Meeting Spirit Guides

Meeting Spirit Guides – Meditation

(Editors Note: You will have a better result meeting spirit guides if you perform a relaxation exercise and some white light cleansing first)

Find a place where you can sit or lay down… if you decide to sit up, be sure that your head is supported. Sit quietly for about a minute and let your mind clear of the day-to-day clutter.

Inhale deeply through your nose slowly… to the count of 8… let it out slowly through your mouth to the count of 8. After this breath, breathe normally and let your body and mind begin to relax for about a minute.

Repeat the slow breath in the same manner, but this time, after you exhale and resume normal breathing, visualize the fresh inhaled breath traveling through your body, like a white smoke or fog. It is cleansing and relaxing as it travels to your feet very slowly. Visualize it as it swirls and rolls from your chest to your stomach to your hips where it will split and continue down your legs. Bring it back up to your chest where after cleaning and relaxing that area it splits and travels down your arms slowly to your fingers to cleanse and relax them. Bring it back together in the upper chest area and watch it, in your mind, travel up your neck and into your head. Cleansing and relaxing as it travels. Bring the total breath to rest in the area of the mind’s eye in the forehead slightly above and between your eyes. See it dissolve and dissipate there.

Repeat this slow cleansing breath with the visualization once more. When you complete this you should notice that your mind is clear and you are relaxed. Your mind will be clear of all thought other than the breaths and you will feel that you are nearing sleep.

Visualize a room. Design the room to be homey and comfortable for you. This is a place that you want to be in; a place where you are the creator… and the most important thing in that room. The only thing, other than what you want in there, is that there be a chair for you to sit comfortably and 8 to 10 feet away and in front of that chair are two doors. Mark one of them “ENTER” and the other “DEPART” and they should be about four feet apart. These are the entry and exit ways for your guides.

Make the room any colors and design that you like. The walls can be panelled, papered or painted, the floor can be hard wood, tile or carpeted. You decide what you want. You decide what furniture and style you want. Take your time designing and decorating this room. Put in it everything that you like. It makes no difference if you possess any of the items in your life or not. If you like it and want it near you then put it in that room.

After you set up the room in your mind, and it is perfect for you, take a deep breath slowly. Let yourself open your eyes and be proud of the creation that you have completed.

Do this as many times as it takes for you to complete the room.

Give yourself as much time as you need to finish this room. You do not have to complete it in one setting. Just make it YOU. You are creating a special place in your mind where you can go to visit and know some very precious and special people in your life.

After at least an hour, preferably a day of completing the room, return to the meditation and do the relaxing again. When you complete the third breath and are relaxed, you can start the visualization to contact your guides/guardian.

See yourself in the chair in your room. See your arms on the armrests; your legs in front of you and the two doors before you. Allow yourself feel the anticipation of meeting whomever comes through the ENTER door. Do this for about three minutes.

In your mind repeat three times these words: “Through the power of my higher self, I request to meet my guides. Please enter and allow me see and meet you.”

It may not happen the first time that you try it, but give it a few attempts. You must be completely relaxed and willing to believe that what comes before you is real. Your guides will enter the room one at a time. You may have some difficulty communicating but with thought alone you will be able to make your needs known to them. Together you can set up a method of communication that is comfortable for both of you. Some guides speak as you can to a neighbor. Some communicate using pictures or short visions like movie clips. Once you meet communication will come quickly because your best interests are all that matter to your guide.

Once the meeting is complete, your guide will exit through the DEPART door, and if you have another guide they may enter then, but most likely will wait for you to request their presence.

I recommend that you meet one guide at a time. End the meditation by taking a deep cleansing breath as you started with then open your eyes. Allow yourself some time to reawaken from this meditation before you get up or move around much.

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