Do you suspect that you have the ability of intuition? Are you too shy to say so, because your friends or family might think that you’re crazy. That’s pretty common. It’s difficult to validate your intuition with any type of proof. Perhaps like me, it’s taken time and practice to be confident in your intuitive abilities. Many people in this situation have a sense about having some type of mission or service that utilises this intuitive ability. I know in my coaching service I utilise intuition in every call. Whether it’s a business or personal coaching call, intuition plays a major part in how I help my clients. Interestingly, I rarely tell them this, especially my business clients, even though my intuition is always right.

Your Perception Of The World

You may doubt you have the gift of intuition, but at the same time you are torn because of an inner knowing that there is something different about how you perceive the world. You are not alone in this. In my case, it took several years to fully understand the way that I perceive with my intuitive abilities. I was fortunate to have some powerful, perceptive and nurturing teachers who helped me acknowledge and value the way my intuitive nature works. Through my own spiritual journey and through the questions my clients pose during sessions, I’ve been able to unleash my own intuitive gift. I also took a lot of notes along the way and as part of my own mission I’ve realised that the intuitive path offers a valuable service to others. I offer the apprenticeship program that I use so that others who are on the same journey can move forward with assistance, guidance and courage.



When I participated in my first spiritual retreat in the 80’s, I knew I was intuitive because I was seeing, hearing and feeling my “spirit guides.” I had a “knowing” for certain things. What I learned from my teacher was that there are several ways to express your intuitive abilities. She told me that the way I perceived was “real” and that everyone’s gifts were needed in service so that there would be a shift in human consciousness on Earth. Her belief in me was the first step to believing in myself and opening up my own gift to be of service to others.

What does it mean to be “Intuitive?”

As we’re born into these amazing physical bodies, I believe that one of our natural ways of perceiving is through our intuitive nature. Why do I use the word “intuitive?” When we’re little children it’s common to have “imaginary friends” and see things that adults do not see—it’s usually considered cute, it’s easy for most of us to do, and most important of all, it’s fun. However, as we grow older, it is made clear by our parents, teachers, and friends that these “perceptions” are no longer acceptable. We learn to either not talk about what we perceive or we ignore our perceptions out of fear that we’ll be labeled as “odd” and be shunned.

Conceptual Model Of Intuition

While research is still being conducted in the area of intuition, here is a conceptual model that has helped me understand this gift. Let’s assume that your DNA and some of the body’s glands and organs serve a purpose other than only a physiological one. Lets assume that they are also receptors of information outside the physical world in which you live to help you access your innate psychic gift.

These receptors are:

1. Hypothalamus

The hypothalamus is the “inbox” and receives information packets in the form of an energy transmission from the Soul and guides, who reside outside the physical, 3D reality you walk around in every day.

2. Pituitary

The pituitary is the gland that translates these information packets into thoughts and words.

3. Pineal

The pineal gland is where the information packets are translated into pictures.

4. Heart

The heart is where they are translated into feelings.

5. Cellular DNA

The cellular DNA is where information packets from the Soul and guides are directly translated into “knowing,” and then interpreted into pictures, words, and feelings through the other glands.

Depending on the stage of development of your own unique intuitive gifts, you may translate information packets in only one gland at a time or in all of them simultaneously. Another vital component to being intuitive is the ability to apply your imaginative powers; this is a process of synthesising the information you “unpack” in the packets delivered from the non-physical realm. It is essential to TRUST the synthesis process in order to fully express your intuitive abilities. With this background about the “mechanics” of being intuitive, let’s turn to the various types of intuitive perception.

Four Types of Intuition

I’ll first list the three primary types of intuitive perception that are the most commonly known; research seems to indicate that these three are listed in order from least common to most common. The fourth type is a term that has been coined in recent years.

1. Clairvoyant:

The ability to “see” auras, guides/angels, etc. in 3D or in a vivid visualisation within your 3rd eye chakra. This is the type that is most used by movies and television to depict psychic abilities; unfortunately, this widespread depiction has given the public a skewed idea of what being psychic really means. Someone who is clairvoyant first interprets information from the hypothalamus primarily through the pineal gland.

