Magic Spells – Lust

Magic Spells – Lust

Have a picture of her (the subject of your spell) or her name written on a piece of paper

Burn some incense:
damiana herb, dragon’s blood, or royal amber.

Light a red candle as an offering. Calm yourself, focus. Then chant:

Goddess Ishtar,
grant my request;
Goddess Aphrodite,
hear my plea —

Open the floodgates of desire in the woman for whom my heart conspires;

Let her feel the heat, oh Goddess, of my body warm and sweet.

Burn the paper with her name/picture on it, lighting it from the red candle’s flame.

The desire for another is often at least partially selfish, usually mostly selfish, which is something the Goddesses understand and have no problem with — just make sure you also are not willing to hurt her for what you want. If the gift you want to offer her is purely that, they will empower your spell. If you seek her body only for your own needs, and not for hers, then you might find a pissed-off Goddess staring at you. (Ethics – Love Spells)

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