Money In Your Pocket

Money In Your Pocket.

A Prosperity Consciousness Takes You From Empty Pockets to Having Money to Burn.

For years, I had the salespeople in my Prosperity Workshops try the following experiment:

‘Money In Your Pocket’

I asked them to have three one-hundred dollar bills in their back pocket or purse before calling on prospects, and then to report any change in results back to us.

You might want to try this experiment, yourself, but you’d need more like $1,000 in your pocket these days to have you feeling really prosperous.

In each instance, the salesperson reported more than doubling his/her sales as a result of having those $100 bills in his or her back pocket. Why?

With all that money in the pocket he/she felt more prosperous and since he or she didn’t need the sale, the sale was made.

It is a strange phenomenon of human nature that we are all are somehow in tune with each other subliminally. So, when you’re feeling prosperous, that good feeling communicates in a way that touches everyone you meet.

If you’re a salesperson, you’d automatically make more sales if you were feeling prosperous. That’s why the most successful insurance salesman I know carries a $1,000 bill in his billfold at all times. See, it works!

But it works the other way too. It seems, when we desperately need a sale we don’t get it because that need communicates subliminally to our prospect and he or she is unconsciously repelled by those negative vibes.

It is a fact of life that when you feel prosperous, you attract prosperity like a magnet. Now, get this. If you are not now attracting money like a magnet, you’re probably doing the exact opposite!

Why would you want to keep doing that? Wouldn’t it make a great deal more sense for you to seek out any possible means by which you could develop a prosperity consciousness that would make YOU a magnet for attracting money?

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