2. Clairaudient:

The ability to “hear” voices of the guides, angels, etc. in a similar way to the way we hear in everyday life, or within the mind. Someone who is clairaudient first interprets information from the hypothalamus primarily through the pituitary gland.

3. Clairkinetic:

The ability to “feel” the guides, angels, and beings in other dimensions; getting a physical sensation in or on the body to indicate that another presence is making a connection. Someone who is clairkinetic first interprets information from the hypothalamus primarily through the heart center.

4. Clairsentient

Clairsentient is a recently coined term: it is the ability to “know” information through “impressions,” without having the experience of seeing, hearing, or feeling first. Within the human body, DNA is contained within each and every cell; the DNA is like the “brain” of each cell. A clairsentient uses their entire cellular DNA structure as their primary form of intuitive perception, without first going through the more linear process of “unpacking” information from the hypothalamus through the other glands.

All of these types of perceiving information from outside the physical realm are valuable and viable—one is not more or less preferable than another—and many people already use a combination of one or more of these abilities to express their intuitive gifts.

How does a Clairsentient perceive?

It is easier to understand how a clairvoyant, a clairaudient, and a clairkinetic person perceive: as human beings, we have the 3D experiences of seeing, hearing, and feeling to relate to with these three types of intuitive perception. Because many clients who come to me usually don’t have a way to validate their “knowings,” I suspect that clairsentients may very well make up the majority of people who are intuitive!

Since I believe that many “intuitives” are actually Type Four, I want to share with you how I experience being a Clairsentient in order to provide some way of comparing your experience or perspective. I get information in what I call a “360-degree” manner into my entire body; I have a knowing of (or impression of) energy (information) flowing into my cells in the form of impressions. Through experience, I’ve learned to trust my impressions, and let the information take shape either as I speak about it or write about it.

How Intuition Works

An example from one of my recent client sessions may serve as an illustration of this form of perception. As I asked the client’s guide to come forward, I initially had an impression of the color blue. Then in rapid succession I got the impressions of tall, female, then long dark hair, then a robe that went to the feet. All of this information became concrete in the moment as I opened my mouth to relate to the client what I was sensing.

The word messages received from guides occur in much the same way: there is an impression of a guide communicating, an impression of a message, and then the message gains form as words when I open my mouth and allow them to flow forth. Many times the impressions take the form of emotions; I’ve often sensed tremendous love, or pride, or deep sadness, or some other strong emotion.

The important thing to remember is that it takes TRUST to experience the sensations, allow the imaginative powers to interpret them, and then articulate them. As I articulate, I “see” images in my mind’s eye, “hear” messages in my mind, and “feel” emotions in my body. Pay close attention to the order here: the information comes first as a “knowing” or an impression, and then the more 3D type of information (seeing, hearing, and feeling) follows that. The information is usually deep, rich and detailed.

What Blocks Intuition?

There are a number of reasons that intuitive abilities could be blocked: being out of touch with the physical body; emotional blocks lodged in the 3 lower chakras (which are directly connected to the psychic glands); physical damage to the psychic glands; fear that the information being received is incorrect, etc.

I believe, however, that the most common block to intuitive abilities is hyped expectations. Because of all the media portrayals of intuition and the vivid visual descriptions from clairvoyants, we fall into the trap of “expecting” that we must perceive in that way (visually) or we’re not “intuitive.”

The key to releasing expectations, in my experience, is surrender: surrender means to give up expectations, give way to the process, and give in to the reality of your own personal experience. Be willing to accept that YOUR way of perceiving psychic information is valid and of service; by allowing your perceptions to flow freely, trusting your imaginative powers, and practicing articulating your perceptions, you develop confidence in your abilities, no matter what form they take.

What do you think now. . .are YOU intuitive? Given the information shared here, are you now aware that you indeed have intuitive abilities? Not only do you know that you’re not crazy, maybe you can step forward into service by developing your own unique intuitive gifts!

The next step is yours; practice and develop your ability. Trust your gift of intuition. Will you take that step?

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