Fine Tuning Your Spiritual Awarness

Spiritual Awareness.

Beloved masters, let us pause for a moment before we begin our discourse. Close your eyes and allow the sense of time and space to fall away. Envision streams of Love/Light radiating from within the wellspring of your heart center and flowing out to encompass everyone and everything on Earth, and then see it continue upward toward all the planets and stars within your solar system.

Via your inner vision, watch as billions of Rays of Light, both small and large, radiate back to you from every sentient Being on Earth. Forget the hate, fear, judgment and your different beliefs as you connect with the core Essence of your brothers and sisters around the world. You are unique and yet you are the same, for you all are composed of the same substance as that of the Creator-pure Divine Light-Light that contains the essence of everything that ever was and everything that ever will be: the unmanifested potential of God, and you, a manifested physical Spark of Light, carrying the full potential of God.

Allow yourself to be lifted to a rarified place where you are a soaring, radiant Being of Light connecting to every other Being of Light in the universe. There is no separation. There can be no separation, no matter how far you journey forth from the heart center of the Creator. It does not matter what assignment you have accepted down through the ages, or the appearance of the cloaks of flesh you have assumed; it does not matter how many times you have divided your Soul Ray into smaller and smaller fragments, you have always been connected to your Divine I AM Presence and the Creator. And, you have always been connected to one another – THE CONNECTION HAS NEVER BEEN BROKEN AND IT NEVER WILL BE.

Breathe deeply and slowly as you sense multicolored, luminescent, billowing waves of Light filled with the Love/Light and virtues of our Father/Mother God surround you. Within these rarified waves of Light are all the energy and components you will ever need to build your field of dreams; to lay the foundations for the New Age; to reclaim your masterhood. Know that the barriers between us no longer exist. Even though we were never truly parted, know that we now have permission to strengthen our connection with you, moment by moment, day by day.

No longer are you children stumbling through the dark on a path to nowhere. You are awakening and you are remembering that it has all been a grand experiment and the experiment is swiftly coming to a close. No longer will you feel as if you are pawns of fate. As you realize your God-given rights as a cocreator, no longer will you create that which brings pain and suffering. Why would you when just as easily you can create joy, peace and abundance? All you have to do is allow and give us permission to be an integral part of your lives; open your heart center and mind to the possibility that we are real and that we can help you in the smallest matters as well as the greatest. Move into the magic realm of harmlessness whereby you no longer feed the negative-energy force field of the world; instead you add your vibrant, loving energy to the auric field of Love/Light that surrounds the Earth-The Golden Christ Grid of Illumination. Your old world and reality are slowly slipping away.

The negative thought forms of the mass consciousness belief structure that were captured in the lower astral (emotional) planes are being swiftly dissolved. The game of duality/polarity is gradually losing its hold on you, as you slowly return to balance, thereby loosening the grip of your shadow-self, and you project more and more Light into the darkness.

The rules of the game also change as you move up the path toward en-LIGHTEN-ment. It is often called the “narrow path” and this is true. Each of you is held accountable (not judged) according to your level of awareness. Your guardian angels and Higher Self constantly present you with opportunities or challenges to assist you in your awakening. As you become the observer and begin to operate within the Universal Laws of Creation and the rule of cause and effect, you begin to see the wisdom and justice of all that occurs within your lives.

If you are to master yourselves and your world, you must begin to fine-tune your spiritual awareness. Constantly, you will be presented with many levels of choice. Know that no choice is wrong unless it harms you or others. You will find that there are good choices, better choices, and the highest or best choice, and your “choice spectrum” will change as you move up the spiral of awareness. We will designate the range of choices (or choice spectrum) as 1% to 100%.

Becoming a master of your destiny means your choices will become more subtle and not so easily defined. Therefore, you must sharpen your discernment and objectivity, and often you will have to rise above a situation in order to get a greater overview and clearer picture.

Our first example will be a person who has chosen an existence of deprivation, who is functioning mostly within the instinctual nature as he strives to learn the lessons of the third dimension, and struggles to create a better world for himself and those around him. His negative choices would have a vibratory rate of up to 50% and his positive choices would be in the range of 51% to 75%.

Our next example is a person who has chosen a lifetime in which there is an opportunity to experience the riches of the earth plane and to begin the process of spiritual awakening. She has stepped onto the path of awareness, and as we explained in the past in the message called The Golden Promise, she has drawn forth a greater amount of the Essence of Self which her I AM Presence holds in reserve. Because of this, her choice spectrum increases in refinement and vibration to, let us say, 75% to 90%. Greater awareness begets greater opportunities, but also more responsibility. The spiral journey homeward can be a gradual climb or a swift one, but it entails making the right choices within your level of enlightenment and striving to use your abilities to their highest potential.

