Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell. Have you ever wondered why some people are born into terrible physical circumstances and you are not. Why you are are born into an affluent area of the world and others are not? All of this is subjective but if you look around its not hard to see the range of human circumstances on this planet.

The system you are bound by is quite simple really. It does however require effort to change where you are in the ‘game’. I have been prompted to explain Heaven and Hell because of an email I received last week. In this short message the author has condemned me to ‘Hell’.

Heaven and Hell

Why? It turns out that I am a ‘bad’ man. I own a web site (www.aymenf.sg-host.com) that has an article on Jesus and also gives Tarot readings.

“Not allowed!” I am told,
“Don’t pass ‘Go’, Aymen you are going straight to Hell.”

The author is clearly displaying unnecessary fear under the oppression of religious dogma. There must be a certain percentage of the population that has this fear of hell, as I receive similar emails every week.

So how does it all work?

Everything is energy, including the molecules that you and I are made up of. All energy vibrates to a certain frequency. The greater the rate of vibration or higher frequency the closer this energy is to love. The lower the frequency the closer this energy is to fear.

If you look at unpleasant area’s and circumstances you will find that the underlying energy is fear. If you observe the lovely area’s and circumstances of life you will find the dominant theme is love. I don’t mean that this energy is floating around in the air for you to see. I am talking about the energy that the participants consist of.

The best part and that which allows you to change your circumstance, is that of the universal law;

Like Attracts Like.

It means that you attract, that which is like you.

To dial into a better frequency you need to change your own frequency to that of which you want. Usually this means to a higher frequency and closer to the ideal of love. Just like TV. If you like the ‘simpsons’ better than the Wrestling, just turn the dial. Neither is better or worse (unless you decide it is). They are just different.

Your dial to change frequencies is your personal development. Specifically working on what you think and clearing emotion.

So what about Heaven and Hell?

When you are alive you are restricted to the frequencies of the physical world you live in. In other words the range of human experience. When you die you leave your body and the range of frequencies open to you is much greater. You initially move to the ‘Astral World’ which is closest to us in frequency. You will find this is an area in which your thoughts are the dominant force. (Here in the physical world action from thought is the dominant force)

When you are emotional your thoughts get blocked and your frequency is lowered. When you are unable to see life clearly because you are attached to your thinking process the frequency you operate at, is lowered.

If you carry low frequency energy you get stuck in the lower astral area’s with all the others that are at the mercy of lust, anger, greed, sloth, gluttony, envy and pride (Oh look! The seven deadly sins) Its not a nice place to be. This is the ‘Hell’ that Religions symbolically talk about. There is no fire unless you think one up and you will if that’s what you believe. You are not ‘bad’ you just need some help.

Hell extends to the physical world. Many people live their lives in situations that are worse than a hollywood horror movie. You are not bad if you are in this situation, you only need to clear your energy field of what keeps you bound to ‘Hell’.

Heaven is the opposite. If your frequency is sufficient to enable you to clear emotion and become enlightened, you are able to transcend the lower astral realm and make your way up into the higher frequency area’s or ‘Heaven’. The same applies here in your physical world. As soon as you learn to remain apart from the emotional force that can dominate your life. Things start to dramatically change and life becomes heaven.

So what do you do? Here are two options.

1. A web site full of articles, information and links that will help you find a better way. www.aymenf.sg-host.com

Life Coaching – Personal and tailored to your individual requirements.

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Aymen Fares is an International Life Coach with clients all over the world. He is based in Melbourne Australia.
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