Free Money Spells

Money Spells – Good Fortune.

You Will Need:
A Candle To represent yourself
An Orange candle to represent sudden change
A Silver or Grey candle to represent neutralization of the bad luck
A Black candle to represent negativity
A Magenta candle to hurry along the luck changing process.

The Spell:
This spell is best done on the night of a full moon.

Anoint the candles with a prosperity oil, and set them in sturdy fireproof holders on your altar.

Anoint the Black candle from the end to the wick, and anoint the rest from the end to the wick.

Light the candle which represents yourself and say:

" This is me, everything which represents me"

Light the Grey / Silver candle and say:

" This neutralize any remnants of bad luck, they will dissolve into nothingness"

Light the Orange candle and say:

" This represents the changes for good which are coming into my life, I welcome them with open arms"

Light the Magenta candle and say:

" This is the astral energy which I need to speed up the change"

Now sit for several minutes repeating the following to yourself:

" I welcome change, I welcome the incoming good"

Let the candles burn down completely and dispose of the wax.

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