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Your Subconscious Mind, Healing & Prayer

The main impediment in the way of any prayer is too much intellect and too little devotion. If we do not pray at all or pray without intensity and devotion, it is not what we consciously want to happen in our life that does happen–it is what we believe to be true of ourselves and others deep in our subconscious mind.

Our reality perfectly matches the complex interior belief system that we are not even aware of most of the time. If you want to know what exactly you have accumulated in your subconscious mind, just look inside and around you and take an honest inventory of your life. Are you happy, healthy, prosperous, optimistic? Through regular prayer and meditation you can change any belief recorded in your subconscious mind, which in turn will change the external condition.

Any belief recorded in our subconscious mind that is less than the truth of our eternal oneness with the presence of God appears as a darker pattern to the ever-present light of Spirit. The Light can only reach us through our subconscious mind. The totality of Divine Grace is always available to us, but it can only reach us if it finds beliefs and qualities in our subconscious mind that are similar to its own nature. Erroneous patterns overlap and sometimes make our mind almost completely impenetrable to the Light. By a regular spiritual effort–meditation, prayer, and remembrance of the Presence–we let more Light in, which loosens and dislodges the hardened layers and eventually erases them.

Pay close attention to what you say, especially if you are making an emotionally charged statement. Emotion is a catalyst. Every time we make a forceful statement, a categorical pronouncement, fused with a strong feeling, we are actually praying for that which we are stating, and are thus creating our future experience. It is a sobering thought, isn’t it, and it is also a fact. Everyone can recall an instance or two of a self-fulfilled prophesy.

Whatever we believe to be true deep in our heart, we unknowingly pray for. We don’t even have to verbalize it. Our subconscious mind does the praying for us, in accordance with the guidelines we ourselves put in there or unwittingly consented to during an unguarded moment. Do we even know how many unguarded moments we are guilty of?

Your subconscious mind is always listening and recording what you think, feel, and say. Be very careful when you talk about health issues in general, your health in particular, and about other people’s health problems. Never make categorical statements like “so and so has an incurable disease.” Because if you do, not only are you not helping that person, you can actually make the condition worse. It is a reverse of a prayer for healing. And if you sincerely believe that there is a possibility of an incurable disease for somebody else, you are playing with fire–for what we believe to be true of others, we also believe to be true of ourselves. Not in the conscious phase of our mind, but where it really matters–in the subconscious mind. And that which we believe to be true of ourselves must sooner or later manifest in our physical reality.

Do not acknowledge disease. Do not say that so and so has leukemia. Instead, say that he or she has a temporary condition referred to as “leukemia”. Do not contribute to the momentum that the condition already has. Do not give the condition a definite and final name either, for if you do, you will be using the power of your voice, thought and feeling to affirm the disease. Besides, the condition may have been misdiagnosed, and you would be sending out a confusing message and affirmation.

Always affirm the presence of God in an area that is temporarily out of balance. With deep concentration and devotion affirm that the healing has already taken place by the Grace of God. “Thank you, Lord, for your healing presence”.

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  1. Lakshmi Ramiah

    I read your article and very impressed although I am a Hindu by birth and having gone through the books with regards to the healing prayer I am very glad to say I have followed the prayers and have quite a number of illness in my body. I strongly be
    I’ve in these prayers and I will not move from it. I have told all my friends and they too find it very rewarding and happy with themselves.recently I went through something which I am not able to explain and what happened is within a split second and it’s the healing prayers which saved me. Thankthe lord and all of you who acre enlightening us with the knowledge of the subcoscious mind. Thank u once a agi


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