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So far humanity has had relatively little conscious contact with the various Ascended Masters, who usually function from etheric levels, and therefore from beyond the conscious recognition of man. There are, however, some of these perfected Men who have at times assumed a body of manifestation to enable Them to work more effectively at Their appropriate tasks among the nations of the world.

Reprinted with the kind permission of Share International Magazine. Authors Details: Aart Jurriaanse is a South African author, who has written a number of compilations from the books of Alice A. Bailey.

These Entities of Light, although remaining unrecognized with regard to Their true nature and capacities, represent focal centers for the distribution of hierarchical and divine love and wisdom, and are practical outlets for certain aspects of the Plan. Owing to Their close association over the ages with the affairs of men, the names of a few of these Masters have become known, as well as some details about their activities.

Ascended Masters

It should always be remembered, however, that any such description given in human terms must inevitably remain limited, since man cannot really conceive or translate that which is spiritual and sublime, and for the purpose of visualization man involuntarily lowers and reduces the exalted subjective to material terms. But even if the pictured image is somewhat warped and unreal, this may still serve to bring the aspirant mentally, and therefore consciously, another step closer to those who are ever ready to assist the human being on his wearisome path to the mountain top.

The Ascended Masters

The names which immediately come to mind are of course those of the Christ and the Buddha, but since separate articles will be devoted to these two Great Ones attention will first of all be given to a couple of Their senior assistants. Of these the three senior Masters, either acting as leaders of the main hierarchical departments or playing important supporting roles, are of primary importance.

These three are the Masters Koot Hoomi, senior assistant to the Christ; the Master Morya, assistant to the Lord of Races; and the Master Rakoczi, the Lord of Civilization.

(1) Master Koot Hoomi (KH)

One of the best known names in esoteric circles is probably that of the Master Koot Hoomi, often abbreviated to the initials KH. He is alleged to appear at times in a physical body in a secluded and quiet little village, Shigatse, hidden away in the Himalayan mountains. This village is also the physical retreat for several other Masters temporarily functioning in the human community.

KH is described as a tall and noble man, but not heavily built, fair of complexion, with deep blue eyes, pouring out love and wisdom; His hair and beard are a golden brown. He received His initiate training in a Kashmiri body, but also received a sound Western education at a British university. He is controlled by the Love-Wisdom Ray and, as might consequently be expected, is deeply implicated in vitalizing and proclaiming esoteric teachings. Furthermore He has been presented with the task of stimulating the latent factor of love, lying dormant in almost every human heart, and also to awaken the race of men to the consciousness of their fundamental brotherhood, which must eventually lead them to the One Humanity.

KH is one of the senior Masters and, with His qualifications of Love and Wisdom, is being trained as the future successor to the World Teacher for, when the sixth root-race becomes established, the Christ will vacate His present office to proceed with even more advanced work on higher planes. Under the circumstances KH works in close association with the Christ, and has also acquired the right to free entry and consultation in the ‘Courts of Shamballa’. Masters of lesser degree are allowed such contact only at stated intervals. One of the special projects on which Master KH is at present engaged, in close collaboration with the Masters Morya and Jesus, is to find a basis for the synthesis of Eastern and Western religious thought, with the objective of eventually developing the One World Religion, which will serve as the common bond for the unification of humanity.

Master KH also has the task of reorganizing world education and partly because of this function he is already well known in the West, where His pupils and disciples are spread far and wide. During the past several decades KH has, however, been engrossed to such an extent in broader world problems, watching over the destinies of prominent world figures, and the handling of deeper incentives and purposes, that He no longer has the opportunity of personally dictating teachings to His disciples working in more restricted fields of activity, and on subjects which can be transmitted just as efficiently by initiates of lesser degree. A number of His pupils have consequently been transferred to DK and other Masters for further training. Another special mandate for which KH has assumed responsibility is to collaborate with four other Masters towards initiating the steps needed to prepare humanity for the imminent reappearance of the Christ, and the simultaneous externalization of the Hierarchy.

(2) Master Morya (M)

He is the senior understudy and eventual successor to the Lord of Races. Working under the guiding energy of the First Ray of Will and Power, M has a commanding appearance. He is tall and dark, with dark hair and beard, and flashing eyes. There is a close association between the Masters KH and M, and these two friends collaborate in many respects, as Their work with humanity cannot be sharply delineated and a certain amount of overlapping is unavoidable. Luckily, on subjective levels competition and envy are unknown qualities, and there is therefore never any danger of one group encroaching on another’s terrain – they are all co-operating in their efforts to help humanity achieve its final destiny.

Being on the First Ray, the Master M is also closely associated with Shamballa, whence the Divine Purpose is projected by the energy of Will and Power. The Master M is the inspirer of the world’s statesmen, and manipulates forces that will foster conditions for the furthering of racial evolution, thus inspiring national leaders with vision and with international ideals for greater tolerance and co-operation amongst nations and races.

The initiates and disciples working in this Master’s group are consequently also primarily concerned with the expression of synthesis in government and the political world. The synthesis aimed at is largely of a subjective nature, and will not be negated by outer differences, provided these disparities are characterized by goodwill and sound relations. This co-operative spirit must and will lead to eventual peace and understanding on Earth – a peace in which individual and national cultures will be preserved, although subordinated to the interests of humanity as a whole.

As the head and principal organizer of all esoteric schools and organizations in the world, Master Morya is also widely known and has a large number of pupils in both the East and the West. As in the case of KH, rapidly changing world conditions are demanding His constant attention, and with the great pressure of work on His shoulders M has also delegated personal dictation and teachings to younger Masters and senior disciples.

(3) Master Rakoczi (R)

The Master R, often lovingly and respectfully referred to as ‘The Count’, is the Lord of Civilization and in command of several groups, through which He is exerting a wide influence in world affairs. In practice He is the executive officer of the Lodge of Masters as far as the work in Europe and America is concerned, where He consummates the Plans devised by the inner executive Council of the Christ. He is consequently also known as the Regent of Europe and America, intimately influencing the destinies of governments.

He is especially concerned with the future development of Europe’s racial affairs, and with the mental unfoldment of the American and Australian peoples. While in physical incarnation, Count Rakoczi was an Hungarian, and at one time a well known figure at the Hungarian court, even being referred to in historical records. In other incarnations He became known historically as the Comte de St Germain and, before that, in England, He first used the personality of Roger Bacon and subsequently again that of Francis Bacon.

Although the Master R is on the Seventh Ray, most of the pupils under His direct guidance are on the Third Ray. He works mainly through esoteric ritual and ceremonial, and is vitally interested in religious ceremonial. With the Seventh Ray of Organization and Ceremonial Order now coming into prominence, Master R’s function of synthesizing all aspects of the Plan on the physical plane is becoming more clearly defined.

It is His responsibility to materialize that new civilization for which all men are waiting. As the Leader of the Third Ray department of Intelligence, it is also His function to co-ordinate the activities of the Fifth Ray groups of Concrete Science, and those of the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. Every effort is now being exerted to arrest the existing chaos throughout the world, and out of this to produce the foundations for the ordered beauty of the future. The forces of evil are energetically opposing these efforts by sowing seeds of discord, disruption, insecurity, uncertainty and fear.

To counter all this is the supremely difficult task of the Count, a task, however, being lightened since the Seventh Ray is year by year becoming more potent, and its effects are definitely becoming noticeable to those with the eyes to see. The tide has turned!

“No activity can give you the joy that service does… You should yearn for the chance to console, comfort, encourage, heal. See yourself as another, feel his joy to be yours, his sorrow to be yours.” Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.


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