Free yourself of illusion – part 2

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Light and darkness exist to create balance. If one sees light as harmonious and darkness as non- harmonious, then one is not creating balance. Harmony and non-harmony do not combine to create balance because that which is in balance is also in harmony, not out of harmony. Once one can see both light and darkness as harmony, then and only then will one be creating balance. Only under the illusion of being separated from the Source can one accept the lack of harmony as a reality.

Love is the natural flow of the universe, however, there are places within the universe where the lack of harmony predominates. In these places, such as Earth, it is more difficult to be harmonious than to be non- harmonious, although this is slowly changing. As each day goes by, the Earth is becoming more and more a part of harmony even though it does not seem so. I shall explain this further, later on. Have you ever asked yourself why the martyrs were martyrs? The martyrs were martyrs because the harmony which they brought was rejected by those who were non-harmonious. If those who were martyrs came to this planet to fulfill their missions of peace and love, then realize that they did not have the option of not being martyrs. Their missions did not include the need of being martyrs, however, here, being a martyr was inevitable. Where love and harmony exist, dominance and hate do not because love is freedom; love is harmony; love is balance. Those who were martyrs demonstrated and expressed this freedom, harmony, and balance. In doing this, they left those who were non-harmonious discovered and naked. Naturally, they [non- harmonious] didn’t like this, and they did as much as possible to stop this.

The history of planet Earth reflects the desire of Man to dominate the masses. This cannot be accomplished through harmony and balance. So, how can this dominance be accomplished? I shall tell you through an example. It will only be an example, so no offense is intended nor extended.

First, you take a group of people and persuade them to believe that “God” is a being which punishes, and by the “sins” that an individual commits, he/she will be sent to “hell” eternally. You tell he/she that the only way not to be punished is to believe in the “Only Son of God.” You take a scripture, and by changing a few words, you show them that this is coming from “God,” not man. In this way, you impose upon this group of people, a series of rules, including those which define what “sin’ is, that they cannot follow. In this manner you guarantee imbalance with fear, and a feeling of guilt (I am not worthy). You tell these people that “God” is a being so grand that no one can reach him, except through the “only Son,” and this way guaranteeing a sense of inferiority (I am nothing). You tell them that the scriptures are the only truth, this way guaranteeing inequality, disharmony, and a sense of superiority with respect to other religions (I am right, you are wrong. I will go to heaven, you will go to hell). Let me pause and say that this was a really good way to guarantee recruitment out of fear. This “only truth,” also guaranteed that those who did not believe every single word in the scriptures were bound to them by fear of being judged by this “angry heavenly Father.” To somewhat top it all off, you tell these people that at the end of times, the “Devil” will tempt all of humankind in infinite ways, and whoever follows him will perish. This way you guarantee that even if this “only Son'” came back personally, very few would believe it because of their fear of being tempted by the “Devil.” By the way, to clarify things about the scriptures, you couldn’t have changed anything until all those who personally witnessed the truth of this son of God were deceased. If you would have tried this while they were alive, it wouldn’t have worked because they held within them the direct truth and experience given.

This has been only an example. I didn’t refer to Christianity to judge it. I referred to it because it is the religion that, in this life, I am most familiar with. I am sure that every religion has at least one tool of domination which guarantees it strength as an institution. I just wanted you to observe how dominance could be established over a group of people, a dominance which has even lead to murder in the name of “God.”

Society, including religion, tells you who you must be, how much money you should make, who you must associate with, how you must dress, how and what you must eat, what activities you must indulge in, what material things you must have to be accepted, who you must marry, what physical appearance you must have, what products to buy, etc If you do not match these expectancies, then you are viewed as a failure, a nobody, a parasite, an embarassment, and practically not worthy to be alive. I hear people constantly say, “I want to be somebody.” I tell them, “You are, and you have no idea just how much of a somebody you are.” Everything in Society is full of Rituals. For those who do not like the term “Ritual,” you may interpret this as “Routine.” When we allow ourselves to be engulfed in Routine, or Rituals, the Now moment or Present, is lost. When someone says a prayer routinely, the thought and feeling within the prayer is lost. When this is lost, the prayer looses its essence and thus its meaning. When one does a task the same way, the task at hand becomes lost. One enters this monotonous world where one is like a robot. Thought and feeling are lost, and therefore we don’t live the Now because we aren’t even aware of it.

I will not say that All Rituals within Society/Religion are unnecessary, but I will share with you an interesting experience. One night, I was in deep contemplation of All that Is. I was in deep meditation. One of my Guides and Friends took me by the hand (not physically) and we began to soar through the skies. One moment I was aware of being in my body, and the next moment I was aware of being over Asia, possibly India/Tibet. As we landed, I saw a temple. In this temple there was a man who was cleaning some sort of an amulet or religious object. He cleaned it with a cloth and lifted it up to the sunlight to see if it was nice and shiney. As he did this, another man in the distance saw his actions, yet didn’t go to him to ask him what he was doing. The man who was watching hurried to his room and took a similar object, rubbed it with a special cloth, and held it to the light. When he did this, he blessed God and asked for God’s blessing. Another man saw this man’s actions from a distance, and like the man he was watching, didn’t go over to him to ask him what he was doing. Instead, he hurried to his room and took a similar object, washed it in special water, rubbed it with a special cloth, got on his knees, held it up to heaven, and prayed to God for mercy and good fortune. Another man saw these actions, and as before, he didn’t ask the man he was watching what he was doing. Instead, he hurried to his room and took this process a step further. Another man saw him, and so on, and so on, and so on. Can you see how a Ritual can begin based only on misunderstanding and assumption. If someone would have only asked the first man what he was doing, the entire Ritual would have never existed. Let me just say that many, if not the majority, of Rituals performed worldwide today began in a fashion similar to the example above.

