How To Have Psychic Visions

The ability to have Psychic visions and the corresponding Psychic ability is something we all possess to a greater or lesser degree. Fortunately it’s something that you can consciously develop. Some of you may have an intuitive gift like I do just like other people may be gifted at other things like athletics, maths or mechanical aptitude. Just like any other activity through desire used with concentration and focus you can enhance the abilities you were born with.

psychic visions

In regard to Psychic visions,  meditation is one of the best ways to improve. It has the benefit of allowing you to spiritually develop and to increase your overall psychic awareness. If you are a beginner you might be daunted by the concept of regular meditation however I have found that just being just being alone, still and quiet which allows you to pay attention to your internal world facilitates much of what can be obtained in Meditation.

Subtle Energy

When you are super aware of the subtle energies and influences on your being your ability to have psychic visions and other extraordinary experiences is greatly enhanced. So if you want to get good at perception of these energies you need to practice being quiet and pay intense attention to subtle energy changes and other small stimuli.

One thing to note is that not everyone is visual. The three main types of perception are;

Visual – you learn best by seeing and you think with pictures in your mind

Auditory – You would hear and ‘talk’ to yourself in your mind

Kinesthetic – you probably learn best by “doing’ and you will get a gut feel and can process energy by attention to physical sensations

Remember everyone can perceive through all three modalities. You may have a favourite or one that is natural for you to use, just be aware that you can use all three.

Because we are focusing on psychic visions I will talk mainly about visual perception and the ways to increase this. So let’s start flexing some inner vision muscle with these exercises.

Exercises for Psychic Visions

  1. Pick a simple object like a piece of fruit or an article of clothing anything in your immediate surroundings will do. Stare at the object and study it paying attention to all its features and as a whole. Now close your eyes and try to reproduce it mentally. Study it again and repeat the process of recreating it in your mind it should get ‘crisper’ or have more detail.
  2. Close your eyes and envision a colour – imagine a pure splash of the colour and then picture objects in that colour, then switch back to only the splash of colour. Then repeat this with different colours and objects in the corresponding colour.
  3. Picture someone you know well that is not present. Close your eyes and recreate their face and body in your mind. Spend time until you tire or get a crisp vision. When you get good at this try it with someone who you haven’t seen in a while, try and recreate their face in your mind.
  4. Choose a person you know that you are emotionally close to but is some physical distance away from you like your child at school. Hold the vision of their face in your mind and ‘ask’ God/Spirit/ The Universe/ The Force whatever you believe in to show you what they are doing. Something will pop into your mind – you need to trust this first impression. Don’t try to guess what the person you are envisioning is doing – just allow images to appear in your mind. Don’t analyse what you see, treat this as a game and an experiment as this will help ‘allow’ your psychic visions.
  5. Once you have established what the person is doing – ask again, “what does this person feel”? “What is this person thinking”? Once again don’t analyse just allow something to enter your mind.

Impressions Received

Sometimes you might get symbols or other visual information instead of what you asked for. You might see a picture of a happy face or a sunflower if you are perceiving ‘happy.’ You might see a storm cloud or the colour red if you perceive anger. The symbols I just mentioned are universal but you will have your own symbolic language that you inadvertently picked up through your life. If it’s unclear ask questions, ask for more clarity.

Experiment and play – try and see who will be on the phone when it rings. Try to see what others are thinking and what they will do. Just remember if you are emotionally attached to the outcome the results will inaccurate. A great example of this is with money or gambling. You can easily predict the outcome of coin tosses or red and black on the roulette wheel  and this works with small amounts (subjective to you) of money. As the stakes increase and you start to care about the amount your accuracy usually dives.

What’s Next?

The key to improving your psychic visions is to believe, practice, relax  and trust. Over time you will improve. Read my articles that relate to clearing emotional blocks and working with thoughts to clear your mind. This will enhance what you do greatly.

If you are interested in developing all the faculties of your mind – including your ability to have Psychic visions try my online workshop “Speed2Enlightenment” – Through three steps – Master You Mind, Release Emotion and Create Your Reality. This is a fast way where you can save decades of time and become a “clear” vessel to facilitate the receiving of messages. Let me know how you have progressed with your psychic ability? Comment below or join me and comment on Facebook


8 Responses to “How To Have Psychic Visions”

  1. I really enjoy your website. I am 57 and I have always had psychic abilities however, when I was younger they really scared me, I was so afraid of the dark, my Mother thought there might be something wrong with me. So feeling that way I learned to turn it all off and go on with my life. Several months ago these abilities came back to me again, but now as an adult I have been embracing my gifts, trying to hone all my abilities. I do see things getting easier. I actually am a psychic medium with enhanced hearing & feeling. I am now just trying to learn how to turn it on then turn it off at will. Things come & go at the moment. I have learned to be patient, because at first I was rushing things and everything just stopped for several weeks. I started meditating twice a day, relaxing more not trying to rush things like before. I just wonder if I may need some mentoring from someone with the same abilities as myself. Any advise would be appreciated. Sincerely, Michele

    1. Hi Michelle, its great to hear that you are embracing your gifts – its never too late. If you are interested in having a chat to me please contact me through the web site contact form.

        1. Hi Thomas, that’s a hard question to answer without much more detailed information. I would say that you are blessed if you can receive visions. Try and determine what they are?

  2. Hi Im Dylan. I am 15 years old. I get visions. Well I dream things and after a while its like deja vu hit me. I dont know what is wrong, is it normal is it an ability. Im really scared. When i get them i feel like i was there before and i felt it. I wake up some nights for no reason at all.

  3. Omg I lied down on my bed and then closed my eyes, thought of memories or past dreams and focused on my breathe and my eye nerves only and didn’t have the cover over me then suddenly I felt something on my legs lI think it was my nerves but it felt like a big gust of wind as soon as it happened I opened my eyes and lost concentration then it stopped and I said to myself “no no no no no I can’t do this no no no nope” and covered myself with cover.

  4. I’ve had this happen to me since a young age as well, and while it used to be scary, it feels completely normal now and no harm has been done. I’d really only worry if hallucinations came about; with dreams, it’s safer to say it’s more of an “ability” than anything else.


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