What is Karma?

Karma is the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as affecting their future fate, the sum of good and bad luck, viewed as resulting from one’s actions.

When healing people healers have to be aware that not everyone can be healed as they may have decided that when they came in this life the sickness they are suffering from was a form of karma. So the only thing a healer can do is make their transition painless and calm. By altering someone’s karma you may cause huge ramifications.

My angels showed me how an action could have huge repercussions.

The example was:- One day after I dropped the children at school I was driving along and saw two magpies fighting I was going to stop and shoo them away fearing that one of the magpies would get its eye pecked out. I was advised to leave well enough alone. I hesitated and then they told me the worst scenario presently would be one magpie may get slightly injured, but if I interfered they would fly away and the one that was winning the fight could end up losing its life as the other magpie would have time to recuperate and would come back and kill the other magpie, so if I interfered I would change the destiny of those birds and the circumstances surrounding their futures.

I enquired how this would affect someone who had a life threatening sickness and as a healer you healed their disease even though their fate was to die from this sickness. The reply was well you may have thought you were so good to be able to heal them but now they will have to be reborn and suffer the whole process again as they chose to come into this life to deal with this issue and all the people around them will also have to complete that stage of life. Although they did say sometimes people get sick and a choice can play into whether they lose their physical life or not.

E.g. if the lesson is to help another person go through the grieving process and they have been able to cope with the process, then the soul who chose to become sick would have the choice to be healed. So as you can see this is a very important part of human evolution.

Normally a healer can tell if a person is sick due to karma or due to their own devices. When you are trying to heal karma a healers hand will feel the person’s energy try to repel them, much as a magnet does when two of the same poles are placed together. I have had people ask me how you know what karma life lessons we have to go through. Well the answer to that question lays with the tarot cards. The concept of tarot is that the major arcane cards indicate our life lesson. In all there are 22 life lessons starting with the fool and ending with the fool. We start out as the fool going into this evolution unaware of what we are doing – we have freewill. Now if you look at the major arcane cards each represents a life lesson we must complete as both a male energy and female energy now this is no easy task and it can take many 1000’s of incarnations to get it right. This is why the angels are here trying to guide us on the best course of action to take .Now with the tarot pack you also have minor cards these cards help us understand how we are achieving our test at present. Shuffle a pack of major arcane cards and pull out three cards, these represent our present task we are trying to accomplish, next shuffle the minor cards and place one minor card next to each major card. If for example you pulled out a swords card it would show you are having conflicts dealing with this situation. So you would call on the Lords of flame and light and ask them to help you accomplish this task with the guidance of the appropriate angels. By doing this you will notice within the week your life seems to start fitting together better.

Remember you have to ask to receive.

Authors Details: Christine Williamson – The Authors Website


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