Honor the Inner Teacher.

Hello to you my friends! I am Hilarion and I am here to speak to you this day about your desire to ascend and your desire to become so much more than you believe you are at this time.

It is an interesting concept that you are somehow not worthy or not good enough and that somehow you must reach some pinnacle in order to have appropriately achieved success in this life. It is interesting that some of you find the need to continually search outside of yourselves for validation and techniques that will put you on a higher wrung of the spiritual ladder.

Let it be known by you now that you are as Divine as you will ever be. Much of your experience is merely your own perception. And as you change your perception you change your experiences.

You are the conductor of this orchestra. In many of your minds there is the necessity to move through as many schools and lessons provided in the form of workshops, seminars, and intensives as possible. Granted many of you will be drawn to exactly what you need and these experiences will change your lives. But of course that is because you have changed your perception and in grace have within whichever class you attended you learned to grasp the validity of your own power.

I wish to speak to those of you who find that regardless of how many classes you have attended there must be more and more – More certificates, more credentials, more interactions that you can place on a list that helps you to feel more valid. But when you find the need to continually search out more teachers and more instructors telling you what to do, then you are invalidating your own self.

Most of you who may read this article are either teachers yourselves or are on a quest of individuality where you seek and gather information in places where spirit draws you. It is when you continually find the need to place the energy that you call money in places that are outside of yourself that you must begin to consider what you are invalidating about yourself.

You see there is a difference between finding the spiritual catalyst in human form who will set you on the right path, push the right buttons for you, inspire you in such a way that your natural inclinations toward spiritual growth are triggered, and the need to continually move on to another and another looking for the jewel that only resides within your self. I am not in any way suggesting that there is not great, immense, and tremendous love and power pouring forth to all of you from the beloved teachers in human form who grace the Earth.

However, it is important for you to understand that there is also a grand teacher inside of you that is also forever and eternally powerful. You have everything you need within you to make this journey work for you. It is out of pure love and a desire to be of service to others that many light workers have opened their hearts and bring forth lessons and methods for their brothers and sisters.

But beloved masters, these lessons should empower you. Not make you dependent. Even when the teacher is teaching in great humility and respect for your own power some of you must still search elsewhere for someone to tell you who you are. I will tell you who you are and it is very simple. You are a precious piece, thought, movement of God/Goddess and you are here to experience your Self.

In this experience you are discovering who you are, expanding your awareness through interaction and co-creation with other pieces, thoughts, and movements of God/Goddess. There is no mystery. Go to your teachers and go to your seminars. But at some point beloved masters recognize the light within you that is ready to take off and help create this grand new world that you all are co-creating. There is part of you that has a part, a significant part. At some point you will realize that you are no longer a listener in the teachings but a participant. And when you begin to participate in the teachings, then you are living your own truth. You have then begun to validate your own beingness.

We have grand love for you and great appreciation for your quest for knowledge and your need to know more. We have been where you are in one form or another either in spirit or in material form and we know what it is like to seek. The seeking continues on all planes and evolution is as you know eternal. But it is an important and beautiful step when you decide to seek within. It is important to have groundwork and study to provide a foundation for your understandings. Many of you have created strong paradigms and beliefs that you must break through before you can remember who you are. Part of that process is your reading, your conversing with each other, sharing of ideas, and communion with teachers in human and spirit form. But the purpose of this kind of interaction is for your own recognition of who you are.

It is for the purpose of breaking down those limiting beliefs and fears that block from you the things you unquestioningly knew as an infant. You are the grand teacher of your inner world. Again, your interaction with others is vital and on this plane integral to your growth. But recognize the teacher within. You have been many things on many planes in many worlds. You have developed talents, skills, preferences, biases, preferred methods of learning, and a vast amount of understandings that are available for your use.

The only requirement is for you to tap into this open well that is your own psyche and bring forth the beautiful, unique portion of God/Goddess that is you. Now, the first thing that some of you will say at this point is, But how do I do that? Your soul will tell you what to do. That is why you go to your teachers. That is why you go to your books. But beloved there are many methods. And there are many roads to heaven. You see you must go where your spirit tells you to seek and find the impetus for your own expansion and bloom. There are no special instructions. There are your instructions. There are those instructions that work for you.

There are those beings who come forth with lessons and teachings that create a perfect mix of catalyst for the unique personality and soul that you are. Therefore, just because a course is correct for one person, does not mean it is correct for you.

What we are saying with great love for you is that if you find yourself going from class to class, from teacher to teacher, from seminar to seminar, then perhaps you are not listening to the teacher that is within you. Perhaps you do not recognize the need for the expression of your own wisdom in your life. Each of you is unique and precious. Each of you has a gift to provide this world that you came here with. This gift is not something that you have to go and collect from somewhere and then give it out. This gift is one that is inherent within your own soul. It is your birthright. Give thanks for those who have and will be the catalysts for your realization that you can take flight. But it is ultimately your responsibility for you to realize that those wings are yours, and then to fly.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I speak before you now. We thank the channel and those who participate in disseminating information for use by the great numbers of emerging light workers. Blessed are all of you and blessings to you from those of us in spirit who watch your progress with great joy and admiration.

Peace be unto all of you.


Authors Details: Lisa Holloway Hilarion Channeled


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