Enochain Magick – Overview Part 1

Enochian Magick Overview

Enochian Magick – Introduction:

This essay is intended to provide an overview of my take on Enochian magick. It incorporates my earlier essay on the watchtower hierarchy and part of my essay on the calls. The interested reader is referred to my other essays for fuller information on the various parts of the system. My work builds on that of Benjamin Rowe in a number of repects, as will be noted as we go along. It also incorporates the I Ged material which Runar Karlsen has received, consisting of calls, tablets, and names for the various groups mentioned in the original calls, as well as observations various people on the enochian-l email list have made. I should also mention here that I tend to buy Patricia Shaffer’s take on the letters and that I do not buy most of the Golden Dawn’s take on the material. The GD seems to have been primarily interested in fitting the material with the rest of their system, rather than with exploring it in itself. As I’m not particularly interested in the GD system per se, I will only mention their system occasionally in passing.

The Original Enochian Magick Material:

I will assume that the reader has access to the relevant tablets, names, calls, etc. Those who do not should start with Ben’s Enochian Reference Document for the history of Dee’s workings. Donald Tyson’s Enochian Magic for Beginners offers a more detailed version, though Tyson’s own ideas can charitably be described as goofy. The first thing Dee received was a quasi-planetary system of angels known as the heptarchic system, including instructions for various furniture and tools. I have described my take on this in another essay. Next he received Liber Logaeth, which consisted of a number of large tablets and was preceded by a number of untranslated calls. Runar has produced translations for a few of these calls, and my limited work with them has suggested that they are significantly more powerful in their scope than the rest of the material Dee received, which is saying a lot. Finally, Dee received the material generally known as the Enochian system, the subject of this essay. First came the Tablet of God, a small tablet for which Runar has received additional names, as discussed in another essay. Then came 48 calls, with an unspoken one giving a total of 49. Mixed with the reception of the calls were the names of the 91 parts of Earth and the Enochian tablets together with the ways of deriving the names of the watchtower hierarchy from them. The tablets were preceded by a vision of a number of beings coming out of four watchtowers, these beings partially fitting with the names drawn from the tablets. Some time later, Kelley had a vision of a round house with doors in the four directions opening to reveal the four elements. The record of these visions may be found in Tyson’s book, and they will be discussed later in this essay.


Based on my own work with the calls and drawing on Ben’s Book of Seniors and other results, I have come to the following conclusions. There is a being variously known as God, the Tao, etc. from whom our inmost spirits were formed and of whom we, or most of us, are still a part. God is only a part of the Earth’s creative scheme and is very much junior to the spirit enlivening the planet, to whom I will refer as the Worldspirit, and She is in turn junior to the spirit enlivening the Sun. Somehow, perhaps as described in the Book of Seniors, the Worldspirit has come to be encased in the core of the planet behind a double barrier, with only a few cracks to let Her influence out. The Babalon mentioned in the calls is the bodily intelligence which has remained in Her place. Also, there is a veil over the Earth, coincident with the aethers, which limits the influence coming from the Sun as well as the other planets of the solar system and extrasolar forces. This veil is rapidly burning away. As a result of human beings’ physical incarnations, we have developed in ways fitting with our place in Babalon’s realm. As contact increases with the Worldsoul, Sun, and extrastellar forces, people will develop in directions relating to these as well.

The religions of the Age of Pisces have emphasied dissolving into God (or Tao or emptiness) and exhibited a disdain for the nature of the world, categorized as a realm of sorrows where one inevitably gets crucified and so on. The Age of Aquarius can be expected to bring a greater emphasis on choice as to spiritual direction. Curiously, Ben talks about large numbers of human spirits going off to other star systems or universes, yet he ducks the fact that God is not out there where they’ll be going, and sticks with the Piscean notion as to the point of initiation.

