The Meaning Of Astrology Signs

Here is the basic meaning of Astrology signs…


The meaning of this astrology sign is the Ram. Spring. The pioneer, adventurer. Courage, daring, boldness. The fountainhead, source. The Word or Logos. Impulse, energetic, start, beginning, manifestation.


The Bull. The universe’s response, reaction to the new impulse at Aries. Aries draws forth in Taurus a body or environment to match the impulse. Every new thought or impulse draws forth a response from the universe. Taurus is the body that comes forth. It is all kinds of ‘having’, fielding, response. The field. The ear. Taurus is the steady, deliberate, determined response of life to new ideas, impulses, etc. — possessing them, embodying them.


The Twins. The endless search for experience, substance and limits. Always in motion, communicating, inquiring, investigating, exploring. Getting to know you, getting to know all about you. Nervous, versatile, inventive, curious, linking, reasoning, making connections.


The Crab. The experience, vehicle or body itself. The house and home — the Chariot. The experience as in ‘feeling’, living and sensing life. Protective, domestic, sympathetic.


The Lion. Self-awareness, ownership, pride. Discovery. Emotion (emote: to move out from, migrate), expression. Acting, creative, children, sports. Fullness, power, pride of ownership. I have lived, I live! Regal, using, forthright.


The Virgin. Concern, care-for. Conservation of life. Salvage, harvesting, repair, maintenance. The drive to conserve and maintain life — salavage, salvation. Attention to details, repair, craftsmanship. Busy, concerned, careful. Worrying. Practical, analytical, discriminating,

meaning of astrology signs

The Meaning of Astrology Signs continued…


This astrology sign is the Scale. Marriage and Union. Yoga= to join, or yoke. Marriage is the most common form of yoga. Undconditional acceptance or response. Diplomatical, compassionate, attentive.


The Scorpion. Purgatory, the furnace, phoenix. The adjustments of marriage or union. Responsibility. Removing excess, purification. Reduction of personality to essentials. Intense, penterating, elimination, metamorphosis, genuine.


The Archer. What remains after the furnace of Scorpio. The remains, relics, embers. That which can not be further reduced. Thus the truth, religion, philosophy, etc. Enthusiastic, profound, generous, frank, projection.


The Goat. The purified essence bursts into light. Clairvoyance, clear seeing. Practical Vision. Unemotional. Sober, authoritative. Serious, orderly, control, manipulating, power.


The Water Bearer. Carrying the spiritual light of Capricon into actuality. “For spirit must be made to matter”. The resolve to implement our clearest vision. The will to do it. Impersonal, willing to work with anyone and any vehicle. Thus group or teamwork. Aspiring, unconventional, humane, associations.


The Fishes. Intuitive. Accepting, understanding, willing to sacrifice. Accepting what is for the sake of what could be made of it.

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