Intuition & Psychic Ability

Q: What is the difference between the sixth sense, intuition, and psychic ability?

A: They’re all related to each other. A lot of the psychic ability comes from mental transfer.

You’ll be with a person, and a thought will jump across from them, enabling you to pick up the direction they’re going in their life, or some aspect of their thinking or their desires. A lot of psychic information is transferred like that.

Intuition often comes from the subliminal nature of perception. Sometimes you can pick up information subliminally, and a day later it will flash in your mind as intuition. But, in fact, it’s not really a supernatural knowing; it’s more a subtle knowing.


The example I’ve given in the past is that you might subliminally pick up on some fine noise in the engine of your car. Then you’ll get in your car two or three days later and think, My God, we’re going to break down. You think it’s intuition when, in fact, you heard it in the subtle change in the engine noise, which indicated some technical problem or malfunction.

The sixth sense is all-knowing. As you discipline your life, exit the evolution and emotion of the Earth plane, and embrace the infinite self within, you become more connected to people and the whole energy of this evolution.

As you practice pulling information and ideas to you, you tune more into the sixth sense. In the end, you know what people are thinking and feeling, and you know where things are going. So the sixth sense is cool, because it saves you a lot of trouble, and it makes you wise.

Q: Many people suggest that it is more advantageous to trust one’s inner guidance, or superconscious than information received psychically from the spirit world. But how do we know our inner guidance knows more than the inner guidance of a spirit being?

A: I think it’s easy to get hung up on definitions between one’s inner guidance, one’s superconscious, one’s Higher Self, psychic phenomena, and spirit worlds. Any information that comes to you, from wherever it comes to you, if it makes sense and is correct, then all’s well and good.

If it doesn’t make sense and is woo-woo, if it tells you to sell everything and give your money to some weirdo charity, then watch out. I think it’s very much a matter of not getting hung up. If it feels good, step forward gingerly, and if you don’t know, don’t go

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