Your Name Is Your Mantra

Name As Mantra

What’s in a name? How do you “feel” about the name you chose for yourself in this physical incarnation? Your name is your mantra and you attach certain beliefs to your name. If you have trouble honouring your name then without a doubt you will have trouble honouring your full ‘energy’ as it can be expressed in your physical body. The body that you have chosen for yourself this time around. Your name identifies you. Others are able to identify you through your name.

Your Energy

The question is – what energy do you attach to your name and what energy do other people attach to your name? Your name is a very powerful mantra that you can use for yourself. Your name is your mantra and connects you to the energy that is contained in your physical body. That energy can be used for protection and grounding.

You may be one of those people that uses and accepts a nickname or a variation on your name that’s a method of disconnecting from your name and subsequently the energy that it contains. Alternatively you may “feel” that your are not comfortable with your name. If there is a part of you that does not totally embrace your name, then you become disconnected from your personal power and expression.

In the days of the Great Mystery Schools that were present here on Earth, students were given another name – a name different to the name they initially walked in with. They were told not to share their new name with anyone else, as it was believed that if they did, they would be giving away their energy to that person. It was thought that the robbing of ones soul could be prevented if only you knew your ‘sacred’ name. This sacred name was your ‘mantra’ and through the use of that mantra you had the ability to build a strong Etheric field.

your name is your mantra

Using Your Name

When someone verbalises your name it has an impact on your energy. When they say your name they are expressing from their own unique belief system. They see you as they believe you to be and when they do this – momentarily, from their perspective we become who they think we are. If their belief of you is positive – one of love and acceptance – then the tone or vibration that the expression of your name sends through you is uplifting. However if their view of you is negative then that vibration must cause some interference within your energy system.

Take note next time someone uses your name, how does it make you feel? This feeling plays a important part in how you react to them – how you respond to them. It’s important to work with the energy of your name and the ‘beliefs’ that you have attached to it.

Connect To Your Power

Your power is yours alone and others can only have power over you when you choose on some level, consciously or not, to give it away. Your power is only ever taken when you give it away. To reconnect with and reclaim your power you need to go back to your earlier years – your first instances of dishonouring your name, your early recollections of feeling that you did not accept your name.

Here are some questions to ask yourself;

  • Have you shortened your name?
  • Have you changed your name?
  • Do you like or not like saying your name?
  • Do you like or not like using your last name?

What about the way you think – the pattern of your thinking exposes your belief system. Here are some positive affirmations that might assist you in the thinking process in regards to your name. Look for statements that make you feel comfortable – they will empower you.

If you believe your name is …

Too Masculine: I honour the male within me, and feel safe to express the female within me
Too Feminine: I honour the female within me, and feel safe to express the male within me
Too Plain: I am safe to express my uniqueness
Too Different: I honour my individuality and uniqueness
Too Wimpy: I deserve to ask for what I need and receive it
Too Harsh: I can still have my personal power and be sensitive

Look To The Past To Heal

Look back, remember as a child when you started to have a reaction against your name. Perhaps you were teased at school, maybe made fun of,  with a name that rhymed. Can you remember being spoken to in a scolding tone? Maybe you accepted and took on the burden of someones judgement?

Whatever comes up for you – reassure your inner child in that moment that YOU think their name is ‘magic’, or ‘wonderful’. Allow the ‘child within’ you to feel safe enough to reconnect with this long forgotten wound. Keep working with this until it feels natural. Use affirmations that are appropriate for your own personal issues. Allow this part of you to express your name in a positive loving way, maybe draw your name with beautiful colours and objects around it. You can also sing, chant and intone your name making it glorious in its expression. Keep going until you find it harmonious and it resonates comfortably in your being. As you do this, feel that your energy slips firmly inside your body, a very snug fit, feeling that this body was made perfectly for you.

Chant For Power

Chanting your name is also a very effective method in reclaiming your own energy.

Start by saying …

“I am and only am (name). There is no one within or connected to me that is not (say your name).”

Say it with intent and meaning. Feel it deep within your heart.

This will clear and align your own energy. It’s a very good tool for grounding and reaching your centre. It allows you to feel and think with more clarity and removes any energetic clutter that you picked up during your daily activity.

Reclaiming your personal power through the use and acceptance of your name can remove threads of attachment that hold you back and distort the perception your have around your life and its direction and meaning. Enjoy the beautiful journey of self discovery.

Authors Details: Your Name Is Your Mantra – Aymen Fares

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2 Responses to “Your Name Is Your Mantra”

  1. Karen Taylor


  2. Esther Marie Tiberini

    Thank you so much for writing this!
    This past Saturday,I was meditating and it was brought to mind that my stepfather had
    stolen my name. When he said my name there was such nastiness and shame with it that I dropped my middle name when I became older.
    I reclaimed that night and kept repeating it over and over again.
    I remember how loving and magical I was as a five year old before
    he came into my life.
    Your article is confirmation for me to continue to use my name as my mantra,
    until I fully connect to my younger self again.
    Thank you,thank you!


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