Inner Guidance – Should You Develop It?

Should You Develop Your Inner Guidance?

Each and every person has Inner Guidance skills that vary in terms of intensity and strength. The strength of your abilities will depend on what you are meant to accomplish during your lifetime. If you are meant to be a healer, then you will probably have a strong healing ability. If you are meant to help the police resolve kidnapping or murder cases, then you will probably have the ability to see visions clearly or to intuitively “know” things. If you are meant to give proof to people about the existence of life after death, then you will be able to communicate with loved ones that have passed on. Each person is unique in his or her gifts.

The most typical types of Inner Guidance are:

* Clairvoyance (the ability to see things that are not seen with the physical eyes)

* Clairaudience (the ability to hear things that are not heard with the physical ears)

* Clairsentience (the ability to pick up the feelings of those around you)and

* Intuition (your “gut” feeling that tells you if something is true or false or right or wrong)

There are other types of Inner Guidance such as telepathy (hearing people’s thoughts) and telekinesis (moving things using the mind) to name two, but they are not seen as frequently in people.

You will know when it is time for you to develop your Inner Guidance gifts.

Some of you will have a very strong urge or desire to develop your abilities. There is nothing in particular that would push you in that direction except for what your heart is telling you. A small percentage of you will have life altering experiences (accidents, coming back to life after being clinically dead), which activate your abilities. Some of you will experience unusual events such as:

* Hearing someone’s voice when there is nobody else around you

* Seeing people or beings made from light and energy around you

* Seeing energy which could be in various forms (a bird flying across the room or a shape floating in the air)

* Seeing flashes of light or

* Having an out-of-body experience.

These experiences will occur so frequently that you will want to go searching for answers and understanding. (You should also rule out any physical reasons for these events happening.) Prior to having these events happen, you may have less obvious experiences such as:

* Seeing things out of the corner of your eye

* Sensing someone or something around you when physically you are alone

* Picking up the feelings of another person

* Knowing when someone is going to phone you or when something is wrong

* Having a dream or vision that comes true

* Hearing someone’s thoughts

* Changing your eating habits to a more vegetarian diet (helps raise the vibration)

* Having a heightened sensitivity to noise, lights and crowds.

If you are meant to develop your abilities in this lifetime, you will most likely have a general interest or curiosity in the metaphysical realm of existence or Spirit World. You will probably start reading books on various metaphysical topics (crystals, reincarnation, Atlantis, healing, card reading, numerology, meditation, out-of-body experiences, dowsing, Edgar Cayce, auras). You might also choose to investigate various philosophies or religions such as Buddhism or Wicca. Most people will find they have an interest in receiving readings.

Exploring the Spirit World is fascinating and it can also be a bit scary. If fear is preventing you from venturing into new avenues of thought, remember one very important promise from a Higher Power Filled with Light and Love that is, “you never get more than you can handle.” This is important to understand.

Another important concept that you need to understand is that the events that happen to you which are of a psychic nature do not occur by accident. You do not control them. Your Spirit Guides or a Higher Power Filled with

Light and Love controls these events. With this in mind, you can relax and enjoy the adventure knowing that nothing is going to happen to you that you can’t handle. You can’t make these events happen and you can’t stop them from happening if it is not meant to be. All events that happen to you are meant to get you to the next step on your life path (this is true not only for psychic development but for your life path in general).

You may not need to experience any of these psychic events during your lifetime. The path of Inner Guidance development is not meant for everyone although we all have some ability. If you are not meant to develop your abilities in this lifetime, you won’t have the urge to pursue a path of this nature and that’s perfectly acceptable. Your life path will be filled with other experiences that you need to have in order to fulfill your destiny.

Each person’s path is unique and should be respected and not compared to anyone else. However, if you are meant to develop your abilities, then it will happen when it is time. For some of you, development of your Inner Guidance may start early in life. For others, it won’t happen until much later. Again, it depends on what you have to accomplish during your lifetime.

If you are meant to develop your abilities, then you will be led to the means that will accomplish this goal whether it is through a correspondence course, a book or teacher. Development of your abilities can easily be a lifelong undertaking.

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