Kabbalah – Between Men and Women: Emulating Spiritual Systems

Kabbalah doesn’t leave you stranded in endless search for a right relationship. Instead of continuing to hit our heads against the wall, we can build such relationships between men and women, which emulate the spiritual system. In other words, we can build the same kind of relationships as the one that exists between the Creator and the soul. In this case, the very differences that have so far separated us will become the basis of our unity.

How is that done? In spirituality, the most important element, the motivating force behind spiritual processes is the desire. Without a preexisting desire, the Creator cannot give the soul the abundance that has been made ready for it. And the minute a need to be filled with pleasure appears in the soul, it opens up a hidden “spiritual faucet,” and the bounty begins to flow. The problem is that the male part, the giving part of the soul needs something to evoke it into action. Without it, it remains dormant, like the Creator, wanting to give but waiting for a receiving part to ask for it.

This is where the feminine part of the soul becomes active. Its role is to make the masculine part to want to advance toward the Creator and be filled with the pleasure that the Creator wants to give. Only if both parts of the soul work together toward that common goal, can the two parts of the soul bond into a complete spiritual structure where they complement each other and are filled with delight.

Therefore, in our world, a man cannot advance without a woman. And vice-versa, a woman cannot be filled with spiritual delight without a man. Thus, men and women are interdependent and complement each other.

When men and women work together toward the spiritual goal, they build their connection at an entirely different level – a spiritual level. In doing so, they transcend their mundane conflicts and differences, since they have a higher goal that fills their lives with content. When a man and a woman bond for the purpose of attaining a higher goal, they create a spiritual vessel between them, which doesn’t exist in reality. This vessel is neither feminine nor masculine, but a new vessel, in which they receive the sublime abundance – eternal and complete.

Such a life is unattainable alone. Couples who understand that mutual spiritual growth is the most precious gift that they can give to one another are the happiest couples. Their relationship acquires a deeper and genuine meaning, and they march together on a path of happiness and fulfillment.

Bon voyage!

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