Meditation Technique For Developing Psychic Skills

This short essay about meditation to improve your psychic skills. I wrote it in response to several inquiries made to me from something I posted on some forums. I said that I had learned a technique from the Spiritualist Church where I was trained in the art of mediumship.

Channeled material is but an aspect of the system taught by modern Spiritualists. In fact, one phase of mediumship, which is called ‘traveling clairvoyance’ is the out of body state.

“Where the medium is conscious of leaving the body, and in that state views the surroundings, we use the term ‘traveling clairvoyance. This signifies that the spirit is utilizing the mechanism of soul travel, and, on return, transmits through the physical brain the information collected.”

This quote, written in 1947 appears in a book called, The University Of Spiritualism, By Harry Boddington. I have used this quote, not to advocate the cause of Spiritualism, but to show that the out of body state was taught as one of the phases of mediumship. I am only sorry that today, a vast body of knowledge in regard to psychic skills lies forgotten by most, which should be the natural birthright of every spiritual seeker.

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The technique of meditation to improve psychic skills which they taught me requires patient effort to accomplish, and has many nuances which I will not be able to go into in this essay. I am now going to give the basic information which led the latent abilities in me to express themselves to whatever degree they do. I do know that this meditative technique is basic to all other work in modern Spiritualism, but other more advanced teaching exists regarding the development of full trance, materialization and the other lost forms of the seance room.

It is a shame that our materialistic society dampened interest in Spiritualism to the degree where we find it today. I feel that there is a lot to be learned from it, and that the mediums were truly able to produce astounding demonstrations of things we either doubt skeptically, or trivialize as outside our new age consensus. If we do not take it in our hands we will lose yet one more preciopus gift of Spirit, a potential bridge for exploring what is knowable, and a doorway to what is unknowable, the threshold of mystery.

Meditation Technique For Developing Psychic Skills

The Chakras: Much is said and taught about the chakras and secondary energy centers. Learn all you can about energy in the body, and outside the body. learn all you can about the aura, and how the chakras relate to it.

You must be able to identify and FEEL each chakra for this exercise.

Relax First

  1. For the first five minutes Relax yourself. Depply relax and put your full, deep trust in the holiness of Spirit. I suggest praying to Spirit for guidance and PROTECTION, before you begin any spiritual work or exercise. BELIEVE, if you do not know, that only good spirits are around you, loving you and protecting you. Thank them and open yourself to them for their assistance, BY UPLIFTING YOUR SPIRIT TO THEM. It is said that if you uplift yourself ten feet, they’ll come down twenty feet to guide you.
  2. Eight-fold Breath: Breathe in for the count of eight. Hold for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight. Hold for the count of four. You may also begin the breathing with several large full breaths, all the way to the lower abdominal area. Then continue with the eight/four/eight/four breathing. This is very relaxing, and trance inducing. It also begins to bring you a regulated pattern of energy for the work ahead. Continue the breathing throughout the meditation. And don’t worry if you forget it for a time. Just pick it up again and be relaxed about the whole process. This breathing can be extended LATER ON for other types of mediumship. But for now, just do it as explained.
  3. Beginning at the Crown chakra. [This is the opposite from what most of you are being taught. Drawing energy upward is what is usually done. But I am showing you, simply, what I learned. Although the other way is certainly worthy of experimentation.] So, beginning with the crown chakra, feel it opening up and becoming charged with light and energy by focusing and intending energy to move into it. Move to the third-eye chakra. Open/intend/charge this. Throat chakra, the same. Heart chakra, the same. And on down the chakras until all are open and charged up. If one is stuck, or wont cooperate, stay on it, breathing in and out and focusing the incoming, good energy into that chakra. Give the same amount of energy to each one, for this exercise.
  4. Turn your attention to the place of visions, the third eye: When the chakras are all open, and you are continuing to breathe as stated, it is time to look within. Find the place inside your mind where you see pictures, where you day-dreAm.

    [If you have never seen an internalized picture, this is a good time to begin. However, if I say, “apple!” How do you know what an apple looks like? Describe it to yourself. See the apple as you describe it to yourself. Where you see this picture inside your mind, is the place I am referring to.]

    For the next FIVE MINUTES, quiet your thinking, and just practice observing whatever may arise in this space. Do not give it any credence, do not judge what you see. In fact be as non-judgemental as youpossibly can be. Make no decisions based on what comes. Do not get caught in a prolonged image, let it go. Do not indulge yourself in fear, or panic about something which may seem awful . . . just bless it and send it on its way! Try to recall that you have protected yourself and that you are loved.

  5. CLOSE DOWN for the next five minutes. Continue the breathing. Go back down the chakras, as before, diminishing the energy, dimming the light, so to speak, and envisioning that you are CLOSING EACH SPIRITUAL DOOR as you do so. Do each of the chakras in this way, until whatever is open is closed, envisioned as sealed. No spirit activity is permitted from this point on. Reject it. Let spirit information come to you only when you desire it, or want it, or permit it. Learn to condition yourself to not accept any information coming from spirits unless you give it your okay. Once the spiritual doors are closed, that means just that, they’re closed.
  6. Hands should be placed palms up on lap if working with spirits is desired. Palms down on thighs, if you are trying to work on dreams, or any inner-work.

This meditation should be done with eyes closed. In the beginning with a dim light on. It could be done in a group setting and is an excellent group meditation practice. For a group setting I recommend a tightly closed room, no light getting in from the outside. Use a small red light overhead, attached to a dimmer switch, and keep turning the light down as your eyes get used to it. In this setting, meditation can be practised with the eyes open.

Be sure to enter and leave these circumstances with a loving heart and mind. One of trust and never foreboding! Pray for protection and guidance and DEVELOPMENT of your psychic skills! Give your thanks to the Earth, and to the spirits who would come to you so that you may grow.

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