Money Spells – To Meet Existing Needs

This Is How Money Spells Work

A money spell, in fact any “spell” is a ritual that helps you focus your mind and gather your intent. One way to do this is with a simple ritual as found on this page. You can also achieve a more powerful effect by adding complexity. A more elaborate ritual would involve making a symbolic model of your world and the goal you are trying to achieve. This in turn sends a signal to your subconscious mind and pushes or influences you toward your result.

This spell helps bring money to meet your existing needs. It also assumes you do not have much money. You need to be very precise in regard to how much money you need, and for what reason you want it for.

Money Spell

General Rules

When you write any statement always write in the present tense. Ie: “i have” NOT “I will get”

You cannot stretch too far. If it’s not within your belief system for $10,000 to appear. If you cannot envision that you will receive an opportunity to make $10,000 – then you shouldn’t ask for this amount. You need belief first – so aim lower.

The Money Spell

At the start of your day write by hand, how much money you need, and what you want it for.

Draw a line around that statement.

When you write your statement make sure it’s in the present tense.


I have just received $500 to pay the electricity bill
I have just received $1,000 to buy a new laptop.

Fold the paper in half, and in half again, and carry it with you during the day, for at least 12 hours. Reread the paper, several times, during the day. Make sure you slowdown and stop what you are doing when you read the statement. Be present.

In the evening, go into your bedroom, or ritual room, and light a new white candle.

Open the paper you have been carrying, and reread the message that you wrote, one more time.

Say these words, three times:

From beyond this candle light,
The powers that rule over money come,
To bring to me this needed sum,
Aided by a cosmic name,
Because I burn this sacred flame…

Tear up the paper, and discard it in a wastebasket. Repeat, each night, for seven days, or until the money comes.

This spell is very powerful, and effective when you correctly follow the instructions.

Supercharge The Spell

To add some power to this Money Spell, memorise the rhyme and repeat it as often during the day that you can. As we have 50,000 thoughts per day – you a lot of scope to implement this all day long. Each time at the end of the rhyme see yourself receiving the money you ask for. You can also use a gold or a red candle. Gold represents wealth, amongst other things. Red is the colour that’s aligned with your base Chakra and the material world through the fire of your Kundalini or sexual energy.

Last Thoughts – Help Needed

If this is not working for you it means that you are not clear enough. In other words – your mind which is the mechanism through which the result is achieved, needs attention. There may also be blocks hidden in your subconscious. All of this is fixable let me know what help you think you may need to progress.  Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook



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  1. light a new white candle for this spell?
    Please, should i use a candle till it finishes or should i use different / new candle each day for this to work properly.


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