Our last example will include most of you who resonate to these messages-you who are firmly on the path and have experienced many trials, tests and dark nights of the ego as it is honed and disciplined to become the servant of the soul. You have sought, tested, rejected and refined what you now accept to be your truths, creating your new reality along the way. Through trial and error, you are learning to become proficient in the use of the Universal Laws of Manifestation. The results of your choices are quickly brought into your awareness so that you will know that the laws of cause and effect are immutable and you really are the creator of your reality and the world around you. As you “master” yourselves and your world, your choice spectrum changes so that the frequency range of choice is of the highest order, which is from 90% to 100%. When you accomplish this, the blessings of God will surely be showered down upon you.

Dear ones, when you allow the shackles of time/space and the density of the lower dimensions to fall away, your visions are sharp and clear, but you place no expectations or restrictions on how or when they will manifest. Your resolve is strong and you confidently move forward with ease and grace, for your constant mantra is, “For the highest and best good of all.”

As more and more of your cosmic origins become available, many of you become uncomfortable and fearful when you read some of the stories of your ancient history and the messages which describe the many facets of creation. Some of you question the authenticity of certain facts and information. Many things are presented to you for your discernment, and as was stated earlier, it is up to you to accept or discard what you will claim as your truth. We have told you that there is much truth woven within the myths and stories of your past-probably more than you would like to believe. Since the question was asked of our messenger, allow us to give you an example.

Humans have always had a great fascination for dragons, both good and evil, and they are one of your most enduring myths. They are depicted as great Beings with wings and long sweeping tails, often with colored scales for skin, and always breathing fire from their mouths and nostrils. Some people have a great affinity for these creatures, but mostly, they are feared and depicted as dangerous or evil. Many years ago, when this question was posed to our messenger, we took her on an inner journey out into the galaxy so that she could experience the true origins of the “dragon myth.”

Many, many aeons ago, long before your galaxy was formed, envision yourselves as God-conscious Beings of great radiance. You were magnificent, sweeping, flowing Beings who contained all the Rays, colors, virtues and attributes of the Creator. Some of you chose to display the rippling, iridescent colors as what might appear to be scales, while others experimented with many other forms. As a cocreator sun, you soared and experimented, leaving great trails of Light that could be described as wings and/or a sweeping tail. And as you used your powers of creation, you breathed forth great beams of God’s First Ray of Divine Will and Power, or the Fire of Creation.

Oh, what wondrous Beings you were, and what wondrous deeds you wrought as you soared throughout the manifested universe and then basked in the auric field of our Father/Mother God. All of this was in preparation for your eventual descent down through the dimensions and into the physical world. Only those of you who have been able to move out of the confines of your physical vessel and soar in Spirit to the higher realms have an inkling of what these wondrous realms are really like. We have told you that the visions and explanations we give you are of the most simplistic nature and only a minuscule portion of how it truly is where we reside.

So you see, in order to bring forth these wondrous visions of how it was in the beginning and the multitude of forms you have assumed, you have had to filter it through your physical mental faculties. The dragons and many of your monsters are only your version/vision of some of God’s greatest creations, and your concepts could not be further from the truth. You are laying the foundation for the coming decade of change. As we observe, we can see the energies which form your probable futures and how they change through the use of your free will. That is why no one, and we repeat no one, can predict the future with certainty, for the use of free will is always the determining factor. We will delve into this subject in greater depth in our message next month, but for now, we ask you if you are willing to take full advantage of the God-given gift of free will, and make your choices the highest available to you. In doing this, you will add your energy to the highest possible future for all humanity.

You are much more powerful than you realize and as you join together in prayer and common cause, you have the capabilities to divert wars, stop the destruction of the Earth, and created peace and abundance for all. Each and every one of you is responsible for the energy you draw forth from the cosmic bank of primal life substance. How are you spending your spiritual inheritance? As we embark on this important phase of evolution together, please take time to define your commitment to yourselves and to your universal spiritual family. If you are willing, make these your daily affirmations for the coming year:

  • SO IT IS

Join us, beloveds, in manifesting the highest choices within the Creator’s Divine Plan. We began this journey together in great joy and expectation, and when we come together again in our victory celebration we will add, “Well done, brave warriors of Light, well done.”

I AM Archangel Michael and I bring you these truths.

Authors Details:Ronna Herman Channeling Archangel Michael

Ronna Herman is a spiritual astrologer, counselor, new age practioner and teacher. She is also an internationally-known author, lecturer and fully conscious channel for Archangel Michael. The Authors Web Site


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