional bodies of each being. They will be activating many energy fields in the body and activating many systems of knowledge, memory, precognition, advanced intelligence astral communications and other experiences. These new levels of functioning that the body will be doing will be beneficial and harmonious to many. They will be easy for individuals to bring forth. Know that these experiences that are coming forth, these ways and potentials of Light are truly very valuable and worth while. The experiences of this new energy can be joyful and wonderful or it can be difficult and confusing emotionally , dramatic and extremely intense.

This is what is happening to the human form. The purpose of this energy is to allow the physical form to transform itself into a structure that can function at a higher vibrational frequency. There are many who are not capable of utilizing an advanced load of energy to the system. Hence the traumas and unusual personal experiences begin to manifest. This creates problems. It can bring feelings of fear that can often spread through many cultures and groups of people as these new changes approach. This change has been in preparation for many centuries. NOW IS THE TIME. It is actually happening. It is beginning to be experienced. It is beginning to be brought forth.

These changes have been discussed and talked about by many such as this one through whom we speak. It is now happening. It is beginning to come forth through all humans and their potential awareness. These beings are very beautiful, wonderful, and harmonious indeed. These people that can attune to this new frequency will go on to be shining examples of light energy that will transform the physical form that they presently have. We would wish to digress a moment and to come back to the actual experience: the transformation of the physical form. It is the change of the physical body to the Light Body. The physical form will be vibrating at a different frequency. This will allow for greater variety of experiences.

In coming into physical form, those who have repeatedly been in this physical body for many centuries have been very limited. They have not been able to experience many potentials, such as beings like ourselves that are not limited by a solid, dense physical form. We have much more freedom to explore the universes and dimensions. We have much more freedom to be who we are, and experience what we are capable of. This physical form, these bodies that you presently have now can have many uses. They are like a piece of cloth that can be used to clothe a being or it can be used to be a tablecloth, or used to change the color of a light that is coming in through a window. A clothe can have many uses. Some are more refined than others.

Your physical form can have many uses. What you are coming to do now, what you are beginning to bring forth is simply the refinement of ways of using this physical form. There will be new ways of bringing energy through this physical body. This will mean that you will be free of many of its present limitations that your fellow beings have had to work with through these many centuries. It will be that the physical form will not be as limiting to you as it has been in the past. It will not limit your communication to beings from other dimensions as it has in the past. It will not limit your ability to sense and to know Divine Energy. It will not limit your ability to create and manifest. It will not limit your energy source and the potentials that are there. All the beauties that are here, everything that the physical form is capable of will begin to manifest. It is like the beautiful bird, the peacock, that can walk around experience all aspects of its daily life and can work easily and effortlessly in fulfilling its needs and experience. It also has the potential to spread its beautiful feathers and to look as if it is a whole different creature. It creates on many levels, just by using aspects of itself. This is what you are becoming.

It is not that you are just existing, eating, living, paying the morgage and doing what is necessary to exist. Now you will spread your beautiful feathers and wings. You will look as a completely different being even though it is still you. And this is still all within your potential to be. Hopefully this will give to you an idea of what you are capable of being. Know that you are perfectible capable of doing this and bringing forth the growth and beauty that is yours. Know that this great Love, Beauty and Potential is yours. It is very valuable and worthwhile and is all part of the great work that is there for you.

This life experience that is coming can effect you in many ways. It can be as easy and effortless or as challenging or confusing or overpowering to you. So, in many ways it can be all of these things, and at the same time none. It is all dependent on two factors. One is the condition of the physical form. This envolves the physical, mental and emotional bodies. A physical body that is plagued with many types of disease, that is burdened with many types of emotional problems, that is being cluttered in mental confusion and distortion, will naturally have a more difficult time focusing this energy that is coming through. It will have a more difficult time in bringing forth these changes that are being demanded of the body and the spirit. The new physical forms that you are evolving into and its potentials bring forth great complexity. If the body is in a state of ease and simple functioning, if the mind is not cluttered with thoughts of this physical existence. If the emotions are running smoothly through the body, and are not stuck in loops of negativity and pain, then it is that this energy will flow easily. It will be conducted easily through the body. There will be no great mental or emotional traumas, or physical discomfort.

It is important for each person to work with their physical form in whatever state it may be. At the same time, is one is suffering many physical ailments, traumas, if one is feeling much emotional pain and doubt. Know that this is what can be cleared and released so that the new energies coming in will flow more smoothly. Know that if the physical form is being distorted in some way, that we would encourage the use of these two aspects. One is a drink that is cleansing to the system. This is made of lemon juice and honey and small amount of red pepper. Drink this in the morning and not to eat after this is being ingested. Utilize this as a cleanser for the enternal systems of the body. We would also wish to encourage the bathing of he physical form in water that is salty or to utilize many types of preparations that have salt within them. This helps to cleanse the energy fields and bring forth the potential of the energy fields.

