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Does anybody really know what happiness is, and what’s more, how to access it? We often feel it’s intoxicating effects while….

• Holding a newborn baby, who has just come into the world.

• Feeling the warm air on a hot summer’s night.

• Being in the midst of a loving embrace with another human being.

• Smelling the sweet aroma of roses or any other God given flower on this planet of ours.

I realise in this moment, that there are many, many instances where one can feel happiness, but I also know that for some, these moments of happiness are few and far between.

We can all get caught up in the ‘stuff’ of human life, in the negativity of human thinking and the dwelling on situations which, with a little bit of ‘love and light’ can be turned around in an instant. September 11, 2003 was a day in which I was reminded of how we humans can respond to certain situations. That day marked the two year anniversary of the Twin Towers Trade Center collapse. Whilst feeling a deep sadness for all the lives lost on that day, must we relive it via the media and television? I recall that day, glancing through the T.V. guide and finding that scheduled to be shown at 9.40pm, was (and I quote) “The Definitive story of the World Trade Center disaster”. I am one who never understood why news of this magnitude needs to be televised so late at night. All news programs, whilst it’s good to keep people informed of what’s happening in our world, are mostly of a negative nature. A late night view of such a sad tragedy, detailing the how’s, whys and wherefores of what took place, is a sure guarantee that we’ll take it to bed with us. There, the subconscious mind processes the information, creating a less than peaceful night’s sleep.

If you are one who regularly watches the late news before going to bed, why not try something different for a week. Watch the news no later than 6pm each night, and then spend the rest of the evening doing more enjoyable things, such as reading, spending quality time with loved ones, or opt for more light hearted televison viewing. Gage your sleep patterns during that week. You may find you sleep more deeply or that you have less sleep and yet function better through the day. Take note of your dreams too. Do you normally dream? Perhaps they will become more vivid and easier to remember, or you find that you are dreaming less than before. On a day to day level, monitor your state of ‘being’. Are you reacting less to things that normally would be a real issue? Do you feel happier? Whatever the results, it’s sure to be an interesting and worthwhile exercise.

Our environment, the people around us, and the way we were brought up, all play a big part in the way we think, and the way we think determines our state of ‘being’. Sitting in ‘fear’ keeps us stuck in worry and negativity. Sitting in ‘love’ enables us to think loving and light thoughts, thus creating an inner sense of happiness. We have the power to transform our fears into feelings of love, courage and peace. Our power is proven by how infectious our state of ‘being’ is. Have you ever noticed how easily another person’s mood can rub off on you? Choose to be happy!

‘Ki’ energy is universal life force energy and this energy creates a sense of well being in all of us, which in turn fills us with motivation, lightness and a more positive mind. It helps to maintain true happiness, this happiness of course being Joy. Once accessed, it allows us to feel ‘happy’ a lot more often, leaving little room for thoughts that bring you down. Joy comes from ‘within’ and cannot be fulfilled by something outside of us…it is a feeling that is born of pure contentment and cannot be affected by outside influences. Outside happiness comes and goes but true happiness is born of pure Joy. It resides within our hearts, resonating outwards to all that we touch, see and do. When in this positive state, you find yourself surrounded by other positive people and in situations where the energy is conducive to bringing out the best in you.

Right now in this moment, think about where your life is at – how many happy experiences have you had this morning, today, this week? What are your surroundings? Are you where you want to be? Do the people around you support you fully, or do you find yourself living another’s dream and not your own? Do you take time out for you? For example –

– indulging in a nice long walk on the beach

– treating yourself to a massage, especially when you feel the need

– having a relaxing bath once a week

or, just simply curling up somewhere comfortable, and reading a good book.

Doing things ‘for you’ is definitely a way in which to maintain that state of joy that is within each of us, and in turn, create an abundance of happiness and well being. Many do not realise that true happiness is a result of our state of being – not a result of what ‘we have’ or ‘don’t have’. We can be truly happy by doing nothing – it is purely a question of what we are being.

How often do you say something like “when I am in a relationship then I’ll be truly happy”, or “when I have the money, I’ll go on that holiday or buy a house”. As stated earlier, true joy is not a result of something outside of us…it is a result of what and who we are. We need to ‘BE’ that. Only then can we have all that we desire.

The person who is ‘being’ happy will always have time enough to do everything, have the money he or she needs to do it, and have all the love in the world to go with it.

Picture this – you wake up of a morning, thanking the universe for a good night’s sleep and giving thanks for the day ahead. Having gratitude also fills you with a sense of joy and purpose. You leave for work only to arrive to an office full of stressed co-workers…and it’s only 8.30am!! There you have a great opportunity to share some of the love and light that you’re feeling – in fact, you’d be sharing the love and light that you are. In doing so, you ultimately bring out the love and light in others’. Just an encouraging word and a smile can fill someone with a sense of “Aaahh”! Before you know it, their morning is looking brighter and what’s more, the photocopier is suddenly working again!!

Everyday we are given opportunities to turn someone’s world around and by just living who we are, we brighten our own lives and those of others’. The best way to live our truth is to look after the ‘Self’. Being ‘selfish’ is a good thing, though for many of us it is a strange concept to grasp, when for most of our lives we were brought up to believe that we should always do more for others’. On the contrary, when we put ourselves first, it creates a sense of security within us, and we no longer look to another for self gratification. In other words, we no longer need others to make us happy. What’s more, when you put your needs first, then you have the energy and the desire, to really help another.

We are powerful beyond measure, our thoughts create our existence, and the state of our world. My name is Chiara Tino. I am a Reiki Master and Author. For many years I have felt the power of Love and Light and known the value of nurturing oneself, so as to maintain a state of true happiness and well being. I have seen the effects of love and light in everyday situations and the incredible shifts that take place as a result. People live in either love or fear and while fear is an emotion that cannot be denied, there is no doubt that love is more powerful. Why, you ask – because in essence, love is all there is!

Picture this – all people everywhere waking up tomorrow and saying “Today, I put myself and my needs first. I nurture in ways that I haven’t done before and all else can wait”. To make a habit of this weekly or even monthly helps to maintain a sense of peace and harmony, leaving little, if no room, for anything less than love. When ‘the Self’ is filled with love and happiness, its only natural that you wish the same for others’ and beyond. By this I mean – Mother Earth. We are ‘One’ with Her as we are ‘One’ with each other. By accessing true happiness within ourselves, we project it outwards to the people around us, and to our planet.

The ‘Ki’ to true happiness –

Live Love
Live Light
Live true Joy!

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