Law Of Attraction – My Reality Pt 2

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(…Continued From The Law Of Attraction Part 1)

6. Momentum from the recent past in this life

Manifesting, from the time we think or feel a powerful thought to the time we experience our creation, can take a while. Sometimes, even though we have changed our thoughts and beliefs about a thing in the meantime, we still find ourselves experiencing the previous condition. We are just experiencing thoughts we set into motion in the past. The important thing to remember is that the thoughts we are thinking today create our future. It is not inevitable that things will stay the same, as we are often willing to believe. We can choose from this moment on what we want in our future.

7. Other people’s thought forms

When we are vibrating with a particular belief, perhaps one of fear or victimization, we can attract other people’s thought forms that are vibrating at the same rate. Then we experience feeling out of control and overwhelmed. We feel victimized. You may say, “but I never worried about being in a car accident”. Yet the car accident may have been attracted by your vibration of “accidents happen frequently, all drivers are crazy except me, I’m vulnerable to everyone else’s craziness out here, I feel unsafe” and thoughts like that. When we attract other thought forms to support our positive beliefs we feel incredibly lucky and we experience wonderful synchronicities.

8. Karmic choice from past life or bleed through influence of other parallel lives

In reincarnation theory, people believe we make choices about what we want to experience before we are born on this plane. Physicists tell us all time is simultaneous and we are living all our lives at the same time right now. A third theory has parallel worlds and universes splitting off to live their own existence each and every time we make a decision. Then each of these splits again with the next decision we make – a mind-boggling concept. Whether you believe in past lives or parallel lives or the many – worlds hypothesis, we are multidimensional personalities. Other parts of our psyche are off having their own experiences while we are here living on planet Earth trying to pay the rent. At times, usually brief and spontaneous, we sometimes become aware of ‘another self’ and we find ourselves feeling and sensing through that person’s senses. We can, with consciousness, make choices about how much of this we allow, and about what we are willing to have enter our experience.

9. Subconscious agreement to experience the state for the expansion of it

We are all eternal beings. We are not here to learn lessons and progress back to the godhead, as if we are some fallen angels who have to earn our promotion. We are here on this plane for the joy of the experience and to express our creativity, our individuality and our free will. We choose some experiences that may seem less than pleasant in the short run, just to know that experience. Choosing illness, poverty, or extreme circumstances in one lifetime may be similar to folks who like bungy jumping or sky diving for a brief moment in this lifetime. Maybe it’s a feels – so – good – when – it – stops kind of thing, yet you have the feelings of achievement and accomplishment for having come through the experience. Any time you get the feeling that you are dangling on the end of a bungy cord, be aware that it is a choice you made and remember that you are always free to make another choice.

Creating with Deliberate Intention

Conscious, deliberate creation is what we are all here to experience. It is not a “lesson” we have to learn. We are whole, perfect and complete already. There are no lessons; there is only the joy of creating. Think of children building sand castles. There is no lesson, there is no reason for it – it is just fun. We build them, we live in them for a few minutes, or a few lifetimes, then we knock them down because we have a new idea we want to experience. This is our God-nature; expansive, creative, always experiencing the new for no other reason than for joy.

What you focus on expands

Ow! I just hit my thumb with a hammer! Do I really need to spend an hour figuring out why it happened, how it happened, what actually happened, what beliefs I had, ad infinitum? Or do I just want to be more careful from now on? Maybe put some ice on it and continue with the project. As we focus on the pain, we are more aware of it. Concentration, with intensity on it, strengthens our vibe of pain. As I continue to think about my thumb and how much it hurts, I am much more likely to hit it again. When you throw a baseball, you look at where you want the ball to go. When you hammer a nail, you should focus on the nail, not on your thumb. It is the same with every part of our lives. If we want more money and more abundance in our experience we need to focus on having more, doing more, experiencing more. We won’t get there by thinking of how little we have.

Most of the dumb things we do, the dumb decisions we make and the dumb situations we create are no more significant than “accidentally” hitting our thumb. They are not meaningful life lessons. As westerners, we have over-developed our reasoning ability at the expense of our intuition. We have bought into the Freudian concept that everything has meaning and can explain our lives. But even he said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. We look for external significance in everything – even if a bird dumps on our shoulder as we are getting into the car. Yet we can no longer hear our soul’s voice. We create our lives though our habits of thought and most of our thoughts are not ones we’d like to live.

The key is to let an unwanted thought go quickly and focus on what you really want. The ‘why’ of why you created it doesn’t matter. It is like asking why you smoke cigarettes – another ‘bad’ (unwanted is a more apt word) habit. Well, it could be you have an anal fixation, you were toilet trained too early, you have anxiety and you need something to do with your hands, you think you look cool, your friends do it, whatever…

Does it really matter? As you analyze it and think about it and worry about it and come back to it over and over and over (as we do when we try to figure something out) are you thinking more about smoking or about stopping? Thinking about a condition draws that condition to you. If you have a choice, which is more important: understanding the real reason or stopping? They are, after all, opposite vibrations. All that matters is that you stop, if that is your desire. Make a different choice every time the temptation arises and eventually, sooner than you think, you will have changed the habit. Understanding ‘why’ just wastes time.

Why did you get sick? It could be as simple as because the TV keeps telling you you should get sick because everybody will, or because it’s

that season, or because you’re at that age, and because you didn’t know you had a choice about it. Why don’t I have a better job? It could be that you learned from your parents an attitude that jobs are difficult and stressful and you should be grateful for having one at all and not try to find another. Now, you can just make another choice.

Here’s a radical idea: We don’t have to learn from every negative experience in our lives, particularly if we’re just acting out of habit or group think. There is nothing deep or profound to learn. It is merely a bad habit to be changed. The only lesson is: don’t do it any more. We seldom, if ever, analyze to death the good things that happen. Why did I create this wonderful experience in my life? What does it mean that I create so much joy and bring so much beauty to so many? What does it mean that my life is working smoothly and I’m having a lot of fun? Why is this happening to me? Do we “EVER” do that? Well, why not? We know the ‘why’ doesn’t matter. All that matters is to do it.

Abraham (Abraham-Hicks teachings) and Seth (from the books by Jane Roberts) both say we are here to have fun. That is the only reason. To express our creativity and our personalities and our preferences in learning how to create our reality. For fun. Because the creative urge is an urge toward expansion, toward light, toward more (of everything) and it’s fun. Shiva dances in his joy in creating the world. Isn’t this a wonderful image? We should all be dancing with the joy of our creations.

We can choose to grow thru ease. We can choose to expand thru joy. When we create unpleasant experiences for ourselves, we can intend to learn quickly that we don’t need to do that. “No pain, no gain” is an archaic, Judeo-Christian belief rooted in the dual concepts of good and evil. We know there is only the Oneness of the unified field. Why not focus on the quantum possibilities? Why not consider that what you focus on is what you attract – and focus on what you want?

Wouldn’t you rather be having more fun?

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