The Holy Spirit

One of the great untapped secrets of the Universe which the lightworkers and people of the Earth have not taken full advantage of are the incredible powers, love and grace of the Holy Spirit. Now, when I bring up the Holy Spirit, I am not saying here that you need to be a Christian. I personally am a believer that all religions tell the same partial truth. I am a follower of all Spiritual Paths, Mystery Schools and no one Religion, Mystery School or Path. To me they are all one.

Authors Details: Dr Joshua David Stone. (December 1953–August 2005) He was an influential Spiritual teacher, leader and forerunner. Dr Stone has a PhD. in transpersonal psychology and was a licensed marriage, family and child counselor in Los Angeles.

Even though this is the case I know in my heart and soul of the living, breathing existence of GOD, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I know and believe in this, just as I recognize in the same way the existence of the Buddha in Buddhahood, and the Atma in Hinduism, YHWH in Judaism and the Kabbalah and Allah and the Prophet Mohamed in the Muslim faith. I do not just believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit; I know the Holy Spirit.

It is interesting to me that so many people in the New Age Movement work with the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the Archangels and Angels , the Elohim Masters, the Christed Extraterrestrial Races, their Mighty I am Presence and Monad, their Higher Self, their Soul, however, very rarely or not that often do I hear people talking about the Holy Spirit. In some ways the Holy Spirit is the Ultimate Spiritual Master, for it is the aspect that GOD created right out of Himself, to in essence, be the “Answer” to all our challenges and lessons in life.

It is wonderful to go to the Ascended Masters, the wonderful Archangels, the Elohim, however, you can also go directly to GOD and the voice of GOD is the Holy Spirit. When we pray to GOD, the Godhead does not come Himself, but rather has divided Himself into three aspects. This is the Trinity of GOD. GOD being the Godhead or the Creator of everything at the 352nd level of Creation. GOD is in part unfathomable, and yet on another level is also quite personal. We think of how big our Universe is or how big the Melchizedek Universe is on a multi-dimensional level. Well, consider that GOD is made up of infinite numbers of Universes.

It is true that we are made in his image, however, there is one big difference. GOD created us; we did not create GOD! This is why the Course in Miracles says that “Awe” is an appropriate response to GOD but not an appropriate response to a fellow inner plane Ascended Master no matter how high their evolvement. The proper response to a very evolved inner plane Ascended Master is “respect.” It is the respect of an elder Brother or Sister so to speak, but not Awe. Awe is only appropriate for GOD who is unfathomable, but is also incredibly personally knowable.

At the Annual Wesak Celebrations I actually do Ascension Activation Meditations where GOD actually participates. Many think that GOD should be kept separate, however, this is illusion; it is possible to have a direct personal relationship with GOD. There are many kinds of relationships to GOD, the most profound being the state of “Revelation.” Now the second aspect of the Trinity is the Christ, which is the intermediary so to speak between GOD and His Creation. What many lightworkers and people do not realize is that there are many levels to the Christ. When Jesus realized the Christ 2000 years ago, he was realizing it on a Planetary level. What you must realize is that there is also a Solar level to the Christ, a Galactic level, a Universal level, a Multi-Universal level and a full Cosmic level of the Christ. The initiation process, of which in truth there are 352 levels of initiation, takes you through all of these to fully realize the Christ in the fullest sense of GOD, at the highest possible level. No one on Earth has done this. The most evolved realization of Christ on Earth, is His Holiness the Lord Sai Baba in India. He is demonstrating on Earth the realization of the Christ at the Universal level. He has not however, realized the multi- universal Christ or the Cosmic Christ status of a Cosmic Ascended Master.

He is however, the most advanced realization of the Christ on Earth that the Earth has known hence forth. Lord Maitreya, who is head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, holds the position of being a Galactic Christ for our Planet. Master Kuthumi is preparing to take over this position in the Spiritual Government of the Planetary Christ, which is a Galactic level realization. I want to make it clear here that no one can skip levels, and if you think you can this is the negative ego talking and illusion. Every one must go through the initiation process through each level and must demonstrate their Divinity, and serve at each level before advancing. Demonstration of GOD on an on going basis, and service at each level is the key.

