Five Time Management Techniques

Time Management Techniques

I am often asked about time management techniques. People often tell me that they don’t have time for themselves, in fact they just don’t have time. I am often asked how do I get more time for myself?

The answer is simple.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as you having less time than anyone else. We are all allocated the same number of minutes in a day. It’s a question of what is most important to you. I hear people say “I haven’t got time to do …” That’s an incorrect statement. You do have time. The fact is that you have placed another task higher in order of importance.

Time Management Techniques

Here are some things you can do to free up your available time.

1. Priority. Give priority to what’s important. Decide what’s important and what’s not. Do that which is important first. When you have finished then you can start on the unimportant tasks.

2. Say NO. When people ask you to do something say NO. You can’t do everything. For some people it’s very hard to say “NO” to other people. You might feel obligated to do something or you might be unable to say no. You need to examine why you do this and what is your ‘true’ motivator.

3. Delegate. If you are able to delegate something, do so. Delegation will free up an enormous amount of time. This includes paying someone to do something. Ie: If you pay someone to mow the lawn you get more time to spend with your family on the weekend. If you run a business this is especially important otherwise you will not be able to grow.

4. Handle Things Once Only. If you pick something up and start to think about it – finish the job now. Don’t put it down just to pick it up again later. An example is tidying up. If you pick something up, put it away in its proper place NOT on the table out of harms way where it needs to be handled again later. Doubling up wastes time.

5. Make Yourself A Priority. This is the big one when it comes to time management techniques. I can’t give you a short answer here. If you are constantly putting others ahead of yourself. If you find yourself doing tasks for others ahead of your own, you need to examine your belief systems and your self esteem. This is no easy task and I write extensively about the way you think and your beliefs in other articles on this web site and in my book.


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