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Beloved masters, over the past several months, we have focused on galactic and universal truths in order to give you a simplified overview of Creation and the workings of the cosmos. We sense many of you are feeling that your “reality boundaries” have been stretched too far, while others are somewhat overwhelmed by the vastness and complexity of the evolutionary process you are in the midst of at this time.

As more new information comes forth-expanding your consciousness and dissolving superstitions, boundaries and half truths- in the beginning it tends to make you feel more inadequate and vulnerable. Beloveds, it is always so when you move out into the unknown and must experience the chaos of change in order to create something new and better. Yes, we are endeavoring to give you a grand new vision for the future, a glimpse of who you truly are and your cosmic origins, along with a preview of what is to come. However, we are also aware that you must live in your present mundane world which often includes struggle, doubt, fear, pain and even boredom.

We have given you many tools, meditations and guidelines in the past, and hopefully, you have incorporated at least some of these and made them a part of your daily routine. We now offer you a set of very simple instructions, which will help you in moving through the transformation process with ease and grace if you are willing to use them. It is your choice, dear hearts. No one can do it for you.

Believe me when I say, if you will set into practice the tools/information given you, within a short time your world and reality will change dramatically. Your life experiences are the way they are because of your perceptions and beliefs. Change these and you change your reality. You see and experience life according to the thought frequencies that you project via your everyday thinking. You must consciously review how you feel about your self-worth, relationships, abundance, health, joy and the world around you because your own ideas and beliefs create what you experience each and every day. You may not want to accept this, but nevertheless, it is truth.

Beginning with the circumstances you were born into, including your physical body and its weakness and strengths, it was you who made the ultimate choice and you have done so ever since. Self-mastery means just that, mastering your desires, your thoughts, emotions and feelings, and changing habits that are not for your highest good. We assure you, dear hearts, the seemingly easy road is a rough detour or the long way home for it is the ego that urges you onward to greater excess, sense-satisfaction and self-serving interests. We continually offer our assistance, guidance and wisdom. But ultimately, it is up to you whether you decide to focus on the inner expansion of the heart and mind, thereby allowing your soul/Higher Self to redirect your life, or continue as a “re-actor” to circumstances and the outer world which you have created with your present thought patterns and ideas.

We have often said, “You can tell how well you are doing by how smoothly your life is going and by the people you draw to you.” Your Earth and all life upon her are in the midst of the most dramatic changes that have incurred since the planet was first inhabited so many aeons ago. Everyone must make a choice: to answer the internal call of Spirit which leads to freedom and a bright new future, or to stay in the herd state, following the leaders who will keep you ensnared in the old paradigm of powerlessness, limitation, and suffering. All you must do is follow the nudgings of your heart/Soul Self. Take the first steps and we will assist you every remaining step of the way back into the path of your true destiny.

We gave the following guidelines to our messenger some time ago and she has incorporated them into her seminars and also in the text of the I AM MASTERY COURSE. We now offer these simple rituals to you as a gift, dear ones. If you will put them into daily practice, we assure you that your life will be transformed for the better in a miraculously short time.


The moment you awaken, while still in an Alpha State, take a few minutes to review your night. See if you can recapture any of your dreams and their meanings. Dreams are one of the ways your guides and Higher Selves communicate with you. Ask them to help you remember. You may write your dreams in a journal if you wish, or just get in the habit of remembering any places you visited or anything of importance that took place during your nightly astral journeys. (You all dream and travel in your astral bodies, whether you remember or not).

Envision a crystalline pillar of Golden-white Light radiating down from your Divine I AM Presence, and surrounding you and then anchoring in the crystalline core of the Earth. See a laser beam of Light spiraling down through your crown chakra, piercing each chakra as it moves down your spinal column, igniting it like a fluorescent tube and moving out the root chakra into the Earth’s core. Choose your own affirmation or say something like this:

“I call upon my Divine I AM Presence and my angelic helpers to enfold, guide and protect me this day for my highest good and the highest good of all.”

You may also call on the beloved Archangel Sandalphon to keep you grounded and anchored to the Earth as you endeavor to become a multi-dimensional Being. You have free will and must give the Beings of Light and your Divine Self permission to guide and assist you. (This exercise will take only a minute or two after you build the vision and set the intent).

