Introduction To Sex Magick

What Is Sex Magick?

Sex Magick means using your sexuality and the energy created from your sexual drive in order to do “Magick”.  There is nothing new about this, it’s been going on for thousands of years. In fact some say that it’s the secret of all secrets. Many esoteric groups use it for spiritual and material gain. This fact is mostly hidden and is often only shown to the people who reach the upper echelons of a particular system. This is done for good reason as sexual energy can be very potent, create havoc and lead you astray when don’t have proper control of other faculties.


Esoteric groups and  traditions that include Sex Magick range from Witchcraft, Shamanism, Alchemy, Buddhist and Hindu Tantra, Golden Dawn, O.TO., Ancient Egyptian religion, the Rosicrucian’s and there is more. Even good old Christianity and Islam are laced with it – in symbolic form. An old but well known form of Sex Magick is the ceremonial sexual union of man and woman on the land to ensure a good crop. This fertility act was to encourage the land to deliver a rich harvest. It’s often practised symbolically by a variety of groups in particular Pagan ones.

Sexuality is a gift from God and can be considered divine. Within an open and respectful sexual relationship you can experience yourself in all your aspects. Ie; the animal part, the human part and the divine energy within. In other words during sex you can connect with the higher part of yourself or with God.

During sexual arousal enormous amounts of energy can be channelled upwards from the genitals along the spine to the top of the head. On its way up this energy fills and cleans blockages in the Chakra’s, caused by emotional and psychological wounds or blocks. This explains why several spiritual paths view sexual yoga as a shortcut to enlightenment. Of course there are more mundane uses for this sexual energy also.

Sex Magick & Your Goals

Besides spiritual enlightenment, Sex Magick can be used to achieve physical results in your material world. This is because the creative force itself creates very powerful energy. It’s the most pleasurable Magick you can do. Sex Magick does not require previous knowledge of Ceremonial Magick. If you can dedicate, to controlling and directing your sexual energies for Magickal work and you are in reasonable  physical condition you will be able to perform Sex Magick.

Practising Sex Magick doesn’t mean that you have to give up sex for pleasure. It is up to you to decide how much energy you wish to use for Sex Magick and how much for purely having a good time with yourself or your partner.

The Theory Behind Sex Magick

In Magick you manipulate energy into a desired direction; for that you need to specify a goal, raise energy and point it into the required direction. In other words releasing energy to achieve a manifestation in your physical reality. In Sex Magick you focus on a goal by affirmation and visualisation. (there are other many other ways also) You raise “extra” energy through prolonged sexual arousal or doing certain things and then you release the energy at the moment of orgasm.

The goal in Sex Magick can be the achievement or attraction of anything wished in the physical world, like a new house, a car, a better relationship, a particular healing or plain old spiritual development.  It can also be used to charge magickal tools or talismans.

The controlled form of love-making / sex for a higher purpose is the explanation of Crowley’s famous statement “Love is the Law, Love under Will.” By love Crowley meant the uniting of the masculine and feminine or  active and receptive – as opposed to just pure  romantic love.

Orgasm is considered to be the moment when “the gates of heaven” open up’ For a while the barriers between the physical world and the spiritual world dissolve. During precious orgasmic moments you send your desire into the universe with enormous power and a “Magickal Child” is born. The magickal child is the astral effect of your magical action that will result in manifestation. Your sexual fluids, (of the man and woman) are charged with powerful qualities and you can use them for particular purposes.

Sex Magick Vs Regular Sex

Any sexual activity can be used to work Sex Magick. You can practice it alone, you can practice it with a partner of the same sex or of the opposite sex and in advanced Sex Magick it’s possible to work with more people. The reason for doing this besides having an orgy is that energy is conjured up in a geometric fashion – like 1,2,4,8 so that 4 people working together can create the energy of eight individuals, however this is very difficult to achieve without experience. You can include all forms of sex in your practice. It can be genital, oral or as bizarre as your imagination allows – as long as all partners included enjoy it and agree it’s that’s it’s okay.

In Sex Magick you concentrate on the ritual. During regular sex you concentrate on the fantastic physical sensations and other aspects of intimacy depending on your partner. Sex Magick rituals can have more intensity because a greater amount of sexual energy is built up. This happens because;

  1. When you reach the brink of orgasm you back off and then again resume arousing. This leads to feeling a stronger orgasm. and more intense arousal.
  2. You can send energy from your genitals to a chosen spot ie: your head. This constant delay and prolonging of arousal leads to the storage of sexual energy, a trance state and a very intense experience on release.

Of course this is a very brief introduction to a complicated topic so if you are interested read and research before you dive in. The effects of this type of practice  will be much more powerful if you concentrate first on other more basic forms of personal development, learning to be present, clearing thoughts, emotions and dissolving unwanted belief systems. Let me know if you need my help.

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