Free yourself of illusion – part 1

Free yourself of illusion

Dear ones, we all come from the same Source. We always have been, are, and will be connected to this Source. This Source is the same which people have termed “Creator,” “God,” “Allah,” “Yahweh,” “Oriman,” “Ra,” “Nature,” etc. . . .. It matters not which river we decide to swim in, for all rivers lead to the great ocean.

Each being is unique and singular, yet in our uniqueness we are one. Many people criticize others because their character, race, gender, personality, and/or religion is different from their own. This behavior is due to ignorance, and I shall tell you why.

Many people would agree that we were created in the image and likeliness of our Source, and these same people would also agree that our Source is almighty and unlimited. Taking this into account, it is yet so difficult for humankind to notice that the variety of people and races is but a simple expression of the unlimited nature of the Source. The differences are superficial and the similarities are deep and profound. A rose and an orchid are physically different, yet they are both flowers. Their individual uniqueness reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. One is not better than the other; they are simply different in their oneness. A cloud and a lake are physically different, yet they are both water only in different states. This difference reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. A Chinese man, communist, poor, and Buddhist would appear to be very different from an Italian woman, democratic, rich, and Catholic. The difference between them reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. The Chinese is no better than the Italian, nor vice-versa.

The one does not contain more of the Source than the other. They are simply different in their oneness.

These three examples are very good, however they are still limited. To be less limited we could contemplate the following: A rose, a cloud, and a woman are extremely different, physically. All three are different aspects or expressions of the Source. The difference between them reflects the unlimited nature of the Source. No one is better than the other, they are simply unique in their oneness. Now dear ones, perhaps you can notice how senseless it is to hate, destroy, or abuse, when as a whole, we are doing it to ourselves. It is not that hatred is “bad,” it is simply unnecessary.

There are people who have only experienced pain, hatred, anguish, and rejection since the moment of their birth. When these people grow up, it is only logical to realize that they will express themselves as they only know how. Suppose that one of these “evil” beings commits a homicide, meaning the act of brining physical death to someone. What is the first thing that we as a society do? We send him to trial projecting all of our resentment, then we imprison him/her. There, in jail, this being only receives more hatred, pain, and suffering. We as society despise this being for what he/she stands for in our eyes. Without being aware of it, we are only assisting this being in being more of what we precisely despise. Does this make sense? If this being is released from prison, he/she will probably commit another “crime.” If someone were to be at fault would it be this being, or we as a society.

This being might even find pleasure from bringing others pain, yet if this is the only form of pleasure that he/she knows, can we sincerely blame him/her? Let’s go back in time within the previous incident to the time before this “evil” being was put in prison. Instead of sending this being to prison, let’s say that we sent him/her to a place where he/she were surrounded by loving, non-judgmental beings. Here, this being would be given the opportunity to experience love and harmony. People could teach this being that he/she is not a “bad” person, but has simply expressed him/herself in an unnecessary manner.

In this scenario, this being would probably find out how pleasurable love is. He/she would see that hate and violence are completely unnecessary and disruptful. Only by knowing both love and hate, can a being see the “big picture.” Only by knowing both, can a being analyze what the final product of the one or the other is. Now, I ask you which form of treatment is the most harmonious. Hate cannot be dissolved with more hate, just augmented. But on the other hand, a strong and true love cannot be dissolved by hate. Love is always stronger because love is balance, whereas hate is precisely the lack of balance.

In all things, there is “Light,” and “Darkness.” To reject darkness is only to produce more of it. To illuminate darkness one must show it the light, not keep it away from the light. At night, to see in a dark room one must show the darkness the light. Yet, I must say that in all things there is light and darkness. Both are necessary to create balance. Many people associate darkness with the lack of harmony, and light with harmony. This is only a personal choice, not a law. Darkness will be the lack of harmony as long as a being identifies it as such. Day and night need to exist to create a balance. Let us say that day is “good” and harmonious, and that night is “bad” and non-harmonious. People feel fine during the day, yet as soon as night approaches, they hurry home and lock all doors and windows. People are scared at night because it is non-harmonious, to them. At any point in time, any person can choose how they wish to perceive something. No one can eliminate the night, but he/she can change the way that they perceive the night.

