Holy Scriptures and Soul Memory

Greetings to you beloved masters. What a pleasure it is to speak to you among your brethren and what a pleasure it is to be among you as you move into higher states of consciousness. There are many means of ‘making it’ to the enlightened state of being which you all pursue and none of those means is any greater or more powerful than the rest.

The author is Lisa Holloway, channeling “Hilarion”

Today we will discuss different methods of reaching the enlightenment you seek and we will explore each and reasons why they ‘work’ for some and do not work for others. It is my greatest desire to help you to understand the differences between you as simply facets of God/Goddess expressing in many, many ways.

soul memory


Now, There are philosophies that have traveled for generations through the few thousand years of your written history. Each of you in growing up or becoming adults have been exposed to one or more of these philosophies whether you were aware of it or not. Many of you have been exposed to a variety of philosophies and you consider yourselves experts on one or more of them.

Understand that the philosophies that you have been exposed to were carefully chosen by you prior to this incarnation in hopes that they would spark in you the thoughts most conducive to the learning plan of your lifetime. Not all of you have thus far been exposed to as much as you had hoped and some have been exposed to much more philosophy than originally planned.

Your choices have guided this entire process. So as you have evolved from infancy to this very day you have been exposed to thoughts and ideas meant to ignite a particular knowing within you, and allow you to grasp onto concepts that would guide you somewhat in your journey here.


Some have chosen Christianity. This road to enlightenment embodies the greatest of truths in the simplest of manners. The symbolism in the life story of Jesus Christ is a great lantern in the night for some of you. It is not necessarily the road for all of you as many of you will attest to. In it’s most raw state, Christianity brings as much mysticism, as much comfort, and as much guidance to followers as any other method of enlightenment on the Earth. However many of you were a part of the dawning of Christianity when the teachings of Jesus Christ were fresh and unaltered. Those of you who know the teachings at the deepest core of your beings do not buy into the synthetic version of Christianity that much of your world now offers. So many of you have turned away from this and some of you still feel small pangs of guilt over your choice to turn from the religions of your parents and seek God elsewhere. It is an absolute truth that regardless of where you go seeking you will find God. And so it is to your own truth that you go seeking, and the God within reaches out to you as you reach out to It.

Eastern Teachings

Many of you have turned to the Eastern teachings and found solace in their simple yet penetrating truths and you have basked the permission to sit and be in peace. You have learned about methods of nutrition, body types, and mind control. You have learned about meditation, life energy, and reincarnation. You have explored the books and the holy manuscripts and you have savored the wisdom of the teachers. You have tasted the words and the teachings and they have rung true to your ears.

Some have learned and practice forms of yoga and have worked to understand the body mind connection. Some have turned to fasting, to denying cravings of the body in preference to the spirit. Some strive to remove themselves from the material world with such intensity that they have denied and overcome intense physical pain and suffering. Some have believed that to transcend the body one must deny its needs and seek only the one true centeredness. That which is found in the Creator. However this road has not been chosen by all of you because it does not speak to the hearts of all.

Deeper Truth

In many of your belief systems you have incorporated the ways or beliefs passed down in your American Indian, African, or Aborigine traditions. These traditions are seeped with mysticism and are grounded in a deep truth which resonates in your hearts. That deep truth is the oneness of energy and purpose of all beings, animate or inanimate on your planet. These teachings speak of an understanding of the cosmos, the interconnectedness of all life, and the deep regard for the life or God/Goddess in all things.

There is a respect for the elements that humans do not fully understand and there is a humility in regards to human’s perceived position of authority on the planet. These traditions fit well the truths of many people in your current generations. So many of you are seeking deeper answers and you are turning to the shaman and the teachers of old tradition to guide you. Somehow it seems as though they have touched in on and understand something that you are desperately trying to remember. Many of you have found solace and oneness with the Earth and with nature when you are alone or with loved ones in a wilderness area. Somehow you can feel that the Earth is calling to you, that God/Goddess is there with you, and needs you as much as you need It. This movement of Love touches you when you are in nature, because it is here that for many of you your walls come down and you release your need to defend yourselves.

