Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Angel Talk – Are You Listening?

Angels have become a hot topic. Everyone seems to have angels on their mind these days. So how do you find out about your own guardian angel? This article is a short guide to gathering evidence of your angel’s existence, based on my experience with my own guardian angel.

Everyone has guardian angels, but many people are just too busy to hear them. Angels are polite and have strict orders not to interfere in our daily lives, except in dire circumstances. They will, however, drop subtle messages to keep us out of trouble if we are alert enough to catch them.

If you want a clear and concise message from your angel, you must ask a direct question. Your angel will always answer your questions. You must ask your question out loud. Clear, concise questions will get you clear, concise answers. Answers will always be tangible and explicit, something you can put your hands on. The answers I’ve gotten I could pick up and examine. Asking a frivolous question will get you a silly answer. The universe will match your level of sincerity.

Many people would like to believe in guardian angels, but are skeptical. I always encourage a healthy skepticism when dealing with the astral plane. It is not my intent to convince you that angels exist. You will convince yourself or you won’t, but blind faith is for fools. There are con artists on the astral plane, just as there are here in temporal life. Your angel will be happy to provide you with evidence of its (they seem to have no gender) existence. A real angel will expect you to ask for proof, and will provide you with straightforward answers.

Here’s the evidence my angel provided me. In winter 1981 I joined an organization that teaches through the Tarot and Hermetic Cabala. Much of the Cabala uses Hebrew letters. In spring that year I asked my angel if it existed. Out loud I said, “If all this is real, I want an omen and I want it in Hebrew.”

Some days later as I was unlocking my car door, I spotted a piece of paper on the ground. It had red lettering and was part of a wedding invitation in Hebrew. It was only a fragment, but I got the picture. In case I didn’t understand, the back of this fragment contained a biblical quote from the Old Testament. It said, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land and unto all the inhabitants therein.” I’d have to be muddled to miss a message that clear.

Ask your angel an honest question and you’ll get an honest answer. What kinds of questions can you ask? All kinds. One day I was coloring in a line-drawn tarot deck. The instructions told me to paint the cup suit silver and light blue. That didn’t feel right to me, so I asked my angel, “What colors do you like? I prefer blue and orange. “A day or two later, as I was on my way to the local park for a walk, I noticed on the porch of a nearby house two towels hung over the rail: one was orange and the other blue. See what I mean? I got a clear answer. I’ve not seen towels on that porch before or since, and I walk that way almost every day.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, several of my friends moved to different parts of the country. I live near Philadelphia and I like it here. Now, my friends occasionally suggest that I’m somewhat resistant to change. They call me the “Rock of Gibraltar.” They could be right. We Cancers are like that. But I put the question of moving to my angel. A few days later I got my answer.

It was a nasty night with fierce wind and rain squalls. (My angel has a good way of getting my attention.) Seldom will I forgo a book, even a wet, dirty one lying face down in a mall parking lot in the rain. At least ten years later I’m glad I grabbed it. I got in my car and looked at the wet mess I had picked up. It was entitled “Acres of Diamonds,” and was written by a professor at Temple University, which is in Philadelphia. The central message of the book was that you don’t have to go somewhere else to find your fortune, because there are acres of diamonds right here in Philadelphia. I sure did get a specific answer!

In each of these examples, the answer I got was tangible and clear. Sometimes an angel will even pay you to listen to its message. This lesson was about my controlling my temper. One night I was on my way to a roller skating rink. I am not a fast driver, so any driver slow enough to annoy me would fit right in at a snail convention. It was a rainy night, however, and I wanted to get there and off the road. A car was going slowly in front of me, and I couldn’t pass him.

He turned onto the main highway just like I did. He was going where I was. I was getting steamed. Why couldn’t he get out of my way? He turned into the rink’s driveway and I had to stay behind him. When I did get out of my car I refrained, with effort, from slamming the door and racing to the entrance. I thought that maybe getting rained on would cool my temper. I got almost to the front entrance just in time for a $5 bill to blow up to the curb and stop at my feet. It was my reward for controlling my temper. Angels have their ways of telling you things, if only you will listen.

Recently my angel gave me some guidance that I almost missed. Some months ago I was one of a number of psychics interviewed for a feature article in the national magazine “First for Women.” My angel arranged that story so it could answer a question I’d posed. Late last year I asked, “Should I cut back my schedule of Tarot parties so I have more time to write, or maybe only do private readings instead of parties?” Three weeks later a writer for “First” called me and wanted to do a story about psychics and the growing popularity of Tarot parties. It wasn’t until the story appeared in print four months later that I realized my angel had given me a definitive answer to my question. I was mortified that my ego had gotten in the way of seeing the answer.

If you want to talk to your angel, you must be prepared to listen, and you must be alert for its side of the conversation. The universe will extend itself to answer your sincere questions, but only if you are listening.

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