So as we evolve we come to know and realize greater and greater levels of the Christ. The Master Jesus is working on fully realizing the Galactic Christ at a very high level along with Master Kuthumi and a great many of the well known other Ascended Masters of our Planetary Hierarchy. In their initiation process, they have not as yet begun the realization of their initiations of becoming a Universal Christ. Most lightworkers on Earth are focusing on realizing the Planetary Christ. So as we see here, it is also possible to have a very close relationship to the second aspect of the Trinity, which is the Holy Christ Presence. I am not talking about Jesus here, for he is just one man who realized this integration and unification on a Planetary level. Since his life as Jesus 2000 years ago, he has also done so on a Solar level and Galactic level. He is still in a state of evolution through the 352 levels of initiation as well. The most important point here being that it is 100% possible to have a continuing ongoing personal relationship with the Holy Christ Presence which keeps expanding as we evolve Spiritually.

The third aspect of the Trinity is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is an aspect of GOD that he has placed within us as the answer to all our problems. In truth, all problems are created by the negative ego or separative mind. All answers and solutions come from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks for the “Atonement” or the “At-one-ment”. To atone means to undo. Of the many profound gifts of the Holy Spirit and the infinite wisdom, knowledge, love and power it possesses, the most profound ability it has in my humble opinion is it’s ability to undo past mistakes and negative interactions and situations. My beloved Brothers and Sisters, listen very closely to what I am about to share with you, for in my humble opinion, this is one of the most profound Esoteric Secrets of GOD’s infinite Universe, which has unbelievable importance and significance to your life.

The Holy Spirit has the ability to atone for, or stated more clearly “undo”, the ramifications of any mistake that you have made in your life. The Holy Spirit can not only undo it in your subconscious and unconscious minds and auric field, it can also undo the effects that your mistakes may have caused to other people or other situations. My beloved readers, I cannot tell you how many times in my life, when I have made a mistake or even when I didn’t make a mistake, and I have gotten myself into some sticky situation, that I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo the causes that have gotten me there. I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo health lessons. I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo mistakes I have made and the negative results that came from them. I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo negative actions with people even when the negativity was coming from someone else and not me. I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo situations in my life that need fixing. I have called on the Holy Spirit to undo literally everything that is not going 100% according to my preferences. Again it is funny a lot of lightworkers are so busy on calling on the Masters and Angels that they forget that they can call on GOD and the Trinity of GOD and especially the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit has powers and abilities that are so multidimensional and Cosmic in nature that in truth it would be impossible to explain how the Holy Spirit is able to do what I am telling you. All I know is that the Holy Spirit can and will do this for you if you ask. There is no situation in life that it cannot undo or rebuild if you call upon it. There is no situation in life that it does not have the answer for. Definitely continue calling on the Ascended Masters, the Saints, the Archangels and Angels, the Elohim Masters and the Christed Extraterrestrial groups such as the Ashtar Command and the beloved Arcturians, however, do not forget to call on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Ultimate Cosmic Master that GOD has placed inside of you to be the answer to all your challenges and lessons, and the Ultimate Power in the Universe to undo obstacles on every aspect of life. This applies to the physical level, the etheric level, the astral level, the mental level, and the Spiritual level.

There is not one time in my life that I have called on the Holy Spirit, that it has not been able to do as I requested. As long as your requests are sincere and pure and are not negatively ego motivated, it will help you and it is literally the arm of GOD. Do an experiment and try out what I am saying and see if every word I have told you is not the truth! With GOD’s help, the help of your own Mighty I Am Presence, and your own Higher Self, the Ascended Masters help, the help of the Archangels and Angels, the help of the Elohim Masters, and the help of the Christed Extraterrestrial Races, the help of your own personal power and will, and the power of your own subconscious mind which can be utilized through creative visualization and creative affirmations, and the help of GOD, Christ and the Holy Spirit, how can you fail! If you utilize in your life all of these levels of power, love, and wisdom there is no force in GOD’s infinite Universe that can stop you!

There are in truth, only two voices in life; the loud irrational, unloving, separative, fear based voice of the negative ego and lower self and the other “Still small voice within” of unconditional love, forgiveness, grace, omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. As you learn to deny and quiet the negative ego mind and learn to think and feel only from your Christ/Buddha Mind, which is the mind of the Holy Spirit, you will live and move and have your being in GOD’s Grace, Grandeur and Love at all times. If ever you begin to slip out of this “Holy Instant” on any level, call upon GOD, the Masters and the Holy Spirit for help and the infinite Love, Power and Wisdom of GOD’s infinite Universe will come leaping to your aid!

There is no problem, challenge or lesson on any level that GOD, the Godforce and the Holy Spirit cannot solve to bring you peace of mind. Your job my beloved readers, is to be joyously vigilant for GOD and His Kingdom against the negative ego and to deny any thought not of GOD to enter your mind. If you do this, there is only one other voice that will hence be present, and this is the sweetest voice of all creation. It is the Voice of GOD, also known as the Voice of the Holy Spirit!

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