Free Love Spell

Here is a free love Spell

What You’ll Need:

1 dozen roses (with thorns!), picked on the full moon and dried until the new moon
Parchment or rice paper (you can substitute handmade paper, if you made it yourself)
Violet-scented ink (preferably violet-colored, too!)
A fountain pen
Two pink candles
A photograph of yourself, and one of the person you love
Respect for that person

For this free love spell make sure the roses are thoroughly dried, and that the pen has been cleaned thoroughly since any prior use. If you have all of your ingredients ready – including the last one – then you realize that you have no desire to use coercive magic to manipulate the person you supposedly love.

Any “love spell” designed to make a specific person fall in love with you is a sham – and worse, a violation of that other person’s free will. That’s disrespectful and abusive, and it’s guaranteed to blow up in your face three times over. What if that creep down the block who drives drunk, kicks dogs, and never bathes did a “love spell” directed toward you? Would you consider their feelings toward you “love?”

No matter how certain you are that you’re The Right One for another person, nobody knows everything. Perhaps they’re going to go through a big change six months from now and grow into a totally different person. Perhaps YOU are. (If you came here looking for a love spell to use against a specific person, may it be even sooner!) Perhaps it’s not their vision that’s clouded, but yours. But until you can respect them, you’ll never love them – and if you truly want to undermine their free will, you’re sadly short of respecting them.

Instead, arrange the roses around your mirror frame. Invite the Goddess and the God, or whichever two aspects of Divinity you look to as Divine Lovers, to enter your heart. Light the pink candles, and place them to either side of the mirror. Use the violet ink and the special paper to write a love letter that begins, “Dear Beloved.” This will be a letter to the one who is truly right for you – even though you don’t know who that person is yet. In between writing, look at yourself in the mirror as a lover would – marvel at your eyes, your smile, what an amazingly cool person you are. Write to a lover who would never try to turn you into somebody else for their own purposes, who cares about how you feel, and who inspires you to be unafraid to grow and learn. When you’re finished the love spell, place the letter on your West altar, your main altar, or sleep with it under your pillow.

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