Free yourself of illusion – part 3

(…continued from Free Yourself Of Illusion Part 2)

There was a great Master (teacher) who came to this Earth, and his mission was love. His name is Yesua ben Josef, better known as Jesus the Christ. By no means was he the only Master to come to this Earth, but for this moment I shall refer to him since we have been, and always will be good friends. This Master came to bring a message of love, therefore freedom. He came to show that love is the Great Eternal Power, and that with love, all things can be accomplished. Many loved this Master, including myself. There were also those who hated him, and feared him. Those who hated and feared him thought, “This messenger and his message are not convenient to us. If we eliminate the messenger, there will be no more message.” This was logical, and so they tried. To their surprise, the messenger came back from “death.” “How could this be,” they asked. Well, I’ll tell you the way the messenger explained it to me then, even though I didn’t understand it then (Of course, I do now).

If the messenger would have simply been someone who carried the message, the elimination would have worked. What those who feared him didn’t know was that the messenger was not simply someone who carried the message, but rather was the message. The message is Eternal, and by the messenger being one with the message, he too became Eternal. This is similar to Knowledge versus Wisdom.

To just know is as good as being ignorant. Many, many people are very knowledgeable. How many of them are wise? Knowledge becomes Wisdom only when one becomes Knowledge, instead of being just a carrier of Knowledge. To be one with Knowledge and become Wisdom is only achieved through the experience, and the harmonious application of Knowledge. To carry a “package,” and to BE the “package,” are very different things. To carry love, and to BE love, are very different things. Now, what allowed Jesus to walk upon the waters, create an abundance of food, heal the sick, bring back the “dead,” and bring himself back from “death,” and ascend himself? With one word, LOVE. Because of his unconditional, and I stress unconditional, love towards humankind, there was nothing he could not do. By knowing that “I and the Father are the same,” he became the natural flow of the river, of the Source, free of illusion. By not holding images of limitation, he became unlimited. He did not fear, nor fight anything, because he knew that if he did, he would make it his reality. With all of this, to this day he shows us what we can accomplish through Love. He shows that “death” is an illusion, love accomplishes anything, Ascension is very attainable. He paved the road! I will get deeper into this, later on.

Each instant of our lives is created by ourselves. This implies that we are not victims of others, but rather of ourselves. Later on I will tell you of the consequences that, by not assuming responsibility of our physical manifestations, we bring upon ourselves. I will also define manifestations in an easy way to understand, hopefully.

To continue, many people think and believe that we only exist in this physical world, at this time and space. The certain truth is that we are so vast, that we exist in many worlds, and times and spaces, simultaneously! In various religions, the term “heaven” exists. If this term does not exist, then a different word encompassing the same concept exists. To ease understanding, I will associate such concept with the term “dimension.” From here on, whenever I use this word, “dimension,” I would like for you to think of the concept you have, such as “heaven.” “Dimension” is simply a word, and in using it, in no way am I intending to say that the word you use is archaic, nor unacceptable. I simply want to unify terms in one term. This simply facilitates the communication that I would like to convey to you. Thank you! Within a no time/no space, no beginning/no end, all of manifested (tangible, physical) creation was one with the Source, without being self-conscious. If you would, imagine the universes, galaxies, stars, planets, and people, being in a giant kettle.

Now, imagine if everything inside this kettle were melted into oneness. Picture this further by imagining that within this oneness we were no longer self-conscious, no longer aware of being individuals, but rather became one consciousness. We would no longer have bodies, but rather one whole body being everything. Going further, this body would be neither limited nor defined. It would have no end nor beginning. It would just BE. If you can conceive of this, than you still have a limited idea of how creation was, the instant before creation. I say limited idea because the intricacies involved are very difficult to explain and grasp, however, this idea is close enough and will do just fine. The following is a concept of Creation that will somewhat take you step by step through the process. It may be very confusing at first, but I simply ask you to be patient with yourself. I have tried to put it as simple as possible. This is only a concept, because every detail would fill infinite libraries. I can only ask you to thank yourself for willing to view things from a broader perspective.

