Light is a signature of God

There are gateways that open one into another when the cosmos is in a certain arrangement. It means that your universe is open to the powers that come to you from the center of all universes. That is where the ultimate creator force resides.

The cosmos reacts like gears, one gear moving another gear until there is a pathway that has direct access to this power source. You see, at some time this power is available to certain places in the cosmos on a continuing basis. Some group of creation can enjoy this rejuvenation process from the Most High. Many are aware that the cosmos seems like a huge spinning wheel that is rather flat. There is one opening to the higher powers and as the wheel moves, each part of the wheel will have their turn at this light.

Sometimes people and the creation are not ready for this advancement and only a few take advantage of what is offered. If missed, it will take a very long time to again be lined up to this gift as it takes millions of years to reach the point of this entranceway. Earth is approaching this entranceway. The transit through the opening will take about one thousand years. Where the gifts are the greatest, the chance to enjoy this opportunity is rather short in the entire cycle.

Those who are able to use these energies for growth and energy retrieval will advance beyond their greatest imaginings. You could advance beyond your Atlantian advancements. Hopefully, earth has learned their lessons regarding power and control and the ability to destroy through technological advancements. Earth is now advancing and preparing herself for these souls.

The very construction of cells is changing. They are moving from a carbon-based cell to a light based cell. The light will seem to have similarities to a silicon cell of crystal. The very cells of human beings, plants, trees, rocks will all have a reflective ability of light. Light is a signature of God. God is light and these new cells will reflect what God is. Those who inherit this new earth will be very happy indeed. It will be a lifetime of longevity as the cells will be able to rejuvenate themselves. Humankind will learn how to lengthen the cellular life through sound, light and mental thought. Energy sources will become available from sunlight.

It has been decreed that the earth will be given this opportunity. Those who are not of this ability to live in harmony with the new earth will leave. Some will die and move on to other dimensions, others will just disappear.

Of note from my book Under Grace In 1997, what physicists Borge Nodland and John Ralston found by using redshift factors was that the universe is rotating. A rotating universe around a common axis implies there is a center and within that center resides a force, a Creator. (Red Shift: In the skies, when planets approach us there is a blue light behind them and when they move away from each other there is a red shift behind them.) Professor P. deBernidis of Rome University, along with an international team of experts, sent up a microwave telescope in a balloon over Antarctica for the purpose of making a temperature map. What these Italian cosmologists found was that the ever expanding universe is as flat as a pancake.

From Augustus Caesar

Coming back and giving this information may seem strange to some, but to us it is very natural. We have been anticipating this time for many years and we have been preparing for it. This is a big event for us, the biggest in millions of years and we do not take the event lightly. Advancing the human frame so that abilities could flow through the body from spirit was a long and difficult process in the past.

There were sacred places in the earth that had special energies connecting the earth to the cosmos. The ancients understood these elements for progressing the body and built sacred buildings over these places, or else just arranged large stones to mark the spot. But even with those aids, the trek to knowledge and awareness was difficult. Today, for those who are aware of what change this means to humankind, the process will be easy though the times will be difficult.

There has been no other time period where so much is at stake. For those who do not understand this message, or who think this message is strange and so different from earth’s past, let us say that we can commiserate with your thoughts. If someone had told me these things when I was living in Rome, I would have held them suspect. However, all you have to do is look around you and feel that things are different.

Quickly things are changing and it seems from one catastrophe to another. The emergencies will seem to follow one right after another. There will seem like a steady stream of unrest, discord, and drama. It will fray your nerves and all those around you. It will seem like the world has become a frightening place and for those who have no peace in their hearts, it will seem like this.

So the first thing is that there must be peace in your hearts. This is a very difficult thing to do when all around you is discordant. Understand that God exists and there is a plan. You will not be left to fend for yourself, fear not. There will be peace on earth and it will be the answer to your prayers, but it will not be immediate. There is nothing to fear. God is with you.