Know that this beauty that is being brought forth, this potential of life experience is there for you to know and grow with. Exercise is also very valuable for the physical form. This allows energy that is trapped in the body to be moved through the body. Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise and activity. It brings about release of emotions as well as energy needed to be released by the physical form. There are also tones that may be brought forth with a tuning fork or other divices that will stimulate emotional release with specific tones. All of these are very important for the physical form. These experiences purify, energize and cleanse the system. This allows the system to be utilized in a positive and valuable way. Know also that these life experiences that are being brought forth are very valuable for all concerned. These experiences are very valuable for many, many different reasons. We wish to encourage you to realize that these experiences that are coming are the greatest that have ever been. Preparation for this will help you to grow and expand who you really are. We wish to encourage you to think about who you are, what you are capable of doing, Do not feel as if you must do all of these things, or that your experience will not be valuable. These are only suggestions that we would wish to give to you.

If there is one aspect that we may encourage you with, it is that of releasing fear. Fear of what is to come, what changes will be brought forth, what is the new direction that is opening to you and your life experience. Know that these new experiences and potentials of life existence, these new opportunities that are coming forth will be unusual. and amazing. They will be startling to many. They will be creating confusion and disorder for some,but know that this is a valuable experience for you. To all those that may hear and know these words that are being said, know that itis within your potential to have the most positive of experiences, the most beneficial of all these potentials. It is within yourself that you will be able to bring this forth. These life experiences are working for you and that they can work for you in many ways. Know that you are capable of creating a harmonious, valuable experience in this new energy adventure that coms forth for you. As you grow and expand, as you bring more of these changes, as you are able to see and create these new ideals within your life experience, that you will be able to feel this beauty and bliss that is coming through for you. You will experience this greatness that is your potential. This will be a positive experience for you. We wish to create for you this wonderful vision. It is the vision of the Divine Light Energy.

We would wish you to see yourself as standing on a cliff, of a beautiful mountain. It is dark all around you. You are standing in the darkness, and you can see your hands and arms, and you are aware of your body, and it is still very dark around you. Suddenly a beautiful golden sphere of light is coming towards you very quickly. This wonderful sphere of light has many forms and energy patterns coming out of it. It has many wonderful energy experiences within it.It comes forth to you and it is as a bolt of lightening. It comes through the top of your head and down through your body. Suddenly your body is radiating golden, white light. You see your form, and you see not only yourself in this life, but you see yourself in other existences. You see the faces of your guides and beings that care for you and nurture you within yourself and upon yourself. You see all that you are capable of being. You see all that you can be in the future, all that you have been in the past. This is a picture of what you really are. It is a picture of your new directions. It is a picture of your past life accomplishments and life glories. It is a picture of all the states of being that you have been through before this body and it is a picture of the new you that is emerging. You will then see all of these stepping out from within your body, and you will see them all and know them. You will experience all the energy that is coming out through them For this is all that you are, and so much more. Does this sound amazing, does this sound miraculous to you? Does it sound incredible? Well, it all is and it is all here. And it is all happening now. It is all the greatness that is you.

We have discussed many times before not to be surprised, not to be judgmental not to be critical of what may come out of these experiences. It is in truth that much will not be understood by you. Much will not be clear to you. It may take much time for all of your being, all of your persona, all that is you to ‘catch up’ with this energy infusion. There may be parts of your system that may become extremely intensified and agitated. Some may feel extreme mental energy, an extreme desire to learn. Large amounts of thoughts going through your mind. Some may feel this through their emotions. They may feel extreme feelings of bliss, love and forgiveness. These may be coming in such great waves and in such abundance you might find it difficult to fulfill the needs of your daily life. You may find it confusing to express this bliss that you find within yourself. There may be physical sensations where the physical body will be extremely energized, and there will be sensations in different parts of the body, that may come to the point of discomfort, may also be happening. These are some of the experiences that are possible as this new energy forms and regulates and adjusts itself within you. You must understand that these changes are coming.

Do not allow fear into the questions or misunderstandings that you may have. Never allow fear to become a part of this experience. never doubt that this is anything but Divine Love flowing through your system. Never doubt that this is anything but the God-Self revealing itself to you. Now is the time when things become so strong and powerful, so demanding of you. So many experiences are coming to your world. So many aspects of knowledge are coming forth. So much live being shared. It is confusing at times. It is as if your heart may burst with all the beauty, joy and love that you feel. coming. Never doubt any of these experiences. Never feel that this is anything but God speaking to you., even though there may be feelings of being out of alignment and dissociation from others. This can happen from these experiences. Know that what is happening hs been waited for many centuries by You and every aspect of yourself. What is coming forth now is that which you have parayed for within your heart. It is that which every fiber of your being has asked Holy Spirit for again,and again and again to know. It is coming now. It is coming in powerful waves of greatness, glory and beauty. Know that this is truth, It is the energy of the God-Self, that is making itself known to you and all aspects of existence. Much is going to be left behind, and a new direction is coming. You will be sharing this new beauty with each other and the Divine God Essence of which we all are.

Authors Details: Abby Haydon.
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