I wish for you to imagine that you do not have a body, but rather that you are only aware of being, existing. For you, time and space do not exist. You are only aware of an eternal Now. In a given moment, or Now, you decide to contemplate yourself. As you do this, an infinite amount of self-conscious light cells, or sparks, are created. When I say self-conscious, I am implying that each spark is conscious of being you (macro-conscious), and at the same time, conscious of being totality expressed individually with respect to each other (micro-conscious). The fact that these self-conscious sparks were created as you contemplated yourself, was simply a way that you showed yourself to yourself after deciding to contemplate yourself. Each spark is yourself, because you are the only thing that is; you are everything that is! Now, after these self-conscious sparks , which are you, were created, you decide to know yourself more. You allow yourself to do this through yourself (each spark). You then give yourself, each spark, the liberty of choosing how they (you) desire to exist. The question is where? You need a “where” for you to exist through your sparks. Because of this, you create an infinite amount of planes of existence, or Dimensions. In this way, you are offering yourself an infinite amount of possibilities to know yourself. Every Dimension exists simultaneously within a no time/no space, within yourself, since you are everything that is. Since you are multidimensional (in all Dimensions simultaneously), your sparks are also, since they were created in your image and likeliness, with your creative capacity, and most important of all, they are you! You are ecstatic, happy, at the richness of experiences that you have through yourself (sparks), and since you are unlimited, you continue to experiment with yourself more and more. You are unlimited energy, and through your sparks, you densify yourself until part of you becomes the illusion of physicality. At this moment, you now have a physical body within which you are universes, solar systems, planets, etc… Let me pause briefly to say that this process took a vast amount of our concept of time. Continuing, space and time are now created. All things within the physical you are composed of four basic elements: gases, solids, liquids, and fire (some people would include plasmas, yet I will not). Everything that you have created is you! Don’t let this concept leave your mind!

Experimenting even more through your sparks, you create infinite life forms. Every form is designed with an evolutionary pattern. This guarantees you even more unlimitedness. This ensures that your physical part is never stagnant, giving you an infinite amount of experiences for yourself, through yourself. You are very ecstatic, happy, with what you have done. All life, all of you, is conscious. You have created life forms with the capacity to adapt and grow. In this way, balance is maintained. The reason why you have created evolutionary patterns within life, within you, is because evolution is unlimited. Now, every universe, star, galaxy, and planet, is a living being, a spark which lent itself to perform that specific function.

For a short moment, I have tried to assist you into seeing creation, up to the point that we are at in the paragraph above, from the Sources perspective. From here on, we shall concentrate on Mother Earth, the Spark which lent itself to perform the planetary function. I will describe function better, later on.

This planet, as with the rest of manifested Creation, was, is, and will be a creative experiment for the Source to know itself more. This is the only reason for anything to exist anywhere! From the beginning of this experiment, the self-conscious sparks involved, experimented with many unlimited forms of life. To guarantee the evolution of species, DNA (DesoxiriboNucleic Acid {the molecule which houses the designs of All Creation, not just ours}), was created. Self-conscious Sparks, as yourself (the you who is reading this), experimented with planet Earth without becoming a direct part of the experiment. This would be somewhat like overseers of the experiment. At a given moment, these Sparks projected an essence of themselves onto the third dimensional plane (Earth). Their bodies were not physical, but merely bodies of light. If you were to observe these bodies now, they would be transluscent and iridescent. To continue, these projected essences shared the same consciousness as the projecting Sparks. In other words, there was no concept of separation.

