If You Were God

If you were God.

Beloved masters, it is a time of remembering; a time of integrating all the multiple facets of yourself, both the beauty and wonder of whom you are, as well as the imperfections. It is time for the game of illusion and separation to come to a close.

We watch as you struggle to accommodate the influx of higher vibratory energy which often results in symptoms of discomfort and confusion. But we assure you, dear ones, that the outcome will be well worth the experience. You will look back over the last few decades and smile as you wonder why you were so fearful and hesitant. Your passage out of the darkness into the Light was a promise given when you answered the clarion call and agreed to be a part of this great adventure. You are reversing the process by ascending into “Lightness” once more, after compressing your incredible vastness into the density and limitations of physical form.

Let us play a game which we will call, “Let’s Pretend.” Imagine that you are a god and you decided it was time to visit the planet Earth. You wanted to experience first-hand this unique and wondrous physical world which you had birthed within your mind’s eye. You projected out from your heart center the perfect thought form and primordial cosmic substance that the great Elohim, Builders of Form, Archangels and the mighty force of angelic beings would use to bring this dream form into manifestation. You wanted to walk amongst your children and enjoy the great diversity of god-expression that had been created so many aeons ago. Would you see the imperfections, the suffering, the pain and negative emotions that are rampant in the third-dimensional illusion? I think not.

You would see the beauty and wonder of the many diverse creations that adorn this extraordinary planet, where all the magnificence of the Creator’s dreamscape from the far reaches of this universe is represented. That is why the Earth is so important and unique. That is why all of the forces of Creation are here to see that you do not fail. Would you judge your children and admonish them for their failures? No, you would not. You would see the beauty of their Essence as it aspires to burst forth from the confines of its physical prison. You would look upon them with compassion and understanding, knowing that the task you have given them is a monumental one. An undertaking that had never been attempted before, therefore, there were no manuals or guidelines to follow. Free-will and a complex composite of memory patterns, experiences, attributes and desires set the stage for this grand experiment on planet Earth. After our Father/Mother God birthed the creative thought form, they relinquished control to you, their precious children. Why would they judge you for trying to fulfill your mission in your own unique way?

You would see your children through eyes filtered with love so that their imperfections were diminished to shades and patterns of lesser or greater light. You would hear their words with compassionate ears, knowing that the illusion of separation and suffering are very real to them. You would extend a gentle hand to support, soothe and comfort, while knowing that you do not have the right to remove the lessons that must be learned by each individual soul. Each of you agreed to experience a special facet of creation and then learn to manifest it in its physical expression. When your creation was perfected you would then present as a gift to the Whole If you were a god, you would walk boldly upon the terra firma, relishing each sensation and experience of your physical embodiment; knowing that only in this form of material expression could you learn to truly appreciate the freedom and magnificence of Spirit in its pure form. You would use all your mental capabilities to impart wisdom, but within the confines of non- infringement.

You would be fully aware that each soul must find their own true path and abide by that truth as they perceive it. You would cherish your physical form and be fascinated by its intricate design. You would honor it, knowing that it is a precious gift, but not a true representation of whom you are–only a disguise. You would know that you have played many roles with various parts, and in a multitude of situations. Some great and important roles, and some small and insignificant; some where you were the hero or heroine, and some where you were the villain or portrayed the shadow side of duality. Would you judge those whom you asked to play the game of polarity and duality, taking first one side and then the other? No, I think not.

The game of let’s pretend is coming to a close. It is time for you to know that it is you who decided to visit Earth and participate in this grandest of experiments, you, who are gods- becoming. You, just as we, are precious creations of our Father/Mother God, and you are on a mission that others were not brave enough to undertake. Reclaim your virtuous god-nature, beloveds. That is what we are offering you as we endeavor to lighten your path and smooth the way for your return to your magnificence as a master of cocreation.

