Making Love

Making Love

We are constantly researching and talking with experts in the field so we can give you tips about making love, and advise on how we all can become more amazing lovers.

As a woman I know first hand what can melt a girl into your arms. My co- director being a male would have his own comments about making love – of what can work but his tip will be in the next article about making love.

Making Love

Making Love – What To Do

I could talk about kissing the neck, how to touch her pleasure bits, or perhaps the sweet words us girls like to hear when making love. (again that is all in the e-book ‘Sexual secrets for Men’) But today I’m going to share something that is easy for you and that can definitely leave a warm fussy impression.

As you know making love or Tantric sex is not always something for first dates, but to get started, you will find a Tantric kind of “soul connection” through the eyes. Practice seeing into people’s souls. Eye contact is an aspect of Tantra you can use any time. – And it is not necessarily sexual or romantic. However, when you look deeply into someone’s eyes you connect with them intimately and completely.

That technique can help anyone develop immediate rapport in almost any situation. Looking into someone’s eyes also helps you “know them” and get a sense of what they are about. If a person can maintain the eye contact, it is a sign that they are not afraid to see you, or be seen by you. You can also trust the eyes to tell the truth about feelings. Look into the eyes of your lover or people you are attracted to and see if you can see love. The love they have inside them, as well as the love they feel for you, is always visible in the eyes. Tantra helps us to see if a potential mate or date has that certain twinkle, or warmth, before we do anything more than kiss with our eyes!

Authors Details: Making Love – Soelae Riley


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