Fear of Pain and Suffering

In order to eliminate the fear of pain and suffering from our lives, we simply need to become closer to Source and know that we are loved by Him.  This article discusses the teachings from the book, A Course in Miracles.

“Every illusion carries pain and suffering…” ACIM T-22.II.1:5

fear of pain and suffering

(What is “A Course In Miracles” and how does it relate to fear of pain and suffering?)

Everyone fears pain and suffering in their life. In this world we call reality, we all not only fear pain and suffering but believe that it is a legitimate activity! It happens and the only question is if and when it will happen to you!

As far as our fear of physical pain and suffering go, the ego uses that to hurt us and the more we think it is possible and something we fear, the more we are attracting it to us! This isn’t meant to hurt us but to empower us to take the next step. Which is to remember that we are a part of God – which is invulnerable and whole. Nothing can hurt us unless you give it the power to.

Ego And Illusion

We need to remember that we are the Sons & Daughters of God now and forever more and that these fears are outside of us – they are ideas of the ego…which are not real. So how can ideas that come from something that is not real have an effect? Only God is real so only God is a power, there is no other power. All else is illusion, causeless and what is causeless can have no effect.

Jesus came into this world to end suffering and death. He raised the dead, including himself, healed the sick, restored sight, fed the multitudes and told us that all he did we can do and more! There is no room for pain and suffering in Truth. It is something that we have invested in and made real. He tells us repeatedly in the Course that pain and suffering are illusion, idols that we have made and placed on our internal alters instead of Him.

Thoughts of the fear of pain and suffering

As for the thoughts of pain and suffering, we can’t get rid of these ego thoughts, they will come into our consciousness so long as we are in time and space…which means outside of home. So fighting them will not work. What we need to do is get closer to the Source, the Unified Will, God. We need to spend more time listening, instead of asking. We need to accept that He loves us totally and that all we need do is accept that fact and all fear will vanish. It is our sense of unworthiness that stops us; Our belief in a past where we ‘sinned’ and ‘deserve’ punishment perpetuate the belief in pain and suffering as legitimate activities. All these silly thoughts need to go.

Anything that we did that was not loving, was NOT DONE BY US! It was the ego. Love could not act unlovingly so how could we have done it? We have mistakenly taken responsibility for something that is not ours, not even real! We must learn to be still and listen to the Voice of our innocence. We are the Son in whom He is well pleased!

Are you able to feel loved by Him and does it help when you may be fearful and suffering? Let me know and comment below or join me and comment on Facebook

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