God is love. I can tell you that as I stand here on earth in spirit form. I knew it before I came to earth as Octavian and I know it now as I stand here before you as spirit. Attune yourself to that thought, God is Love. It is important to fill your mind with loving thoughts. Do it now. Think on this everyday. God is love. When you say those words feel the effect it has on your body. Do this every day. Say it frequently. Feel how those thoughts change your body.

You go about your business of taking care of yourself and your family and you don’t think too much of your feelings. You carry thoughts that are buried deep into the tissue of your mind and body, and you forget that everything follows thought. Thought is the engine of feelings and emotions and those emotions run the body and mind. It is like a circle and it must be broken through love. Negative information constantly bombards your mind through the news, which you hear on television and see in the papers. Negative thoughts have been fed to you through both sight and sound, sometimes without end. It has become like a record constantly being reinforced. So it becomes necessary to free yourself of these thoughts.

If you do nothing else, fill your mind with the thought that God is good, God is love. Say it enough until you believe it through your feelings of love and hope. Most importantly, do not place yourself within the sounds of discordant noises. Loud equipment is very harmful to the body and the mind if heard constantly. Sound is an entry way to the subconscious. Peaceful thoughts and soothing music changes your entire emotional makeup. It is a tool that is very powerful.

A habit can be forged very easily through repetition. You can train yourself to fall into a peaceful mode through music, so it is a good idea to use one melody that you particularly enjoy and play it often. You will train yourself so that as soon as you hear the melody, your body will immediately start relaxing. Light is another entryway to the soul, but it is not as strong as sound. Soft lighting along with soothing sound is very conducive to relaxation. Candles are important also. Even if there is not a candle lit, you can feel relaxed if you just think of a candle flickering.

Consciously allow your thinking part of your being to sink into your body. By that I mean, think of the parts of your body starting with your feet. Close your eyes and think of the curve of your foot, your legs, knees and follow with your thoughts until your reach your head. This immerses yourself into the physical so that you can begin to feel again the messages your body is sending you. If your feel discomfort in a part of your body think about it. If your knee feels stiff or is in pain just concentrate upon it and you might start to understand why it hurts. If you do not get a message as to its discomfort, your mere acknowledging it will send a sensation of love towards it. You are a part of God and your thought of acknowledgement is a loving energy that is being beamed to the discomfort in your body. It is your way of loving it by just acknowledging it. It is like a hug. If you hug someone, they cannot feel anything but your love if it is done in a loving manner. Your body needs your acknowledgement more than you think.

Every part of your body has consciousness. When your body combines the sum of its parts, it must feel peace and love. It serves you everyday without compromise and you must acknowledge it and love it through your thoughts. My piece of the puzzle of happiness is just this exercise. It is not complicated, but it is very important. Your body and mind must be coordinated with feelings of peace and contentment. If you do that exercise every day, you will start to see a calmness overtake your personality. Practice that until you start to feel that calmness fill your mind and body. Peace is the beginning of a path towards enlightenment. In peace, you can find unity among all people.

The desire to allow all to find their happiness and give them their freedom is the beginning of living in the now. Living in the now with no desire to control another human being is the beginning of advancement in your own life. It is the separating of the chaff from the wheat. This is the first step towards the new life that earth will bring to all human beings if they allow it. This simple method if made a habit will open a doorway to your soul that will start to open visions of the future for yourself, because it is a connection to your own soul.

Your higher mind understands what is on the horizon for earth. You planned to be present during these changes. Nothing is haphazard. What makes these journeys feel that you are alone is that you have not connected with your own higher mind. What we are trying to help you with is to connect with your own higher mind. If you connect with your own higher mind, you can live under your own direction. Your soul has the experiences of all your past lifetimes. It can connect into your past and understand your failings and your strengths. No one else can give you this information. That is why Jesus admonished you to go within and find the kingdom of God.

It is your determination as to where you will go during these changes. It is your choice as to how you will live you future. We just want you to learn how to go within and we are giving you the opportunity to find that doorway.

The Author: Carolyn Evers
This is an exerpt from: Conversations With Caesar and Under Grace. She can be found at



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