Love making technique. How to last longer in bed

Here are a few love making techniques that are helpful in delaying the male orgasm during intercourse in order to achieve better sexual satisfaction and last longer in bed:

• Relax and learn to pace yourself, take your time, do not rush and try not to be anxious. Obviously this is easier said than done, but it is a goal worth striving for. Gradually you will be able to relax, pace yourself and last longer in bed.

• Be tender and loving with your partner, be sure to allow her the time she needs to get ready for you. Extended foreplay is often the most effective way to do this, and always genuine partner-to-partner communication is essential to first class love making. Try to find out what really turns her on so that you can help her to get ready to relax and be with you. You can experiment with any stimulating love making techniques you can imagine. Use your hand and your tongue creatively. Besides getting her ready for intercourse, sex play before penetration is a lot of fun in its own right. So, take time to play it and enjoy it, don’t rush into intercourse and miss the fun of foreplay.

• Let the foreplay eventually take both of you to intercourse naturally. Upon penetration, hold your penis still inside of her and take a couple of breaths in order to ease the tension and excitement generated during the process of penetration.

• Don’t hurry on the thrusting motion right after penetration and when you do begin don’t keep on stroking without a break. After a few strokes you should stop for a break and take a couple of deep breaths, taking the sexual energy into you whole body, and continue this through your love making sessions.

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