Magick & The Creative Process

Magick & The Creative Process

Each of us creates every moment of his or her entire life by sending out thoughts, feelings, emotions, prayers or declarations into the Matrix, being the energy weavings of the universe. We can send out new thougths that might change the energy patterns, or repeat old thoughts that will (re)create more of the old energy forms, or we may be influenced by the ideas and emotions of others and help so reinforce their energy patterns. We are not only sending energy, at the same time we are receiving the energy of the thoughts and feelings of others. If their thoughts and feelings contain truth for us, we might incorporate that energy as ‘our own’, what means that your thoughts don’t necessarily have to be your own thoughts!

To understand the creative process we need to understand the basics of it:

The power of belief

The more you believe that what you think and feel is true, the more certainty you add to the energy you send out, and the bigger the change that it wil take form in the physical world. Also the more you think the universe will grant it you, the greater the certainty that you will receive it. Be thankful on
beforehand, knowing that it is already existing and will appear in the physical world.

The power of united souls
The more persons think, feel or pray the same thing, the bigger the amount of a certain energy capable of causing changes.

The power of repetition.
The more often you think or feel the same thing, the more belief and certainty about it you raise in your mind, so the more powerful your sent out energy becomes. Choose the same thing over and over again.

The power of clarity of mind.
Make sure that you know what to choose; that way you send out equal messages to the universe.

The power of similarity
Like attracts like! You will attract that what you send out, so if your thoughts contain a lot of fear of
disease for instance, you will attract disease as a magnet. If you send out thoughts of love and kindness, you will suddenly notice that unknown people smile at you and greet you.

The power of the basic emotions love and fear.
At the base of every thought or emotion (or behind the conscious thought/emotion) lies one of these two emotions. If the basis is love, you will have ideas like: there is enough for everyone, I am good enough to ask this, the Universe will grant it me, I am thankful for life and its treasures… You will feel self-trust, self-love and self-confidence, inner peace and union with the All. A basic thought of love will add enormous power to your creative force. If the basis is fear, you will think things like: there is never enough, I won’t get it, I don’t deserve it, I am not good enough, I have not done enough, I will lose it again, what if it does not work.You will experience fears and worries, doubts and insecurities, and you regard yourself as separate from the infinite Source. A basic thought of fear will severely diminish your power to create.

The power of taking responsibility.
If you take responsibility for your life than you can find the strength to make conscious changes in it. If everybody around you has done it, or fate, and you consider yourself a helpless victim, then how could you even believe that you could influence your own life in a positive way? Of course you are not personally responsible for big events like wars, earthquakes or tornadoes; these ccurrences are often called upon by our group-consciousness. Also many personal issues are often created by more persons than just you. But you surely are responsible for your reactions on and decisions towards all events. Do you try to find a positive solution or do you sit down effortless in self-pity? (Discourage creates the same thing over and over).

The power of attention.
What you give attention to will be realized. This means that the love you feel for the things you like to realize will attract them to you. This also implies that suppression of ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ parts of our personality only contributes to their existence. After all you have to put quite some energy in the denial of these characteristics by trying to think them away. It is much more beneficial to accept that we all have our ‘good’ and ‘bad’ qualities, and that we choose whether we want to live as a sinner or a saint. Observe ‘the horrible you’ without judging it, decide what kind of person you want to be, and.think and act in a new way. Mind torturers like fears, worries, anger and grief can disappear if you simply let them be, accept them without putting energy in it. The feelings you dare to confront without holding on can pass through you like clouds.

The power of thought control.
If you notice yourself thinking something that you don’t wish to think, simply consider how you want to think over that subject or person and. send out the new thought. It is like copying out a page on a

The power of not-accepting-no.
Declare your truth completely, friendly, but determined. If people argue about it simply agree that you can understand their point of view, but… repeat your truth firmly and friendly… until you get what you want. This is the famous technic of assertivity trainings known as the ‘broken gramophone record’. In fact the creative process is a big personally adapted mind-control program. You’d better control your own mind then having it done by others!

There are three levels in creating:

Think about what you want.
speak it out or write it down (not necessarily in the company of others, since they might diminish the belief in yourself by questioning your mental sanity) act as if it is already existing, smell it, taste it,

Visualize it.
On the more levels you are creating, the greater the materializing force you set into motion. Usually we start the creating process at step 1, but it can also start at step 2 (remember the occasions where you heard yourself say something and realized later how much truth you spoke?) and the quickest way is to start at step 3: act in a new way and afterwards

Think about it.
What you think of you create, and what you create you experience, and your experience is the basis for what you will think of next. Enjoy creating simply for the joy of creating and remain free from expectations. How others react on your creations is their responsibility, not yours. But if you try to create for the highest good of all, you can hardly go wrong. Dare to change your mind if necessary. Don’t ask for guarantees. If life is created over and over again, changing from minute to minute, how can we guarantee anything except that life will be life? If you don’t like a certain outcome, know that you are a magician and change it!

Authors Details: – Anja Heij – Unknown Web Site

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