Feng Shui In The Home

Feng Shui In The Home – 12 Tips:

Here are some fantastic tips for Feng Shui in the home. Please read on.

• Do not put TVs or electronic equipment in the bedroom. If you must do so, put them in a cabinet with doors that can be closed at night.

• Do not put fountains in the bedroom.

• Always have a solid wall behind your bed

• Do not sleep under a beam

• Mirrors should never break up your reflection (tiled mirrors) or cut off the top of your head (hung too low).

• Keep all toilet seats down and all drains closed or covered.

• Use all the burners on your stove. Rotate using them and make sure they all function.

• Keep all plants pruned, remove dead leaves and remove dead plants!

• Keep walkway and the porch clear and inviting.

• Change burned-out light bulbs immediately.

• Avoid using fluorescent lighting.

• Oil squeaky doors. Make sure all doors open and close easily.

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