Healthy Relationship

Want to improve your relationships, both romantic and otherwise? Want to grow in intimacy and closeness with your friends, family, co-workers, your special someone? Here are five five easy steps to a healthy relationship that you can include in your interactions with those important to you.

Healthy Relationship Tip 1 – Acknowledge the big and the little things.
People want to be seen. They want their actions, attitudes, feelings and aspirations to be noticed and acknowledged. Become a person who notices.

Healthy Relationship Tip 2 – Give thanks and appreciation.
Thank others and they are more likely to do more of the same. Why? Because being thanked feels good. Tell them you appreciate it too.

Healthy Relationship Tip 3 – Give ‘just because’ appreciation for who they are.
Make a list of what you admire about your partner or another person. Now share that list with them. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion. Surprise that special person any time.

Healthy Relationship Tip 4 – Take active interest.
Take a real interest in the things important to others. Listen to them and have a conversation about their hobbies, career or interests. Learn something new about the topic. It will make them feel understood and important.

Healthy Relationship Tip 5 – Do special things just for them.
Find out what others like. Is it cards, flowers, a foot rub, a dinner out? You may not like or want these same things and that’s ok. Do something or give something they like. Make them feel special.

See how many of these you can practice in one week with special people in your life and watch the intimacy in your relationships grow.

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