The Sparks were aware of their projections as being themselves, and vice-versa. It was like being at two places simultaneously, and being equally aware of both. To these projections, the concept of death still did not exist. When a Spark got tired of its projection, it simply dematerialized it, and materialized another. Earth was still the Christian concept of the “Garden of Eden.” Experimenting even more, these Sparks were able to give their projections a separate focal point of consciousness. This was a major breakthrough. They could now could now experience the physical and non- physical planes independently of each other. However, separation was not a complete concept because the projection was still aware of the existence of the projectee, and of course vice-versa. As a matter of fact, the projectee (Spark) has never lost awareness of the projection, yet the projection has. The concept of “death,” from the projection’s perspective was still non-existent because it was still non-physical (the projection was still non-physical). The Sparks involved in our Earth experiment created a prototype to house the consciousness of their projections. These prototypes evolved through form for thousands of years until the appropriate moment. The moment I am referring to is the moment of the Link, the unfound or missing one! When this moment was reached, the first projections were born to what we know as humans. Several things were implemented when this happened. The first thing was a Veil that was placed over the memory, meaning that the humans that were being born had no recollection of being Sparks! With this, the illusion of separation was born also. The projections were no longer aware of who they truly were, and only took as truth that which could be perceived through the five senses. The physical world was the only truth, and the non-understandable became worshipped. As humans experienced the illusion of separation, so was the birth of judgement, of good and bad.

At first, every judgement was based on emotions, and later on thoughts. The perception of the lack of love gave way to frustration and sorrow, and so became violence and hatred. Humans became possessive because they did not know of their creative powers. Ego grew very strong in a short period of time. Obvious survival gave way to the concept of weak and strong, and so fear and domination were born. Throughout the time of an emotional based life, control was established through violence. When thought became involved, the emotion of guilt played its role, like now. Night was dark and cold. It brought a sense of insecurity because it offered no visual tangibility. Night was physical blindness, a fear. Darkness became associated with a “bad” feeling.

I’m sure that many of you would ask why. Let me say that if humans were born with full recollection of who they were, do you feel that they would learn something about physicality? Only by not knowing who we are can we experience being physical as real as we can now. Being physical opened up a whole new world of perspectives and sensations that otherwise we would not be able to experience. Do you not realize how real being separated from the Source, that we are, feels. So you see, by not knowing it is that we are learning. Being that the Source is All in All, can you not be amazed at how varied and intricate physical life is? Can you not see how wonderous Manifested Creation is? We are the Source discovering itself through playing a game of “Let me see what I can learn by not remembering who I Am.” The most realistic way to learn from an experiment is to become part of it, while being aware of nothing other than your experience. To make the experiment more fruitful, the concept of reincarnation was established. This provided a way in which each human could experience physical life from all possible perspectives and through all possible outcomes, thus richening experience. If life were only one, then your physical experience would be limited. You would never be able to truly know what it is to be human in every possible experience. I say possible because life is choices. Notice that each race and culture offers many different experiences and perspectives. Living one life is limitation, and being that we are the Source, we are unlimited! A dimension was needed to house the Source within disincarnating (dead to most people) humans. So, the fourth dimension was created for this purpose. A plane of existence where the “deceased could regroup and choose there next “bus” to the physical world. Yes, I said “choose.” Every incarnation that we’ve had, we have chosen who our parents will be according, but not limited to the experiences that we need to experience in order to grow. I will explain further things about the fourth dimension that would be very beneficial for you to know!

A great learning tool was also activated. Scientists know it as Action and Reaction, others know it as Cause and Effect, and others as Karma. Let me clear up some things about this Law. I say Law because it takes place whether you accept it or not. Trust me, your disbelief in it wouldn’t make an ounce of a difference. I don’t mean to sound harsh when I say this, so If it seemed so, I apologize. To continue, this Law was not activated as a punishment. Remember that the Source has no interest in punishing itself for being! This Law is very appropriate inasmuch as it allows us to experience both giving and receiving. Without knowing one or the other, how could we truly learn? This Law gave us the opportunity to experience what we cause. What X does to Y, Y does to X. Does “you shall reap what you sew” sound familiar? There is no need to glorify the statement, but simply realize that the tool has been mentioned. Also realize that with this tool, humans have caused so much grief and agony! In the instant that you Cause, in that instant you call upon the Effect.