The Enochian magick material, in contrast to systems that have been known longer such as Kaballah, is not designed for the purpose of bringing people to the realization of God. The Enochian angels are primarily creative beings, not devotional/teaching ones, and they seem to be members of the broader Earth scheme who answer to God as well as others, as opposed to direct minions of God such as Kaballistic angels are. Between these, the I Ged spirits, the other beings mentioned in the calls, and the various forces that all of these can bring one in contact with, one has a great deal of choice as to the direction one will go. Of course, the flip side of choice is responsibility. One needs to be clear on the direction one is bringing to Enochian workings and to get to know the various beings before deciding which ones one wishes to become attuned to, if any. An important example of this point is the business of climbing the aethers. The aethers are the avenue through which influence from outside the planet are able to enter, and so climbing the aethers will tend to bring one into tune with the will coming from the Sun rather than that coming from God.

The Enochian Magick Calls:

The original set of calls given to Dee and Kelley were described as opening 49 gates and connected tablets. These tablets would seem to be those given in Liber Loagaeth, though the details are not clear yet. The calls open gates through which energy is transmitted and invoke the things mentioned in the calls including the I Ged spirits. The beings invoked do not seem to be intrinsically connected with the gates, as the connected tablets are. Rather, they seem to represent one way of employing the energy. The calls have a 7-fold pattern that seems to derive from the gates. This does not fit neatly with the structures found through the calls, in particular that of the aethers. It can be described roughly as follows: 0: These calls (0,7,14,etc.) seem to have a sense of reaching a sense of unity to complete the preceeding calls and then returning to form to begin the next set. 1-3: These relate to some barrier to be reached through, with the first being outside projecting in, the second inside obeying the first, and the third giving a passage through connecting these two. 4: These have a quality of brightness and peace that make receptivity possible. They connect to the Worldsoul who lives at the center of the Earth. 5: These have an extraterrestrial connection admitted by means of the preceding. 6: These have a quality of earthly manifestation of higher plans. The calls involve a structure referred to in the 4th-6th calls as angles and in the 8th call as heavens. These would seem to connect like the points of an M and fit with the formula IHShVH as follows:

Angle: Aethers: Plane:
I 4 1-10 causal
H 3 11-19 mental
Sh 2 20-22 mental
V 23-29 astral
H 30 astral.

The fifth point, which relates to the IALPIRGAH “flames of first glory” in call 7, is Haditian, the root of consciousness. The first point, corresponding to call 3, relates especially to the lower set of twelve seats mentioned there which are the zodiac. The zodiac seems to correspond to the turning from the astral to mental planes in the Enochian system and seems to be a major barrier. In contrast, the turning from the mental to the causal, where the Abyss is usually placed, seems to be incidental. There are two copies of the zodiac involved, one at the outside of the veil over the Earth and equivalently outside the aethers, the other between the aethers LIN and TOR. These seem to relate to the distinction between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs. Inside the inner zodiac, the sidereal zodiac which runs Aries-Pisces holds sway. Between the two zodiacs, the tropical zodiac which runs Pisces-Aries holds sway. Outside the outer zodiac, there is just the direct influence of the stars and planets. The aethers are apparently incidental and perhaps identical with the veil over the Earth. Their geography is apparently simple, with TEX nearest the Earth and the rest running outward in order.

The first call invokes the authority of Iad Balt, who is coordinator of the watchtower angels amongst others, and is directed specifically at the watchtower angels. The second call is also well suited to working with the watchtower angels and tends to give a more material oriented feel. The next sixteen calls invoke the I Ged spirits amongst others. As some of the I Ged spirits employ the watchtower angels, this gives an indirect connection between the calls and the angels. Efforts by the GD an others to parcel out the angels between the calls seem very misguided to me. Consider the 7th call, which invokes the NI among others. As the NI are able to employ all of the subquarters between them, it does not make sense to suppose that the 7th call is limited to only one quarter or subquarter. Further details on the calls can be found in my essay on them. (Continued In Enochian Magick Overview Pt2…)

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