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Changing from a Spiritual Seeker to a Spiritual Finder I was able to remove unconscious blocks that was sabotaging my true path.

spiritual seeker

(What is “A Course In Miracles” and how does it relate to this article Spiritual Seeker?)

I embarked upon the Spiritual path many years ago and I, like most seekers, was searching for real love, connection, joy and happiness. As I embraced many Spiritual teachings my life improved dramatically. Then, in the 90’s A Course in Miracles helped me make my next decision; to become a ‘finder’ rather than a seeker. And that meant learning to relinquish the ego which is the one unconscious saboteur of all our best intentions.

Then…after an awesome Spiritual Awakening experience that lasted 2 years, the ‘I’ (that I thought I was) came crashing down along with all that I believed to be true. What was left of ‘me’ had to start over, only this time …with willingness and a realization that I was not a victim of the process of Spiritual Awakening. I knew that what was falling away were simply all the unconscious blocks that prevented me experiencing my true Identity; one that cannot suffer.

Our Beliefs And Values Are Not Who We Are

Most of us don’t yet realize that the ‘me’ we think we are, with all its beliefs and values, is not who we really are. It’s a mistaken identity called ‘ego’. It’s a mass of unconscious beliefs responsible for causing all our suffering. Beneath the ego is our real Identity, one that is infinite love, joy and abundance. Unfortunately, most of us (with all good intent) take the ego on a spiritual journey resulting in only more suffering. The ego’s unconscious mantra is ‘seek but do not find’ so the result of seeking love, spiritual awakening and abundance is always sabotage and loss. True love, abundance, peace and joy cannot be known or acquired through our un-investigated ego.

Is the Ego Sabotaging You?

Here is a quick test to evaluate how much the ego is negatively influencing your perception. You can gauge any unconscious guilt (ego) to the degree that you still experience the following:

• You either judge others or perceive them judging you
• You judge yourself
• You take offense at others comments or acts
• You experience seeming injustice in the form of perceived attack
• You perceive threat or anxiety when you hear or see bad news
• You resist reality (with anxiety, anger or doubt) when reality doesn’t meet your perceived needs
• Your perceived needs appear not to be met (money, relationships, etc)
• You perceive scarcity
• You perceive struggle or sacrifice
• You feel physical discomfort or dis-ease

Undoing the ego is a sacred process that reveals and reunites us with the Oneness from which we seemed to separate. There is nothing to seek. True Spiritual Awakening occurs when we dare to look at the ways in which we sabotage ourselves; thereby undoing the blocks to the awareness of the love that we are.

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