This is the key dear ones. Darkness will always exist in all things, yet the way someone perceives it can always change. It is not about changing night to day, nor darkness to light. It’s about making the night become as day while being night. It’s about making the ugly become beautiful while being ugly. It’s about making darkness become light while being darkness. This is one of the big secrets towards harmony. Yesua Ben Yosef (Jesus the Christ), Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, and all other messengers of love and light, are not exempt from having an equal amount of light and darkness. They knew the secret. They made darkness become light while being darkness. They accepted their darkness and loved it until it became as light. Many people accept the existence of a being who leads the horde of the “evil.” This being is known by many names including “Devil,” “Lucifer,” etc. Let me say that this being also has an equal amount of light and darkness, but he made his light become darkness while being light. In any moment, this being could choose to do the exact opposite by loving his darkness until it became light while being darkness. Then he would be a harmonious “Devil.” Imagine that!

Love, hate, and fear, all part of the same feeling, except that they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. One cannot experience both at the same time and space. They may be one next to the other, yet never together as one. Night and day are one next to the other, yet never night during day nor vice-versa. If one is afraid or angry, one only has to ask for, and think of love, to become not afraid or not angry. Even though it is easier said than done, it is still very, very possible. I know because I have done it.

Making choices from one second to the next is the key factor. In truth, everything just “Is.” It is humankind that has created duality. When one defines light, the definition of darkness is immediately created. When one defines beautiful, one has immediately defined ugly, and so on. For humankind to gain understanding, he and she has sought out this understanding by defining. To define is to limit. I will say this again, to define is to limit. In defining things in life, we have only limited ourselves. Nature, even though always in balance, always changes.

Nature is never stagnant, even though many things within her appear to be constant. A human being’s physical life is so short, that he/she cannot perceive just how much Nature does change. Only in releasing our definitions and “being as children,” can we truly take a giant step towards understanding and enlightenment. Being as children means not having barriers that interfere with experiencing life in its wholeness. It means not going by the way that society tells us that we must perceive things. It means being eager to learn with an open mind and heart. It means not being chained to the way our family and friends told us how life was or should be. It means not having hatred and prejudice. It’s seeing within and without in that magical state of awe and splendor. It’s looking at life with wonder and having that curiosity about everything, that “I want to know” feeling. It’s finding and rescuing that childlike magic and innocence that we all had until someone told us “NO,” or “stop living in that fantasy world of yours, you’re in the real world.”

In a period of 24 hours, Nature reveals to us the mysteries of our own existence. The nature of the universe is but a giant mirror reflecting ourselves. The same way that we can see ourselves reflected in night and day, darkness and light, we can see ourselves reflected in the whole of Nature.

He/she who contemplates the universe wishing to find him/herself, will find him/herself. Not only will this being find him/herself, but will also find the Source, and will find that he/she and the Source are the same. The Source is totality, all in all. When we look at ourselves in a mirror, we are only seeing a small expression of this totality. However, if we look beyond of what is reflected in a mirror, being aware that the reflection is a door, then and only then will we have a key to the infinite! A person and a tree are two different expressions of the Source, but they are both doors which lead to the same place. What a great revelation and enlightenment it would be for the being who would be so bold as to open the door which he/she sees in the mirror, and look face to face at his/her truth.

The revelation would come if this being would later open the doors of an ant, a tree, the sun, the wind, and even someone he/she hated, and found him/herself. This being would finally realize that to truly love something is to love oneself, and to hate something is to hate oneself. I’ll give you a small example of this concept of seeing oneself mirrored within Nature. One day I went to this mountain. It was an eight hour hike. Even though I was tired, this sense of completion filled me. As I lay on a rock I saw a Condor, a bird, flying. This bird wasn’t fighting the wind, but rather allowing itself to be carried by the wind. If the bird were to perceive itself as being separated from the wind, it would fight against the wind, become tired and perhaps anguished. The wind is stronger than the bird. The wind does not desire to harm the bird nor to mislead it. The wind desires to take the bird where it needs to go. To fight the wind would be to fight harmony, and create the illusion of disharmony. The bird knows that in flight it is one with the wind, and so it uses the wind in harmony. It allows the wind to assist it to reach its destination. To the same effect dear ones, most people see themselves separate from Life, from the Source. In doing so, they fight against it and loose.

People become tired, anguished and stressed. All this for no reason because the Source takes us where we need to be if we simply allow it to do so. If we accept our oneness with the Source and use it within harmony, then our fighting will end, and then we can enjoy life instead of dreading it. Can you see the relation with the Condor? Realize that all of Nature can teach us so much about our relationship with all things, with the Source.

(Continued in Free Yourself Of Illusion Part 2…)

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