Marriage – When Will You Marry?

When will you marry? Ever wonder why some women like Liz Taylor marry many times, while others never do?  The truth is; some people have more love karma related to marriage promised in their horoscopes than others.

Liz Taylor has a Libra rising and her chart ruler (Venus), is in her house of relationships.  Venus is heavily aspected; (conjunct Uranus, trine to Jupiter and the Midheaven and square to Pluto).  Add on passionate Mars, (the ruler of her house of marriage) in romantic Pisces (in her 5th house of romance) and you get a ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ – type scenario that can rival any soap opera!


No matter where you Venus is, what house your ruler is in; you can still discover much about your personal love karma by following some simple astrological rules. For instance; the more planets you have in the 7th house of marriage or 5th house of romance; the more opportunies you’ll have. If Venus is aspected by Mars; you’ll also find plenty of opportunities.

You have Love Karma if:

The ruler of your ascendant is in the house of romance or marriage; you’ll have major love karma in this life. The rulers of the 5th and 7th house are heavily aspected you will find plenty of opportunities to merge with another. Venus is heavily aspected by Mars is another indication. However if it’s by square or opposition; expect much friction and trouble.

Venus is well aspected by other planets; you can expect good love karma. Venus is sextile or trine Neptune; you may your soul mate in this life time. Yet if it’s afflicted, you may have a difficult time finding them.   Otherwise, you may be duped and swindled in affairs of the heart.  Simply because you are only able to see the good in others.  It works best if you find a spiritual or artistic mate.

With a Venus and Saturn in good aspect, you can find a steady loyal mate. If Venus is in Hard aspect to Saturn; you may put up with another; instead of enjoying them out of a misdirected sense of loyalty.

Venus is sextile or trine to Pluto; you are destined to become passionate with someone; perhaps powerful?   Yet if Venus is afflicted by Pluto you may become involved with someone already taken or married.  Otherwise your partner may cheat on you and bring you much heartache. Venus is highly elevated in your 10th house, you may marry well.

Your Ascendant ruler is in the 8th house of joint finances and well aspected; you will benefit from your partner.  However if the ruler of that house or planets in it are afflicted, think twice before you commit yourself; you will lose instead of gain from another!

You have a Sun/ Moon square in your natal chart you will find much strife in your relationships; for whenever your Sun connects to another, your Moon will be squaring it.

The most romantic times are when:

Transiting Venus conjuncts the Sun or Ascendant.

Transiting Venus or Jupiter is in your 5th or 7th houses.

When both transiting Venus and Mars are in your Sun sign; (which is a rare occurrence) but it does happen from time to time. Yet, if one Venus or Mar transit is favorable but another is not; you may meet someone whose Sun is incompatible to your own Sun sign.

The Vertex:
The vertex is not a planet, but a third angle in your chart, (the first 2 being the Asc and Mc).  It is an angle of fate; otherwise know as the part of sacred relationships.  Once you note the degree of your vertex you may discover important people in your life have their Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant conjunct yours.

You should honor these relationships as they have much to teach or share with you.  You may experience a great gravity  with them; especially if your vertex conjoins their south node or Ascendant.  John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a double whammy Vertex/ Ascendant.  Transits, progressions or solar Arc directions to your Vertex may also reveal the timing of when you’ll meet these special people.

Prenatal Eclipse:
Relationship Karma may be revealed by checking the eclipses that took place during the 9 months before you were born.  Key people in your life may have their Sun, Moon, Asc/ IC or Saturn exactly on these points.

Marriage Indicators:

* To time marriage and romance; use both forward and conversemovements of solar arc directions, secondary and tertiaryprogressions.  I personally feel that solar arc directions are morepowerful.  Converse solar arc directions are considered by many to be more fated in nature.

First find the ruler of your 7th house; also the ruler of your 5th house of romance.  Once you find the rulers of these houses, you will find opportunities come your way when they send or receive solar arc directions.

The most common solar arc progressions for marriage are; Venus well aspected to the ascendant or midheaven. Transits, progressions and solar arc directions will be active the year you marry. Both transits and progressed or solar arc Lunar positions will be active in the year you marry.  However the converse progressed or solar arc Moon is more frequently shown.  Lunar eclipses may help to time the month of marriage; especially if they fall into your seventh house of partners.

Synastry Timers:

You may find that your progressed or solar arc Moon is in aspect to another’s
natal chart position.

Or when your progressed or solar arc directed Moon conjuncts your partner’s Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant or Descendant; also by converse movement.

Sometimes the progressed or solar arc moon (forward and reversed) will meet
your partner’s progressed or directed moon.

Marriage may be indicated if your Moon and another’s; are opposite by converse

Midpoint Considerations:

Transits made to your Sun/Moon midpoint; or to your partners. Transits to your composite Sun/Moon midpoint will also determine when you will marry. The composite Sun/Moon midpoint will be active; especially if another’s Sun/Moon midpoint conjuncts yours. Check the progressed or solar arc directed Suns to see if they fall on the composite Sun/Moon midpoint.

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  1. Hi I was born on 10/11/67 in Guayaquil Ecuador at 3:36 pm. I am interested to know if transiting Neptune trine the ruler of my 7th means I will meet my soul mate? I am still sharing my house with my ex but he is my ex and he has not left but we are over. I am so tired of running into him when I go home.

  2. Hello Aymen ……I am an astrologer also but find it hard to predict my own love fate. Today I have aspects that I am not sure if this is something destined or fated to come. Can you shed some insite for me. Transiting Venus trine natal vertex . Transiting Pluto sextille natal vertex. Transiting sun sextile progressed vertex. Transiting Mars sextile natal Venus . Transiting Mercury conjunct progressed descendent. I know a lot of activity!!! All exact today. What’s your opinion in regards to love. I would be interested in having my chart done in the future. Ow would I go about that and what do you charge. 😉



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