Magick – What makes it work?

What Makes Magick Work

Some writers of occult books assert that all one has to do, to use magic to affect external events, is to concentrate. This is a partial error. Concentration is a necessary skill to employ; However, it is not what makes the spell work. The magician must assume a state of consciousness, which, in the tech language of ritual, is called ‘merging,’ if he is to effect EXTERNAL events.

A Work such as a wisdom spell, which only effects the operator, and occasionally the external world as a secondary effect, only requires concentration, because it is an act of self suggestion. Merging, however, is an altered state of consciousness which puts the magician in touch with the Akasha principal, the name for a Etheric substance which the objects of the physical world are only a small part of, the part that is solid enough(lower in frequency) to activate biological receptors, and can be seen in the visible light spectrum. Having a backround in physics enhances, rather than refutes an understanding of this principal, as long as the existence of metaphysics is understood.

As you know, the model explaining why a magnet has permeability is just that, a model. No one has ever seen all those atoms line up, pole to pole, to create magnetism; no one really understands magnetism, only how to use it. The reason for the elusive nature of magnetic force, is an illusion caused by our limited present knowledge of matter in general. To state the truth simply is: ( this will blow your mind off its hinges if you think hard enough about it), THE MAGNETISM COMES FROM OUTSIDE THE MAGNET, not inside as has been postulated by other sources. The magnet is a transformer of the force, whose origin is in the Akasha principal, not the metal.

The same principal is true of all physical plane objects.This is the reason for all the herbs and stones used in magic; they are reflections of force aspects, of the Akasha Principal. They are hard representations of more rarefied energy. This energy is the force,which when acted upon, produces work in the form of external manipulation of objects and what is referred to by the ignorant as coincidence. .

As you know, Nuclear Force comes from the splitting of atoms, or does it? There is a point in the squiggle calculation of the propagation of Nutrons in a Reactor, where you must ASSUME that the energy is released. No one has an adequate explaination of WHERE it comes from, only theoretical models that SEEM to explain some EFFECTS. U-235, when subjected to critical mass conditions,transforms a type of force, which, in keeping with its nature, splits the atom AFTER it is released. Take the time for each reaction and devide it into parts, then devide the parts, and divide and divide. The point where force is released cannot be accurately determined with 100 percent certainty when fission of atoms takes place.

The Akasha principal, naturally passive,when acted upon by the active principal of the Merged mind, produces forces: Electrical, chemical, Nuclear,and Magnetic; which, when seen in the correct light, are all aspects of the same force. THE SAME FORCE.

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