Mystery Schools

Some of you have been drawn to the mystery schools. Some have studied the Gnostics, the Rosecrucians, and many other orders of secret teaching. Some have studied the Kabbalah, the traditions of the druids, or the original principles of the Knights of Templar. You have all found a great freedom at this time in your evolution here on Earth to gather information in larger quantities than have been available to you for many thousands of years. Your current technological age has had a profound effect on the amount of information that is available to you for study. Know that you are seeking information in places and from sources that have had significant impact on your personal development over many lives on this Earth.

Pay attention to the teachings that draw you and understand that they speak to your soul because in many cases you have found solace and guidance there before. You may have played a part in the development of those very teachings at their beginning. Each of you is on a grand journey and you are seeking out the tools that have assisted you in the past and you are integrating these teachings into your more modern belief system. This does not make any particular philosophy greater than another, it simply makes one philosophy or another more conducive to your own personal learning. There are many of you who have studied and researched the systems of gods and goddesses from one area of the world or another.


Some have found deep personal meaning in the pantheons of the Greeks, the Celts, the Hindus, or the Egyptians. You have found deep purpose in their teachings, found great symbolic meaning in the myths, and have identified personally with one or more of the gods or goddesses.

Some of you have relearned or created rituals through which you can experience the energies of these beings and you are comforted by their presence and/or guidance. Some of you adorn yourselves or your living spaces with pictures and objects from these civilizations because they give you comfort and a sense of identity. There are no accidents.

Your attraction to particular jewelry, traditions, or writings are clues to the path of your soul here. Now some of you have found great meaning in the teachings of The Great White Brotherhood (no gender delineation is meant here at all). Know that the beings in spirit who work with you in the love and light of the one infinite Creator are one and the same as those who brought forth the very teachings that you study in your many, many variations of truth on this planet. In reality it is but one truth painted many colors, in many sizes and shapes so that each of you can experience God/Goddess in the way that is most meaningful to you.

Support In The Spirit Realm

As you participated in the creation of your ancient and modern traditions so did those who support you forever and ever in the realm of spirit. Many of us have participated on your planet side by side with you and many of us have had great influence in the teachings that have been brought forth from the Mind of God/Goddess to your past and present world. That is why spirit beings who represent past teachers of your many great religions and philosophies come to you together, united in one purpose. There are representatives of the American Indian tradition, the Hindu and Vedic philosophies, the Christian, Jewish, Celtic, Egyptian, Buddhist, and so many, many other belief systems all working together.

We are working together in spirit to teach you one thing, and that is a profound understanding of unconditional Love. We are here to teach you a Love that you have not yet achieved as a mass consciousness on this planet. We are here to teach you how to ground a depth of Love that you have only known while not on this Earth. We are here to help you understand a Love that is so far reaching, so expansive, that it will, when you have achieved it, catapult your current world into a place of higher consciousness. This is a level of consciousness that many of you call the Christ consciousness and with this level of understanding you will truly see God/Goddess in everything and everyone. This is our common goal.

Find Your Tribe

As you are beings of great wisdom here, you seek out those versions of truth that serve you and your own personal path. You co-create and cohabitate with others who find solace much in the same way you do. You find groups or teachers, churches or societies that resonate with your own preference for seeking God/Goddess. The current level of religious freedom in many parts of your world has not been experienced for many thousands of years on this planet.

There is still a long way to go for many who believe that their way is the only way. Rather than many roads to heaven perhaps you could perceive that they, the many belief systems, are all the same road. But some of your people are so blind to the validity of other’s beliefs that they cannot even recognize their brethren walking beside them. Rejoice in the many and glorious colors that walk beside you in the magnificent journey of humanity.

The search for spiritual meaning on your planet is desperate in many ways and truly all that is required is that you reach out your arms and take each other’s hand. Learn from one another. Trust one another. Allow one another to live and worship the Creator in each one’s own truth. You will learn that all belief systems are valid versions of the same truth and that your only requirement is to share and live your own truth with as much integrity and humility as possible. This is Love. Because Love understands all things. Be one my friends. You are all versions of the same God/Goddess. And you are learning to love one another despite your differences.

Blessings be to all of you. Adonai, Hilarion

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