Take a few minutes to do some deep-breathing exercises, some toning and drink a glass or two of good water. If you do not have any privacy or feel self-conscious at home, you may do your toning in the car. Some people practice their toning (using vowel sounds) in the shower, or they get their family members to try it with them. Only you can decide how little or how much you will use the tools offered you. But be assured, if you don’t use them, you will not be able to make the changes you desire as easily or as quickly. The choice is always yours.

Throughout The Day

As you begin your day, envision SPIRIT PERCHED ON YOUR SHOULDER AS A SACRED WITNESS. You may make it personal and see a beautiful angel perched there, or a guide or ascended master of your choice.

Make it real (for it will be). Again, intent is the key.

It will become more real to you as time passes and you will begin to feel the bliss of Spirit and the company of angels around you as your constant companions. As situations arise or you interact with people (especially in stressful situations or situations that really get your attention), become an observer of the process: What is the lesson behind the situation? Or what is this person mirroring to you for your learning? How would your Sacred Witness act or react in this situation or to this person?

After a while, this becomes the normal way you will function throughout the day. You experience, observe, analyze, act and integrate the wisdom of the occurrence. By operating in this manner, you move out of the realm of cause and effect, into a State of Grace. Throughout the day make it a habit to notice the world around you. What can you be joyful about? Practice being thankful for the beauty and bounty in your life by maintaining an attitude of gratitude. This helps condition the subconscious mind and also helps to remove fear and negative vibrations. If you are joyful, loving and grateful there is no room for doubt, fear or negativity. Notice what is “right” about the people in your world, thereby reinforcing their positive traits. And when appropriate, tell them how you feel. Small, sincere compliments or words of praise are gifts of love vibrations to those around you. If you work in a closed environment or spend a lot of time at a desk, take a few minutes, several times a day (even if you have to go to the rest room for privacy), and take a breath or toning break. A few minutes of deep breathing is better than a cup of coffee or a caffeinated drink.

Stretch and honor your beautiful physical vessel and be sure to get some type of exercise every day.


Endeavor to make it a habit to read something uplifting and inspiring every evening, even if it is for only a few minutes.

Your “state of mind” determines how well you rest, and to what dimensional level you will journey during your sleep time. After you are in bed and just before falling asleep, take a few minutes to review your day. No judgment or recriminations, just be an observer. What did you do that day that was not of a higher vibrational energy? How could you have acted or reacted differently? What did you say that you could have expressed in a more loving or compassionate way? What did you not say that you should have expressed (stating your highest truth)? Did you project any feelings of resentment or anger? Did you allow others to “color” your reality negatively with their beliefs (energy cords)? Did you experience more loving interaction than negative interaction? (Remember, you can tell how well you are doing by the people and experiences you draw to you).

After you have completed the review of your day, say something like this:

“I call upon the Mighty Law of Forgiveness (or the angel of forgiveness) to transmute, balance and harmonize any discordant energy that I have projected today that was not of Love/Light.”

It will be instantaneously transmuted into neutral Light substance, thereby not affecting your auric field or reality. IT MUST BE SO. IT IS THE LAW. In doing this, you move into a state of “HARMLESSNESS” whereby you are no longer creating any negative energy or Karma.

Imagine everyone in the world moving into harmlessness, and radiating only one percent positive Love/Light energy. Humanity and the Earth would be instantaneously transformed. See the VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION blazing up from your feet and surrounding you. This will ensure that the transforming alchemy of the Violet Flame will work its magic on your physical vessel while you rest, speeding up the process of releasing all negative energies and core issues you have brought forth that day. If you wish, ask your Higher Self, guides, or angels to take you (in your astral body) to a special place (state your preferences or just ask to be taken to the place most appropriate and for your highest good). Ask your Higher Self to help you remember your journeys and dreams when you awaken and your astral journeys and lessons will become a part of your “real” world. Then rest well, dear hearts, knowing that you are cradled in the arms of angels as you sleep.

AFTER A SHORT TIME, ALL THIS WILL BECOME HABITUAL AND A NATURAL PART OF YOUR DAILY/NIGHTLY ROUTINE, AND YOU WILL BE WELL ON YOUR WAY TO BECOMING THE MASTER OF YOUR WORLD ONCE MORE. A WORLD FILLED WITH WONDER, BEAUTY, BOUNTY AND JOY. IT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT, BELOVEDS, WHY NOT CLAIM IT? The path to heart/soul consciousness lies before you, dear ones, along with all the miracles, joy and love you can absorb. It is within your grasp, but you must reach out and claim it.

Try to remember that you are a unique facet of God and you are loved beyond measure. I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman
Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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