The frame of mind of most people, is based on self imposed limitations in the name of society (the invisible master), and this is the chain which maintains us enslaved to unbalance, chaos, anguish, poverty, hatred, and fear. When I say poverty, I am referring to all poverty: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. A group of beings which go by the label of “journalists,” have insured our fear and insecurity by persuading us to believe that we are weak and vulnerable to our own Brothers/Sisters, which in turn they persuade us to hate. In this way they guarantee more imbalance, dominance, hatred, fear, and disharmony.

Interesting, is it not? Worry not, for things are changing before your very eyes, even if you can’t see it yet. When dealing with relationships, many people say, “This woman,” or “This man is mine.” From that instant, it is no longer love, but dominance. There are also those who say. “I love you, but you must do this and that. You must not do this, and that.” It is no longer love, but dominance. Love is saying, “I love you, and I wish for you to do as you please. Be yourself.”

In true love, there is no jealousy, because jealousy is insecurity, insecurity is fear, and fear is the lack of love, remember? Love is the lack of fear. To love another, you must love yourself first because one cannot give what one does not have. Love is equality and humility. To feel pity for someone is proof of feeling superior to that someone. To feel compassion for someone is proof of feeling equal to that someone, desiring his/her well being. Compassion is the truth which says, “We are equal, and because of my love for you, I wish you to be well.” Pity is the illusion which says, “Poor fool, better him/her than me.” Compassion is what drives a person to help another simply for the satisfaction of seeing that other person well, and happy. Pity is what drives a person to help another simply to boost his/her own ego. Compassion says, “Have this, and I hope it makes you feel better.” Pity says, “Have this, and I hope it makes you feel better. Remember that I gave it to you.”

To love is to release, to let flow. A person does not try to love, but rather allows him/herself to love. Love is natural, and in the natural there is not effort, but rather allowance. In love, one does not hold him/herself, but rather gives him/herself. Love is not creating a river, but rather allowing the natural, and pre-existent flow of the river. The river already exists, one must only allow its free flow. Love exists in all things because love is the Source. For one to manifest this love, one must allow the flow of it. To allow the free flow of love is to allow the free flow of the Source. To hold back love is to obstruct the Source. When one obstructs the Source, the river floods and no longer follows its natural course. The river detours. This detour creates distorted images of the truth, of the Source. These distortions are synonymous to hatred, fear, egoism, poverty, anguish, etc… The natural flow of the Source is love, wisdom, peace, harmony, abundance, happiness, health, etc… To allow this natural flow is to manifest the Source in its natural essence. To allow this natural flow one must accept being one with the Source, not separate. To deny being one with the Source is to manifest the detoured river of the Source. To accept being one with the Source is the Truth, to deny it, is the Illusion. When someone says, “The Source is Almighty,” it is a great truth, but what very few contemplate is the fact that the Source’s greatness is reflected in all creation, including ourselves. We are all almighty and great within the Source, and in truth, we are in the Source because if the Source is all in all, it means that nothing is outside of it. With this I wish to show that we are truly one with the Source, and there never has been or will be separation. Its not possible because we are the Source. By thinking and accepting that we are separate from the Source, we are choosing to live the detoured flow of the river, the Illusion, the Lie. By denying our oneness with the Source, we are only denying ourselves. The Source does not punish anyone, because to do that would be to punish itself for expressing itself the way it has chosen to express itself through ourselves (ITSELF). The Source is love, and love is freedom. that is the only reason that we have free will. If the Source were not love, then we would never have to, or be able to make any decisions. To punish is to dominate, and domination is the lack of love.

When a great Master (teacher) said, “Love one another as you love yourselves,” he wasn’t asking us to do it, he was telling us a universal law that carries out whether you believe in it or not. A person loves another in the exact way he/she loves him/herself, and this is inevitable. As a person loves him/herself more and more, in this same manner, he/she may love another. Everything you direct towards others is but a reflection of what you direct towards yourself. So, to have a society of love, the members of such society must first loves themselves. This love is not to be confused with the boosting of the ego, nor having a superiority complex. Everything begins in ourselves, to be reflected later towards others. The world in which we live in is simply a reflection of the way in which we perceive ourselves, what we think, and what we feel. This is a law that carries out whether you wish to believe in it or not. Ignorance nor non-acceptance changes a single thing. Being one with the Source, being within the Source, being created in the image of the Source, makes us Co-Creators. Being Co-Creators implies that each moment of our lives is our own creation. I will explain this further, later on.

(Continued in Free Yourself of Illusion Part 3…)

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