Mantras – Your Name Is Your Mantra

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What’s in a name? How do you “feel” about the name you chose for yourself in this physical incarnation?

What beliefs do you attach to it? If we have trouble honouring our name then without a doubt we will have trouble honouring our full ‘energy’ in this body that we have chosen for ourselves this time around.

Our name identifies us. Others are able to identify us through our name. So what energy do we attach to our name and what energy do others attach to our name?

Your name is a very powerful mantra that you can use for yourself, it completely connects you to your energy that is contained in this physical body, it can be utilized for grounding and protection. If there is a part of us that does not totally embrace our name, then an aspect of us becomes disconnected to our own personal power and expression.

In the days of the Great Mystery Schools that were anchored here on Earth, students were given another name that was not the one that they walked in with. They were told not to share their new name with anyone else, as it was believed that if they did, they would be giving away their energy to that person. It was thought that the robbing of
ones soul would not happen if only you knew your ‘sacred’ name. This sacred name was your ‘mantra’ that would build you a strong etheric field.

So if we look at the impact that must happen on our energy when others use our name. When they say our name they are coming from their own belief system of how they see us, and who they believe us to be, and IN THAT MOMENT WE BECOME THAT, we become who they think we are. If their belief of you is one of acceptance and of love the tone or vibration that it sends through us is uplifting, on the other hand however if it is one of condemning then that vibration must cause some interference within you.

Take note next time someone uses your name, how does it make you feel? This feeling plays a important part on your reaction to them, and with what “energy centre” you choose to use in your response. It is important to work with the energy of our names and the ‘beliefs’ that we attach to it, so that we do not allow our energy to be contaminated by others and contaminated by our hurts of old that we are still holding onto.

Nothing or nobody can ever have power over you unless you choose on some level, consciously or not, to give it!


To reconnect and reclaim this we must go back to our earlier years when we first dishonoured and felt unaccepting of our name, or learnt that our name was not acceptable.

Have you shortened your name?
Have you changed your name?
Do you not like saying your name?
Do you not like using your last name?

Here are just some examples of thought patterns that you may be able to relate to as relevant to your belief system. Along with them are some suggested affirmations that may assist you in this process, it is important that you find the words that sit most comfortably with you, ones that will best empower you.

Was it that you felt your name was:

Too Masculine: I honour the male within me, and feel safe to express the female within me
Too Feminine: I honour the female within me, and feel safe to express the male within me
Too Plain: I am safe to express my uniqueness
Too Different: I honour my individuality and uniqueness
Too Wimpy: I deserve to ask for what I need and receive it
Too Harsh: I can still have my personal power and be sensitive

Go back to that place that you can remember as a child when you started to have a reaction against your name, it may take form as being teased at school, maybe a name that rhymed, or a tone that was spoken to you that was scolding. Or you took on a judgment that was directed at someone else, just because you had the same name as them.

Wherever it comes forward, go to that place and reassure your child in that moment that YOU think their name is ‘magic’, or ‘wonderful’. Allow the ‘child within’ you to feel safe enough to reconnect with this long forgotten wounded part. There maybe some resistance at first and this is natural as it has been a long time since this place has been visited.

Just keep working with it until it feels natural, and then work with the affirmations that are most appropriate for your own personal issues. Then allow this part of you to express your name in a positive loving way, maybe draw your name with beautiful colours and objects around it. Or sing it, chant it, tone your name, make it glorious in its expression through the channel of your throat until you find it harmonious and it resonates comfortably in your being. As you do this feel your energy slipping firmly inside your body, a very snug fit feeling that this body was made perfectly for you.

Chanting your name is also a very effective method in reclaiming your own energy where others have either consciously or unconsciously connected to you!

Start by saying your name ‘I am and only (name). There is no one within or connected to me that is not (say your name). Say it with intent, mean it, feel it deep within your heart centre, so that your need is stronger than theirs.

This tool will clear and align your own energy. It is a very good centering tool, allowing you to feel and think with more clarity, removing any unwanted clutter that has been picked up during your daily activities.

Our name and the re-owning of it can have valuable strings attached to it from other beliefs and perceptions we have about ourselves, reclaiming these can be a beautiful process of self discovery. Enjoy your journey!

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