The idea that you are being punished is only a way of domination through fear. The ignorance or non-acceptance of this Law has played a key factor in the rise and fall of every single empire that this planet has known. The boomerang always comes back, and not necessarily in the same lifetime! When a person, in his/her ignorance, is not aware of his/her origin and truth as a being, this person falls under the illusion of seeing others as different. By seeing others as different, this can be as superior or inferior to him/herself. When this occurs, the desire for domination and feeding of the ego is born. When this desire is not satisfied, it becomes unstopable greed and anguish. Only under the illusion of separation can someone greed another, because seeing others as different promotes the thought of, “They have this and I don’t.” Without the illusion of separation, one sees everything as being one. Under the truth of oneness, one knows that if someone has something that one desires, all one must do is ask for it, hold that thought and feeling long enough (because things here do take time), and a harmonious way in which it may be obtained will present itself. This is not wishful thinking, it is a Universal Law, “Ask and you shall receive.” The only caution that I do make, is to be careful with what you ask for. Asking for something that hinders someone else, or asking for the non- harmonious, will just be self-inflicted pain. If when you ask for something, you ask that it be within harmony for all, then it be known that it can only be harmonious. Later on I shall give you some suggestions for how to do this. I say suggestions because we are all our own Master. We are creative beings, and we must be creative. Ritual is only certain “death,” of experiencing moment to moment life. When someone experiences the lack of harmony, they usually put the blame on life or “God.” Many religions state, “Fear God. He will punish you for your sins.” This statement of punishment is only true if one considers Humans as God, being a self-conscious fragment of the Source. However, if one views Humans as separate from the Source, than the statement is a lie, because people punish themselves.

During the course of planetary history, there have been Beings which have incarnated in the attempt to show humankind the road back to the Father/Mother Source. These beings taught Love instead of Hatred, Equality instead of Inequality, and Truth instead of Fanaticism and Illusion. Humankind, in its ignorance and blindness, rejected them, made them into martyrs, misunderstood them, and varied their teachings. Humankind continues to anchor itself to the limitations, and illusions outside of itself. It continues to let itself be guided by ego, instead of quieting itself and allowing itself to become anchored to the Truth within and be guided by Spirit. Whenever a person decides to search for him/herself within, he/she will re-cognize him/herself as the Source. After reaching this re-cognition, if this person accepts him/herself as the Divine Being that he/she is, then and only then will he/she be able to manifest his/her Divinity without limitations, and live Heaven on Earth. When someone sees the Divine in themselves, there is no way to not see the Divine in all of Creation! Again, the Law of Cause and Effect was not implemented as a punishing tool, but rather as a learning tool. If a being acts in Love, he/she will easily be able to see how this affects others. However, the lesson or experience is only complete when the same being receives it and experiences it. It works in the same fashion for those who act without Love. The Earth is school where each being goes through a series of experiences.

Every experience contains a lesson which, when understood, leads to learning. This learning leads to knowledge, and this knowledge, when applied harmoniously, becomes wisdom. On Earth there are three main types of ignorance. From least grave to most grave they are: a) not knowing, b) knowing and not using the knowledge, and c) knowing and using the knowledge non-harmoniously. For example, there are four towns. In each town, people are dying of starvation. Each town has an unlimited supply of seeds. In the first town, nobody knows what seeds can do, so they continue to starve. In the second town, only one person knows what seeds can do, but being afraid of responsibility, he does nothing at all. In the third town, only one person knows what seeds can do. This person tells the people that he will give them food if, and only if, they give him complete reign over the town. The people must all do what he says in return for the food. In the last town, there is only one person who knows what seeds can do. This person teaches everyone how to farm and make the seeds produce food, so that everyone may eat forever. He asks nothing in return, but that they teach each generation the way of farming. I ask you dear one, who is ignorant and who is wise?

