Get Rich – How to get rich with Donald Trump

How to get rich with Donald Trump

Financial Advice from “The Donald”

Donald Trump says just as you ask a baker how he makes bread, you ask a billionaire how he makes money! Here are a few of is quick tips on striking it rich.

Ultimately, if you’re not doing what you love, you’re not going to be fulfilled. Sure, to make money, you have to be tough, you have to have some smarts and a little luck would help, but the bottom line is: You have to love what you do.

You need energy and drive.

Do not intimidate people. If you do, you’ll never get a straight answer from anybody and you’ll be defeating your own purpose.

Surround yourself with people that are full of ideas, and people that are not going to be “yes-men.” Surround yourself with smart, truthful, honest people.

Only invest in what you know, or invest with people who are really good and have a great financial track record.

Do a little research. Look at the paper and look at the rate of returns. Put your money in one of those funds.

There is an expression, “Cash is king.” In bad times, it’s perfectly fine to put your cash in a bank—although return rates are low, they are stable.

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