If You Are My Soul Mate, Why Am I So Unhappy?

During my many years as an intuitive astrologer, and relationship coach I have observed that the majority of my clients are in or were submerged in unhappy relationships.

How could this be?

After all, it is the new millennium. We have the availability of break-through “inner child psychology” material. Self-help books are exploding off the bookstore shelves. Countless gurus and teachers of love and marriage, abound at universities and web-site locations. Television talk shows repeatedly focus on ways to create happiness and success in partnership. Yet, ninety percent of my clients are dismal in partnerships with family, friends and lovers.

If You Are My Soul Mate, Why AM I So Unhappy? explores this human condition. The real life experiences of my clients represent millions of individuals struggling to understand Self, the lover, the power of attraction and how to attain personal happiness.

Our relationships provide valuable education, for greater Self-awareness, knowledge garnered only through intimate interaction with significant others. We sometimes need to experience the fire of painful relationships in order to ignite our soul’s evolution. But no relationship is a mistake. Each “stumbling block” is actually a firm stepping stone guiding us toward enlightenment and ultimate happiness.

The three categories of relationships are the mortar binding every human experience:

Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Karmic Partnerships.

The Karmic relationship is the one in which most people are involved. Many people tolerate disrespectful, emotionally entangling, and sabotaging behavior from a partner, because they perceive the individual to be their soul mate. Worse, some endure relationships believing, “This is as good as it gets.” So they stay. Many individuals give up hope on ever finding their soul mate or attaining a happy relationship.

We all want to be fulfilled and accomplished in our occupation and our personal lives. But too many people subconsciously or consciously avoid potentially enriching relationships. The sting of failure in past experiences inhibits exposure to new liaisons. We tend to avoid that which we fear or has wounded us. As a result, I have seen clients focus totally their energies on careers, or other areas in which they excel, yet be completely myopic about experiences which could be personally enriching.

No relationship is a mistake.

We learn from each other, and the most disparaging intimate partners can be our greatest teachers. In fact, many have chosen to travel the route of karmic partners, the teachers, to learn about Self and to clean up the learned negative patterns in earlier partnerships.

Real growth springs forth from wells of pain and suffering. All relationships have value, purpose, and a preordained destiny. By viewing them as stepping stones and not stumbling blocks, greater insight and profound understanding into what mortars the basis of our own relationship patterns, choices, and dynamics.

By the end of our journeys we will have acquired a firmer foundations upon which to build current and future meaningful relationships with our significant others. able to recognize how to be a wise investor in our relationships. Furthermore, we will acknowledge our past life friends, family and lovers are crossing our personal path today.

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