Each lesson leads to learning. It is humankind as individuals who qualify their experiences as “good,” and “bad.” Let me say that “good” and “bad” are subjective, and not objective. What may be “good” to me may be “bad” to you. It is only personal perspective which gives something the label of “good” or “bad.” When someone experiences something that they label “bad,” they usually damn life and/or feel fear or hatred towards the circumstances. With this attitude, the person is turning their back on the experience. This only guarantees that the lesson will not be learned, and also guarantees that the experience will repeat itself until learned! Let me give a short example of the subjectivity of “good” and “bad.” Let us say that you are in a room. In the middle of the room there is a small coffee table. I put a glass of water on the coffee table. Let us say that the glass of water represents an experience. When you stand on the right side of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of sadness, anger, fear, etc… When you stand directly in front of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of indifference, you don’t care, you feel neutral. When you stand on the left side of the table, your perspective of the glass is one of joy, happiness, peace, harmony, etc… Now I will ask you a question. Did the experience change or did your perspective change? The experience remained the same, what changed was your perspective of the experience. You are always in control of the way you perceive anything, anytime, ALWAYS! Illusion will tell you that these things are beyond your control, however, it is time for you to step into your truth!

Each human being has many parts which compose him/her. By the way, I don’t use him/her to establish some sort of ignorant superiority/inferiority concept of humans. There is no such thing as a superior/inferior gender. If the Source were not equally both, then one of them would not exist. I could use her/him, and it would be the same. To continue, a being who sees him/herself in a mirror, is only seeing a millionth part of him/herself. Each human, apart from having a physical body, has:

a) An Emotional body which receives, feels/interprets, and transmits energy of this frequency, or kind. (I will explain frequency, and other aspects of universal energy later on)

b) A Mental body which receives, thinks/interprets, and transmits energy of this frequency. Let me say that the brain does not think. The brain is only a linear computer of data sent and received from the Mental body.

c) A Spiritual body which defines you as the Source, and links you with other spheres or dimensions, simultaneously.

These are the four bodies which people have termed “lower bodies.” People speculate about the location of the Soul. Whether it is in the Emotional body or the Mental body. I am indifferent to this speculation. To know that the soul is within the four lower bodies will suffice. Other people have the term “Causal body” or “Body of first Cause.” They say that the soul is within this body. I will just use the four bodies that I have mentioned before.

The Physical body, is the lowest of the four. It is the most dense of them. There are higher bodies, but I will let you dis-cover them. Knowledge of the four lower bodies will slowly reveal the higher bodies to you. We all have these bodies, and this connection to higher dimensions, all the time. To say that you are connected to the Source would be ignorant, being that you are the Source! The difference that may exist between one body and another is given by its quality, function, and vibratory frequency. As a matter of fact, all of Creation has these three variables of Energy. As I stated earlier, I will explain this further, later on. We are constantly in many dimensions, simultaneously. Very few people are aware of this. When we sleep, there are parts of our being that, in a higher dimension, are planning what will become our experience of future. This is the case which leads to what people have termed “Deja Vous.” For those who have not heard this term, it is a term used to label the experience of being somewhere and feeling that you’ve been there before. It is also the label given to the experience of talking to someone and knowing what they will say next because you “dreamed” it. In truth, it is not a dream, but the simple fact of something planned that happened. When this “remembering the dream” happens, it is a clue that something beyond coincidence is happening. This reaffirms that we are not victims of life, nor others, but of ourselves! Some of you might be saying, “Well, that’s just great. All this time, I’ve been creating this mess in my life.” Well, yes!

It is not something for you to feel upset about. To know the root of a “problem” is to have the ability to “solve” it. Now that you have been informed of your outstanding creativity (and it has been so real, hasn’t it?), you can start taking responsibility for everything your life, and I do mean everything, and begin to create harmony. Only when one accepts ones experiences as ones own creation, can one consciously take control of ones life again. Only with a lot of patience and Love, can a person understand why he/she has created the experiences that he/she has! When this is understood, then a person will find themselves before a great challenge. This challenge I speak of is the challenge of trusting and having faith in oneself. When someone accepts and trusts him/herself as a Co-Creator, then he/she can see beyond the illusion which surrounds him/herself. When someone sees beyond this illusion, he/she will see truth. This truth will light up the way to the conscious return to the Source. When I say “to the Source,” I am referring to the journey that each being has until the dis-covering of his/her truth. In the dis- covering of this truth, this being will re-enter the unlimited awareness of the totality that she/he has always been, is, and will be. This being will be aware of being Source, and the concept of separation will fade before this truth. Separation is the illusion, and the blind become all seeing again!

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