Money Tree – Part 1

The Money Tree

First, the good news.

If you’re like the average person, earning at least $25,000 a year, then, in your lifetime over a million dollars will flow through your fingers. That’s a lot of money. In other words, you’re a lifetime millionaire.

Now, for the bad news. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend it all, and, after a lifetime of earning, will end up with almost nothing.

How can that be?

Frankly, nobody teaches us about money. We receive no formal education in the most critical of all life skills–how to become financially successful. Did you ever attend a class in all of your public education entitled, “Money 101?” Why isn’t there such a mandatory class in every elementary school?

How have you learned what you know about money? You picked it up, a piece here…a tip there. You absorbed attitudes from your parents, from the media. You observed the examples of friends. You proceeded through trial and error…the school of hard knocks. What you learned was haphazard, mostly wrong, certainly out of context. Most of the books you read about the subject probably overwhelmed you with details or bored you with useless facts. If you’re like most, you’re confused and frustrated.

Yet, money is one of the most important subjects of your entire life. Some of life’s greatest enjoyments and most of life’s greatest disappointments stem from your decisions about money. Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety will depend on getting your finances under control. Your relationships will be greatly affected. 90% of all divorces in our society result from disagreements about money. Understanding money–how to make it and keep it– is absolutely essential to your life, to your relationships, to your happiness, to your future.

Still, there are some people who seem to be naturally good at managing money. The same million dollars flows through their fingers, and, they seem to know how to keep some it and even make it grow. In some cases, a hundred fold more than the average person.

Do these people work 100 times harder? Are they 100 times smarter? Of course not. They just know how to play the game. You see, money is a game. A very important game. If you know the rules, you win. If you don’t know the rules, you lose. As someone said,

“Wealth is when small efforts produce big results.

Poverty is when big efforts produce small results.”

In this book, you will finally learn how to play the money game…and win. If you follow these simple strategies, you can retire a multi-millionaire…while enjoying a banquet of prosperity throughout your life. You will learn a simple system for controlling your finances. You will learn how to invest your surplus funds without losing sleep at night. You will learn how to create multiple streams of lifetime income. You will learn how to oversee your growing financial empire on as little as ten minutes a day. You will learn how to leave a financially secure future to your family and loved ones.

You may wonder how I qualify to be your instructor.

I started myself in the seventies, perhaps just like you, with a dream of becoming financially independent. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University in 1974, I began investing in small real estate investments and parlayed a tiny nest egg into a large multi-million dollar net worth in a few short years. Along the way, I also suffered my share of setbacks. I’ve not only made millions but lost millions…and made them back again. I know from the school of hard knocks what works and what doesn’t.

I shared my powerful systems in the #1 New York Times bestseller, Nothing Down: How to buy Real Estate with little or no money down. This book became the all time real estate investment classic used by beginning investors ever since.

I also wrote two other major bestsellers, the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Creating Wealth, and The Challenge. In promoting this last book I made the bold statement:

“Send me to any unemployment line. Let me select someone who is out of work and discouraged. In two days time, I’ll teach them the secrets of success and in 90 days they’ll be back on their feet with $5,000 cash in the bank, never to set foot in an unemployment line again!”

The Challenge is the true story of how I selected 3 people from the unemployment lines of St. Louis, Missouri and taught them the secrets of financial success…and, yes, they were able to achieve incredible success in 90 days. One of the couples went on to earn over $100,000 in the next 12 months. To celebrate, I took them on Good Morning America with me.

What I am about to share with you is the result of having worked with thousands of successful people over two full decades. I have seen people go from living on the streets to living in mansions…from driving a taxi to being driven in limousines.

Although my most famous book is about real estate investing, this book will show you how to create wealth in many different ways…from multiple sources. Actually, there are three great wealth creation mountains. I call them Money Mountains. Each mountain is distinct from the others, and yet, each share similar characteristics. The mountains are: the Investment Mountain, the Real Estate Mountain and the Marketing Mountain.

From this mountain range of Money Mountains, there are at least 9 separate and distinct streams of income flowing into your growing reservoir of wealth. Each stream was carefully chosen using a formula I use call the Money Tree Formula. In this book, I will teach you the 9 characteristics of the ideal stream of income. Then, I will teach you exactly how to profit from each of these streams. The goal is for you to add at least one new stream of income to your life each year. Eventually, these streams will overflow your life with prosperity and freedom.

The first question people usually ask at this point is, “Why Multiple Streams?”

(Continued In Money Tree Pt 2…)

Authors Details: Robert G. Allen – Prosperity, 7 Secrets.
His colossal bestseller Nothing Down established Robert Allen as one of the most influential investment advisors of all time. Also the author of ‘The One Minute Millionaire’

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