What Is Negative Ego

Before you can clear your negative ego you must know what it is. Ego is essential for your current identity and is probably the least understood lesson of your entire spiritual path. Everyone has ego or you could call it personality, which your soul and spirit work through. You also have as part of your ego multiple identities which is both necessary and desirable because you are a soul inhabiting a “role” or multiple roles in physical form.

The negative ego is the aspect of ego that keeps you in a loop of fear and emotion. In essence you can view yourself as two. Your higher and your lower self. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or lack there of, you and everyone else thinks and acts through one or the other. Your lower self is your negative ego. Your higher self is your spiritual self, soul, higher consciousness or Christ consciousness. In fact the names are no important – it’s the concept and corresponding actions that count.

Negative Ego

In The Beginning

If you look at the stories found in the Bible regarding Adam and Eve, you will see that God’s sons and daughters came into physical form and over identified with their human bodies – as opposed to living with the realisation that they were only visiting their physical form. This is the origin of negative ego or your lower self.

If you listen to that part of you that is your lower self then you will exist physically with lower levels of consciousness. A fear based emotional state that ranges from survival all the way to mediocre.Experiencing the corresponding situations that revolve around drama and things that most people call undesirable.

Do the opposite and learn to live through your higher self and you will find life improves dramatically both physically and in meaning and substance as you draw positive people, opportunities and resources to you.

How Do You Live Through Your Higher Self?

To do this you need to remove your attention from your Lower Self interpretations and perceptions of life, and instead keep interpreting and perceiving life from your Higher Self.

Since your thoughts create your reality, the philosophy you choose will determine what you see but it takes more than the first step of choice. It takes action.

You don’t see with your eyes – you see with your mind. Your mind filters both your inside world (thoughts & emotions) and the outside world, creating a distorted view that imprisons you or liberates you, depending on the clarity of your filter.

Your thoughts create your emotions and you feel and act on those pathways of though and emotion. To be mentally healthy requires you to exercise and maintain your inner world.

Just like the master Jesus says in the book “A Course in Miracles” the key is to deny any thought that is not of God (Higher Self)  to enter your mind. The key is to be vigilant, practice this and never allow yourself to go into autopilot. Whenever you are faced with a negative ego thought just relax and allow it to pass – don’t entertain and and don’t follow it, switch to a “more” positive thought. This takes practice and this is what I teach in my workshops. This is a concept of denial and affirmation and it needs to literally occur many thousands of times per day.

When you deny your negative thoughts and keep your mind steady in the Light at all times, the negative thoughts will die from lack of energy and a new positive habit will subconsciously form.

It’s Illusion

In truth your negative ego is not a “thing” that actually exists – it appears to be present because of the lack of consciousness flowing through you. It’s the same concept of light and dark. The dark doesn’t actually exist it appears to you in the absence of light. It’s the light or consciousness that’s real. This is similar to a dream. When you are asleep and dreaming you often think that the dream you are experiencing is real. If it’s a bad dream or nightmare you wake feeling glad it’s finished. Most people are dreaming during their waking hours – for the whole of their life. You have the power to change this just as simply as switching from a perspective of glass half empty to glass half full. With consciousness flowing and living through your higher self you will experience  inner peace, calmness, joy, happiness and unconditional love.

One way to overcome the illusion of your negative ego and allow more consciousness through is to bless and give thanks to everything you experience. This creates flow in your life because it forces you to see the positive and the lesson in everything. If you are doing this right then you are truly working through preference and gratitude – not ignoring or suppressing what happens to you. This one of the major mistakes people make – shutting down their feelings in an attempt to ignore the negative. Bless everything that comes into your life and welcome adversity said Sai Baba, because  everything that comes into your area of influence happens for a reason and you are being shown something you need to learn.

Your Problem

You need to understand that there is only one problem – everything else is a subset of your negative ego. Your lower self is the cause of all, negative emotions, negative thoughts, negative behaviours, physical diseases, psychological disease, relationship problems and poverty consciousness. When you are out of balance it’s your negative ego at play and this becomes a problem when you listen to the voice of your lower self and follow in regard to action. Every moment of your life you are choosing one of the two paths and to reach the highest of heights – enlightenment, you must choose the higher path consistently.

The main lessons you are here to learn revolve around balance between the physical and spiritual. Balance in thought and emotion. Learning to properly parent the inner child, developing self love and self worth. Learning to develop and own your personal power at all times, control of sexual energy, psychic self defence, relationships, proper care and maintenance of your physical body. Last but not least mastery over desire, which leaves you living in preference rather than with emotional ties binding you. If you out of balance in any of these area’s then your lower self still has a dominant foothold.


The key lesson is always balance and moderation in all things which can only be done when you remove emotion from your body. All of these issues need to be addressed to achieve self realisation or enlightenment. This means you learnt how to transcend our world of duality and in the process you will remove accumulated Karma from past actions.

When you are out of balance you might find that you show physical symptoms like fatigue, on the emotional level as mood swings, or negative emotions, on the mental level as negative thinking. The corresponding physical state actions to get you to this state may be as simple as incorrect diet or too little personal time or meditation. When you are balanced you are calm and you have inner peace. A balanced person is detached but also very responsive to self, other people and life in general.

Balance is not absolute, more like continual adjustment that never stops. Once you have mastered a system like I teach that gives you the tools to make your adjustments you will find that it becomes effortless like when you drive a car and need to continually adjust the steering to stay on the road. As the master Jesus said, “Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life“.

So in conclusion I ask you are you willing right now to make a commitment to maintaining this subtle balance point. Are you willing to learn and practice so that you move forward. It’s a challenge but rest assured that you or anyone in fact can do this if you are willing. If you wish to learn more and move forward in your life with higher consciousness then join me in one of my workshops or for some personal coaching. Let me know how you have handled your ego so far? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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