Islamic Angels

Here is a list of the Islamic Angels, their Christian equivalent, attributes and appearance.

NameChristian EquivalentRankAttributeAppearance
[hamalat al-‘arsh] Throne-bearersCarry God’s ChairThere are 4 Bearers : Man & Bull & Eagle & Lion
[karubiyun]CherubimCherubimPraise God 
Jibril or
GabrielArchangelBearer of Revelation600 Wings stretching from East to West; Sitting on a Chair between Earth & Heaven
Mikal or
MichaelArchangelProvidenceWings of Emerald-Green
Azrail or
Izrael or
 ArchangelDeath4000 Wings; Body formed from as many Eyes & Tongues as there are People
IsrafilRaphaelArchangelBlows the Trumpet of Doom at the Last JudgementHairy Body covered with Mouths and Tongues; 4 Wings : 1 protects his Body 1 shields him from God while the others extend from East to West
[hafazah or
 Guardian Angels 
Ridwan  Guards Paradise
Malik  Guards Hell
Munkar & Nakir  Questions the Dead
Ash-Shaytan or
As-Shaitan or

Islamic Angels

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