Let us now turn our focus to the continuation of your lessons in mastery. Have you done your “soul-work” over the past month, concentrating on the Second Chakra? Do you have a better understanding of the dynamics of this center and Orange Energy? Do you feel differently about guilt? Where you able to acknowledge the energy of guilt and alleviate or transmute it? Did you feel the self-empowerment or freedom of that action? Do you now recognize the energy of judgment or criticism when it arises? Is it directed more toward others or yourself? Are you better able to take a stand of neutrality, or of not having to have an opinion on every issue? Are you more aware and tolerant of your bodily form? Have any sexual issues or awareness arose that you have not addressed before? Have you acknowledged and begun the process of embracing your addictions and compulsive behavior so they can be healed and transmuted into a more positive form? Have you gained any insight as to what core needs your addictions and compulsive behavior stem from? Have you experienced any embarrassing situations, and were you better able to handle them? Have you begun to honor and please yourself first, and then express more compassion and love toward others as a result?

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Energy is the focus of our next lesson. This chakra affects the liver and spleen and governs the attributes of self-control and mastery of desire which results in the ability to project love from your Solar Power Center. Use of this energy in its negative or imbalanced form results in emotional trauma, anger, fear, stress and impacted psychic energy. Be aware that when you experience a lack of self-control, fear-based emotions, a lack of personal power or an intolerance for others, you are using the Yellow Energy of the Solar Plexus in its negative form.

When you are allowing the third-dimensional frequency patterns of the Solar Plexus chakra to prevail, your feeling nature becomes shut down due to emotional trauma of the past. You respond and react to other people’s emotional needs and energy rather than your own (allowing psychic energy intrusion by others). Many of you have forgotten that all the life force energy you will ever need is available from your soul/higher self and I AM Presence, drawn vertically, down through your crown chakra. Instead, the practice of horizontally attaching energy cords to each other’s emotional body via the solar plexus to syphon off energy has become the norm. This resulted in allowing others to control you, dis-empower you and drain you emotionally.

This practice has kept you off balance in a push/pull struggle to get or keep your share of emotional energy. When you are ruled by your ego-emotional body rather than your Higher-Self emotions, be assured you are experiencing the negative polarity attributes of the Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Energy. Intuitively examine your relationships and determine who has tapped into or is syphoning off your emotional energy. Also, whose energy are you tapped into or dependant upon? Do you try to control or manipulate your spouse, your children, friends or family? Who in your circle of relationships is trying to control or manipulate you? This is called emotional blackmail. Ask yourself: If I reclaim my personal power, how will I use it? Will I control it or allow it to control me? How will it affect my relationships?

After attempting to inspire those with whom I am closely connected to move forward, am I ready to allow relationships with those I have “outgrown” to come to an end, without judgment? Can I love and bless them while allowing them to find their own path as I follow my path to a new level of awareness? Am I ready for “personal empowerment” to change my life, and quite possibly move me out of my “comfort zone, resulting in greater responsibility and an opportunity to be of service–no matter in what form or capacity?” As you tap into the positive traits of Yellow Energy (which gradually incorporates the higher frequencies of Golden Energy from your I AM Self), you begin the process of reclaiming your personal power and self-control of your emotional/desire body. You become more tolerant and patient with others and learn to use tact and diplomacy in your interactions. This radiant energy brings clarity of thought and the knowledge that you are a self-powered or empowered Being. A sense of sovereignty will return, even as you reclaim your ability to radiate the love energy of your I AM Presence to others through the Solar Plexus Center (front and back), thereby becoming a receptor and transducer of the higher frequency patterns of Light.

Beloved warriors, as you begin the process of aligning your ego will with the Will of your Higher Self, the emotional body begins to vibrate within a more balanced and harmonious frequency pattern. You turn inward for nurturance or a sense of love, self-worth and validation instead of seeking it from a source outside yourself. You begin the process of becoming emotionally detached from outward events as you allow Spirit to guide you toward the most beneficial outcome for all. As you reclaim your mastery, the ability to create your version of paradise on Earth will accelerate at a tremendous rate. It is time for the Earth and humanity to burst forth into a new level of expansion, expression and awareness. The magnitude of Cosmic Life Force that is now being radiated down upon you and your planet has not been experienced for many thousand years. The clarion call to step forward into the next level of mastery is now being sent forth. Acceptance carries great responsibilities, beloveds, but also great gifts and rewards. Are you ready to don your cloak of many colors, your garments of Light? We await your answer. Know that whatever your decision may be, you are loved eternally and will forever be a precious creation of God. I AM Archangel Michael.

Authors Details: Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site

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